Realistic forest escape


Spiritual energetic hiking experience

Season lasts from 21 May to 21 September


Discover the green luxury Natura 2020.

Let You choose extravagant experience Natura 2020, which reveals a boutique green luxury of ancient times on the sunny side of the Alps – on the area of green Pohorje, green river Drava and green Kozjak.

As our guests you are kings of a boutique event, you are not prisoners of a mass tourism. Our guests is offered an original experiencing story, i.e. a pristine contact to nature and gifts of the ancient times of the primal virgin forest Šumik on Pohorje, as well as timelessness due to lack of internet and phone network. It is a luxury to live primally, in accordance with values of Natura 2020, such as: ancient times, timelessness, fresh air, untouched nature, hospitality, etc. We invite You to enjoy astonishing beauty of the green sight, which we offer with a good will and for a good purpose – to contribute to your healthy lifestyle. A marvellous story with a positive attitude is unimaginably luxurious.

Natura 2020 is an imaginary geographic story of a boutique spiritual experience of energetic hiking, which is realized in the untouched nature of the antique primal virgin forest Šumik on Pohorje on the sunny side of the Alps, which has sustainably preserved unchanged characteristics of the primeval system of a mixed forest of deciduous and coniferous trees from the last Ice Age.

Natura 2020 is a programme for all target groups, namely muses, i.e. children talented for art and science, as well as partners, i.e. families and teams who participate in team buildings, and active participants of energetic education or super intense spiritual transformation.

Experience of the ancient times in the primal spirit of timelessness is priceless, because it presents unconditional gift of the Mother Nature. A mystery of the spirit of the ancient times could not be purchased or ordered. You need to experience the endless beauty of imaginary green oasis of internal peace, luxury and timelessness Natura 2020.

A way of experiencing a boutique story Natura 2020 is exclusive, uncomparable. This is an unimaginable spiritual experience of luxurious energetic hiking, realized in a composition with reflex natural forest baths, and by choice also mountain cycling which includes educational gastronomic challenge.

Slovenia is a pristine homeland of Melania Trump. We invite You to the realistic forest escape, which will enable You to enjoy a leading gastronomically-ethnographically-botanical world event of a boutique bike&hiking spiritual experience, which will take place in the mixed virgin forest Šumik, which primeval system of deciduous and coniferous trees has existed from the end of the last Ice Age.

Slovenia is a leading gastronomic region in Europe. With imaginary energetic experience Natura 2020 we exclusively offer a boutique surplus in the fields of:

  • Gastronomy and traditional local culinary, because a Slovene dessert potica, which the First Lady of the USA Melania Trump who is a native Slovenian, bestowed to Pope Francis, presents a traditional festive delicacy which will be tasted after the main spoon dish Pohorje stew.
  • Geographically manageable journey, where You will face the imaginary green kingdom of Pohorje, namely green geographic ecosystem Pohorje-Drava-Kobansko on the sunny side of the Alps. Thus, You will experience a realistic forest escape across the national nature reserve, where You will find a primeval system of a mixed forest of deciduous and coniferous trees which has existed from the end of the last Ice Age.
  • Cycling adrenaline test across the forest terrain, where You travel to the top of Pohorje with the same gondola, which is used by participants of female alpine skiing world cup races for the Golden Fox trophy in Maribor.
  • Ethnographic surplus is on the stage already on the first day, because the event includes degustation of wine of a descendant of the oldest vine in the world – Modra kavčina. A similar ethnographical surplus You can also feel in a green way on the University of Maribor real estate Meranovo, which was established by Austrian archduke John.
  • Botanical green University surplus is a professionally guided excursion across the University of Maribor botanical garden Pivola, where grow more than 2,200 species of plants from all over the world.
  • Child-friendly town of Ruše is the only UNICEF city in the world with originally preserved virgin forest, where You have a chance to enjoy locally guided trip to waterfalls Small and Grand Šumik. The latter is the highest waterfall in this national natural reserve as well as in the Drava river basin.
  • Forest bath ('selfness') will be intensely absorbed like sounds of Vivaldi's symphony the Four seasons, because it resonates in 57-hectare-large natural reserve Šumik, which offers You a culinary speciality Pohorje beef prepared from baby beef which You will taste in the forester villa Šumik Cottage. Natural forest baths create colours and sounds beating according to harmony and biorhythm of the Mother Nature.
  • Accomodation in a presidential apartment of the hotel Veter, only 17 km from the virgin forest. Relaxation in Jacuzzi, supper on the terrace prepared from organic ingredients produced by local producers, You are also allowed night’s rest under the open sky.
  • Outdoor lodgings, picnic, catering, river rafting, the Apples path, Technical museum of the Hydroelectric Power Plant (HEPP) Fala, the first HEPP on the river Drava, Lovrenc Lakes, Bistrica Vintgar, Castle Fala, Ribnica Lake are alternative and complementary exclusive opportunities, which can be included in the schedule of the event according to final boutique goals and weather conditions.

Slovenia is a boutique green sight. Slovenia is a geographical centre of the world. We offer You opportunity for a priceless and unforgettable promotion of your own good reputation, experienced through a natural composition of Vivaldi's symphony the Four seasons, because a mighty antique primeval virgin forest is magnificent every moment.

Our philosophy of wisdom Gnothi Seauton is an authorial piece of work. This is a teaching on the economy of the ethics of virtue, which is offered and reflected by primally preserved untouched nature. You could not get a bigger luxury of mind, spirit and wisdom at such a low price anywhere in the world, because You are allowed to enjoy this extravagant luxury relatively cheaply. Even cheaper option is not possible, because we are not slaves to a mass tourism. Our story is personalised, individual, exclusive for every single participant.

For a purpose of transformation of your lifestyle we offer You also highly intense events, if You are not satisfied with easy or moderate hiking across the virgin forest. Additionally, we offer You to experience the Mediterranean, what means the sea selfness, or the Pannonian countryside event. As a leading European gastronomic region we provide You a gastronomically-ethnographic luxury in wine cellars, castles, You will have a chance for visiting Slovenian capital Ljubljana, as well as experiencing cross-border adventures on the Old Continent.


  • Accomodation in the hotel Veter after 2 p.m. and arrangement of formalities with regard to acceptance of electric bike, if You will not choose travelling by local vehicles.
  • Cycling along international cycle route to reach a descendant of the oldest vine in the world, more than 400-year-old Modra kavčina – cycling adventure along the green Drava valley accompanied by a local guide.
  • Education in a wine cellar.
  • Supper on the terrace of the hotel Veter with included local speciality Pohorje Beef.
  • Outdoor lodging on the terrace of the hotel Veter.
  • Gathering at 6 a.m. in front of the hotel Veter.
  • Forest bath in the virgin forest Šumik (forest learning path Uršankovo, Marolt farm, Globokar peak, waterfalls Small and Grand Šumik, the Deer Cauldron, Areh, Belvi – swimming and dinner).
  • Botanical garden of the University of Maribor – professionally guided expedition.
  • Ethnographic expedition
  • Country feast beside the lime.
  • Degustation of 'craft' beers in the industrial Lobik pub in the TDR, i.e. the area which presents a cultural industrial heritage.
  • Outdoor lodging on a terrace of the hotel Veter.
  • Breakfast and parting till 10 a.m.

The base camp is located in a child-friendly UNICEF town of Ruše, where You will accomodate in a presidential apartment of the hotel Veter with Jacuzzi and possibility of night’s rest under the open sky on the terrace.

Season: Every year from 21 May to 21 September. Event lasts 3 days/2 nights. Groups of 6 persons at the most.

Price: EUR 2,950 per adult participant ('all inclusive').

Guarantee of triple satisfaction for a luxurious boutique event

A rightful fulfilment has been triple since the ancient times. You have no risk, if You cooperate with us, because we offer You a triple guarantee for this luxurious boutique event, as follows:

  • Originality guarantee. Natura 2020 is a unique habitat in the world, where in a child-friendly UNICEF town a good purpose of tourist naturally intertwines with the primal system of the primevally composed mixed virgin forest of deciduous and coniferous trees.
  • Quality guarantee. Nowhere in the world exists such a combination of green energy as takes place in the green connection »Pohorje-Drava-Kozjak«, which provides magnificent colour, sound and forest aromatic baths throughout the year. Spiritual experience is like a highly intense Vivaldi's symphony the Four seasons.
  • Satisfaction guarantee, which shows a priceless fact, that we are completely sure that together with us You will not only add value to your good reputation, but also reinforce your own public image of fearlessness, because You will be able to proudly show your new Instagram image to the whole world.
  • However, if You will not be satisfied with the event, we will unconditionally return You your full payment!!!

During the boutique event Natura 2020 You will feel luxuriously, amazingly and heavenly beautifully. You will be really enriched by incredibly intense healing dose. Namely, You will absorb unchanged characteristics of the primal virgin forest which reinforce and awaken.

Awareness, that 99.99% of people never visited niether a mixed virgin forest nor a child-friendly UNICEF town for a good purpose, is priceless, because this presents a prestigious ingredient of personal recognisability.


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