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Back to nature, back to origin.

Study journey


For respected green explorers

Dear green explorers of the ancient wisdom!

You are welcome at the luxurious green study journey AMAZING VIRGIN FOREST ŠUMIKwhich we recommend also as a wedding trip or birthday or holiday present,which will allow you to examine natural and cultural heritage..

In a new economic reality you should be able to take care for a competitive positioning of your own image.Let the virgin forest experience Natura 2020 become your first choice for a journey..

Nowhere else is a real and digital world you will strategically position your image in a faster and cheaper way than here. In just one day you can strongly increase your rating in social media with documented evidence of your virgin fores experiences, because 99.99% of competition has never been in the virgin forest yet..

The first choice for a decent, sustainable and socially responsible conquering of healthy competition is the visit of the eastern Alps. You land at the airport in the vicinity of the Slovenian capital – the green city of Ljubljana. Let your your intellectual property and bestowed positioning your personal brand, own intellectual property and donated know-how (exchange of experience with local legends). This allows you to in 24 hours with own agility, innovation and imagination (ability to imagine, dream) create your personal capital, which will be recognisable in social networks and real business environment..

Such kind of study rituals for examination of green natural sights or or wedding customs you can participate only in a period from 21 June to 21 September..

We, the green explorers of the Society Natura 2020, are aware, that 99.99% of cosmopolitans want to explore a mixed virgin forest, but they do not have enough time for this.We offer them a solution in a form of a quality one-day opportunity..

For a relaxed and likeable study wedding exploration tour of an amazing green country of Slovenia we invite digital nomadsnomads who operate in every location, where they can take care fo themselves and their reputation/business in a a pleasant and luxurious manner.

Together with us, the local legends,you will discover secrets of the the green abundance/hospitality/luxury,get rid of prejudices and fear of the virgin forest and a mystical being known as the the water sprite Jezernik.Namely, also Dr. France Prešeren, the author of the Slovenian anthem text, wrote a poem titled the Water sprite.

Our hospitality is based on čudoviti wonderful warmth of beech timber,, colossal pleasantness of the countryside and boutique gastronomy,because the way to a human being's heart is through his/her stomach which can be healed by the Pohorje mountainside brandies.

The plan of exploring spiritual experience of energetic hiking is based on realistic forest escape in the primally preserved virgin forest Šumik on the Pohorje mountainside.A base camp is in child-friendly Unicef town of Ruše, where we recommend accomodation, because we start our journey before the break of dawn to catch special light effects of the sunny side of the Alps.

Mythical mysteries of natural and cultural heritage as well as intellectual property is discovered by help of smart phone application which enables photo safari by support of a technology of augmented reality.. You need to to listen to yourself, and hear the voice of subconscious.. You need to trust your intuitionSuch an experiment of awakening leadership competences is a kind of learning by retrieval.The nature allows us insight to our own inner power,because in dangerous circumstances we should rely on our own power,which reflects in images of mighty beauties of the virgin forest. Training of photographic skills images of mighty beauties of the virgin forest. Training of photographic skills awakens our third eye or the sixth sense, because in the virgin forest you can meet and make photos of the unique natural throb which is preserved from the ancient times. You will learn the secret of knowing yourself yourself according to the teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton (who, what we are). Participants will get presented a natural power of the water circle Black lake – Black Sea, as well as unbelievable power of trees, which grow from pure rocks,what promotes understanding of the power of invisible subconscious and self-confidence.This will include experiences of a natural facial Kneipp therapy,, colour therapy mighty trees , highly intense sound retreat,barefoot walk through rapids of a mountain creek, foot reflexology session across macadam path and meadow selfness..

Photo safari walking ritual lasts up to 5 hours or one day, depending on intensity, wishes and psychophysical shape of participants. In the virgin forest we will walk across long circular pathpot across 12,5 km long. We will move between 890 and almost 1000 metres above the sea level. The Holcarska path from the Grand Šumik waterfall to the ridge of the Pohorje mountainside is categorised as a demanding mountain path.It is secured by steel ropes, therefore you will need suitable equipment and skills,because rocks are slippery and life-threatening.You will also need suitable hiking footwear,because we will partly cross a swamp area. We do not take responsibility for dirty and torn clothes..

Before the start of exploratory mission we will arrange formalities.You will participate in the experimental test of the threshold of your own imaginarity/awakening attend at your own risk.. In a case of a family trip trip it is recommended that children are over 9 years of age, while a a customized study trip should be carefully planned.. Participation at a wedding festival/trip is exclusively customized, because it presents a glamorous green extravagance of the wedding energetical hiking..

A participant is a king,while hospitality of a natural spiritual kingdom of the virgin forest Šumik is a queen. Participants of the study journey Natura 2020 are allowed to to test their imaginarity (ability to imagine, dream) in a locally guided trip way, through four different boutique experiences/modules/trips:

  1. The Mysterious power of the Sleeping Beauty is a study trip dedicated to astonishing clean water, clean environment and fight against climate change,which contribute to preservation of the nature, environment and healthy lifestyle.Exploring/journey is focused on natural, cultural and mythical sights of the imaginary water circle Black lake – Black Sea,which has preserved exciting beauty since the last Ice Age. You will also find a prestigious »Frankenstein-style« scene with unimaginable and unrepeatable photo safari along a façade of the Viltuš mansion and in a nearby English landscape park.

2. Water sprite Jezernik is a study trip, which is geared towards a natural value of the virgin forest Šumik, i.e. natural sight which we can discover during realistically guided forest photo safari escape. The virgin forest Šumik is the largest Slovenian primally preserved mixed virgin forest, where you can find 24 metres high Grand Šumik waterfall, the highest Slovenian waterfall on non-carbonated ground. Beside it stands a marble rock with a face of a water sprite Jezernik, which uncovers only to skilled photographers who know to use effect of the golden ratio. The face of Jezernik will be accessed laterally. Namely, at the beginning we will visit the Ravbar rockface, where we will discover a 6 metres high marble portrait of an evil castle landowner Jera, who was bewitched by a water sprite Jezernik. We will cross the Lobnica canyon in the vicinity of the Small Šumik waterfall by use of a suspension bridge. Both valley and canyon of the mountain creek Lobnica have a torrential character. When Jezernik gets angry, the path is life-threatening, and for this reason it is secured as a demanding mountain path from the Grand Šumik waterfall onwards. During hiking we will also cross cascades of the Verna waterfall. We will be exposed to a wild sound retreat along 3km of the path. In the virgin forest you can not access online network or phone signal. At the forest car park Bajgot we will afford face Kneipp therapy and barefoot reflexology session in a torrential Lobnica creek. In immediate vicinity once operated famous glass manufactures and blast furnaces. Foresters moved timber from the virgin forest to the Lobnica valley and the Drava river across the longest Slovenian forest water gondola (7.5km). In the Lobnica valley we can find remnants of mills, sawmills, forges, glass manufactures and rafting. The Lobnica creek springs up also in the Black lake. Consequently, hidden wishes transform into atoms and molecules, which flow through the trinity of rivers Drava-Sava-Donava into the Black Sea, and circularly return. This was known also to legendary ancient inhabitants of the Pohorje mountainside who composed a proverb: »Everything returns, everything is paid.« Musical tradition of flour milling reflects in a folk song for children titled »Beside a clear stream stands a mill«. The way to a human's heart is through his/her stomach, what is a reason that we will also experience evening gastronomic event beside the oldest vine in the world called Modra kavčina. Each explorer of Slovenian cultural heritage can loudly sing a song titled »A farrier shoes a horse«. Next to remnants of sawmills we can sing a song titled »A saw is singing loudly«. A local gastronomy has also a seasonal character. The main fruits are blueberries and raspberries, the major spices are mushrooms, the most delicious meal is mushroom soup with buckwheat žganci. Spoon dish is also Pohorje pot (orig. pohorski pisker). Pohorje omelette is a protected dessert. Characteristical are also home-made strudel, walnut potica, gibanica, fried pastries called flancati. Typical Pohorje spirits are gin, bilberry brandy and walnut liqueur. We will taste them during walking to avoid unpleasant shade of mighty Pohorje coniferous trees, as well as deciduous trees, such as beeches, hornbeams or oaks. Each oak was originally a small acorn. Many trees grow from rocks, what shows a biotic diversity of amazingly beautiful natural reserve on the Pohorje mountainside. Red deers are kings of wild cloven hoofed game. Film director Mako Sajko even produced a documentary movie about them titled Tournament nearby Šumik.


3. The Ruškomalh is ethnographically coloured green luxury for photographers. Photo safari profile of Ruškomalh is created while walking along a cemetery which presents the final and at the same time the starting point of a new circle of journey/life. Currently we are travellers who transform clean water into healing wine. Skilful eye does not mean »an eye for an eye«, but an eye for the right thing which is always close to us, although it is hidden from our view. It is wisdom/talent (creativity, intelligence). During photo safari hiking across the Podpohorska wine path we will visit two ethnographic museums and the avenue of famous personalities of the town of Ruše. We will finish the circular expedition with a panoramic view of the eastern Drava valley. After return to the »healthy town of Ruše« we will also make photos of an old centre of the town and the central park. Home-made sausages are traditional dishes, which you can order in local inns. It has to be mentioned that the town of Ruše was known by the first grammar school in Slovenian Styria in the 17th century.

4. The Brigand's bride is a tale about two local noblemen who fought against each other for a clean water, i.e. the Sleeping Beauty, who appears in a human nature as subconscious. Spiritual wedding experiences are based on a message of the proverb »take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves«. Folk tradition says, that one apple a day drives a doctor away. The Sleeping Beauty was aware of this wisdom, because an apple is a symbol of the deepest, purest love, which the Drava river bestowed upon groundwater, and can not be destroyed by human malice. Power and evil always have a substitute head, says a wise man Ruškomalh, who helps to guard entrance to the underground world of the Pohorje mountainside, where lives the enchanted Pohorje Sleeping Beauty – the Brigand's bride.


We will make a customized travelling plan of a locally guided trip. All four modules could be performed in one day.

Duty of green explorers is to document primally preserved luxury luxury of the virgin forest Šumik and keep alive this mythical dowry by use of the technology of augmented reality. In our developmental project we will invest expert work which is based on the copyright teaching about wisdom and efficient time management known as Gnothi seauton, which reflects in a primal nature which is the mirror of the self-image of the sense seeker. A local guide of the photo safari exploratory-developmental-experimental journey is experienced member of the Society Natura 2020. He will travel with you in your own carwhich needs to be adjusted for a mountain ride across a macadam road.

The green sight of the virgin forest Šumik Šumik lies only 90 minutes away from the Slovenian capital Ljubljana, and 13 km away from the city of Maribor, where grows the oldest vine in the world.

 Together with us, local legends, you will examine the wider area of the child-friendly Unicef town of Ruše, and get acquainted with impressive local features of the Balkan Peninsula, where intertwine impacts of Alpine, Mediterranean, Dinaric and Pannonian world.

Host:Tourist society Natura 2020, who bestows upon interested partners of the humanitarian campaign Natura 2020 for a good purpose a legendary local guide of the trip and locally produced food from a backpack.

The study trip lasts for one day or up to 24 hours.It could be customized to last for up to one year, if you obtain a tourist visa.Currently you also need a negative result of a COVID-19 test or expired quarantine..