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Back to nature, back to origin.

Wood. Stone. Water.


Pohorje -Drava -Kozjak

Our exploratory destination/base NATURA 2020 is located by 400 million years old mountain creek Lobnica, which is known as the oldest watercourse in the world and has a unique character of the ecosystem Pohorje mountainside-Drava river-Kozjak mountainside. Namely, it flows through the primevally preserved virgin forest of mighty coniferous and deciduous trees.

We dedicate congress and (documentary) movie production Gnothi seauton to generations Y and Z, which struggle for lives of their own children. At the same time they know, what is dignity/carma – we harvest, what we sow. Therefore, they know, that paid bills are best friends. It is a story of stars, who invest in their community.

Intention of investment is encouraging children to experience nature. A human being is like nature, s/he goes round in a vicious circle of »values, culture, ethics, norm«, what is hardly resolved enigma, which we simply illustrate with a water circle. It expresses a common truth, that the world goes on, that Earth revolves, that biological clock measures time which we creatively document.

It is enough for business leader just to live and speak with his/her acts. With his/her acts s/he shows a vision, what s/he dreams/loves and what s/he wants. S/he acts like a master, student/friend, not like an entrepreneur, judge, teacher, doctor. S/he is born to find a path to dreams and in this way s/he resists attacks and misfortune. A real master/leader remains humble and waits for other people to approach him/her. However, his/her light always transforms others, too. S/he chooses certain alternative activity, which helps him/her to get rid of old patterns and accumulated burdens.

Just now important door opens to you. This could be the right thing, which you might wait for, so you are invited to enter. Fast and correct reaction with regard to something or a new opportunity will be of crucial importance. Be prepared to a great and fortunate change and a successful finish.

Especially important is a fact, that in a process of discovering/knowing yourself you enjoy all biotic diversities of life and remove all doubts. You should be aware, that you are biologically completely prepared/equipped for the new opportunity, called a test of imagination or maturity exam in a field of leadership and management, which is at the door.

A human leadership personality is a natural treasury of diversity/talent. A character of the ecosystem NATURA 2020 consists of »wood, stone, water«, i.e. »thinking, decision-making, leadership« or health (talent, creativity, intelligence) at the workplace of leader/awakener.

A good feeling of stability is always lost unexpectedly, due to unknown factors or elements of crisis, which triggers a defence reflexion or freezing of a negative behavioural pattern, which serves us to convince ourselves, that in the past we were more successful than we are now in the world where we face the test of imagination. Before the maturity exam we actually do not feel a doomsday, because we always bet on a vision, which is accepted by the market or not confirmed by it, what is the best aspect of a chain of innovative test. Namely, a feedback loop returns imagination to an initial stage of confirming needs according to Maslow. We should not be upset, worry and invest due to information about crisis management, because this information intrinsically unfreezes.

What could be different, when they will finish the journey of transformation/awakening Gnothi seauton? They will recognise, that the market of labour, capital and finances exists, where starts and ends the first step – thinking. We think/innovate in a systemic or intuitive way. In nature we think with authentic presence. Market of human capital consists of small steps, which lead to a more fatal leap at the end of exploratory journey. It happens by authority/integrity/awakeness/wisdom. Market is a path.

We hardly resist investment in ourselves – our everyday life. It is the easiest for us to bear everyday suffering, and therefore everyday life becomes a game of resounding (searching sense). This is not a serious work regardless of your feeling in a certain moment of resounding/suffering. Namely, you are aware, that you are able to do much more than during a normalised 40 years long active period of work. All passive things happen for a reason – very good reason for your future.
Zavedate se namreč, da zmorete veliko več, kot je normirana aktivna doba 40 let  rpljenja/dela. Vse pasivno se zgodi z razlogom – zelo dobrim razlogom za vašo prihodnost.

Wisdom/passivity/weakness becomes active with a large time delay of a few decades of seizure/serfdom/humiliation, when we did nothing, what do average individuals. We calculated, that we need last atoms of power for a noble act, because the history is sealed by the final contribution. When we overtake, our dreams get surpressed, and consequently we do not think of rebellion. National heroes are imaginary/ideal/fairy-tale/symmetrical characters, who do not show powerlessness. We dream/share power. We are powerless, because we practise awakening of imagination. However, we can not stay in a state of powerlessness. Emotional patterns interrupt unconnected pattern, and relationship/flow/care go their own way. Resounding/victorious people switch off their emotions, because they bet on nature/system/intuition. It is extremely quick, colossal force. We harvest top results due to our authentic presence. We are in such a shape to be competitive. We selectively switch off our emotions, but increasingly harder switch on our emotions in our authentic presence. Originality has its price – reversible integration. We are well awarded for our suffering/achievements/investment in a longer period of time, when we fully creatively work 12 hours a day and six days a week, while the seventh day our creativity reaches 50 percent of normal one. Summit/serenity is everywhere. In each pattern we find stability/calmness/balance, which can not be kept for a long time in dynamic systems.

Calmness consists of informational rent, called emotions. They present a fragile natural intelligence, which can stop/demolish us. We tackle targeting emotions of voters/customers in a wise/moderate manner to avoid burnout. Older than we are, more routinely/defensively we open ourselves. However, new things demand full energy, they need their time.