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Back to nature, back to origin.

The exploration Gnothi Seauton

The exploration Gnothi seauton is a demanding, expensive, specific, consistent and exactly for these reasons an urgent personal research-developmental expert (RRD) experiment of harmonising biorhythm with your own nature/personality/diversity, what needs to be accompanied by efficient managing of biological clock (health, life and property).

Natura 2020 is a simple brand, a symbol of luxury and environmental awareness. The story is transparent: by a purchase of the NFT NATURA 2020 you tell other people, that you are environmentally responsible, wealthy and have a good taste. It reflects legitimacy/genius – you send a message, that you have taste, money and promote environmental protection.

The aim is to invest in yourself at the right time. Investment returns by calmness. Everybody is a champion in a certain field. You need to invest in the industry of youth/craziness (time, place/competence which are not right). In wisdom/leadership does not exist space for craziness/loss any more.

Initially, we should define a subject of examination/awakening (to be, to do, to have). The subject is the causal one, i.e. cause-effect (assets-liabilities) or input-output of the system of values. The cause is a move in your personal growth from point A to point B.

The human factor in a form of leader's character or personality is examined at these points:

  • Point A is recall learning, i.e. intuitive decision-making, which results in unique solutions.
  • Point B is insight learning, when we master managing time and ourselves.

The point: the problem Gnothi seauton can be resolved by investment in yourself, and therefore you are invited to invest in the brand Natura 2020.

The therapy: the self-guided trip by 400 million years old mountain creek awakens spirit (masculinity, femininity, childness), triggers investment/leadership/visionary streak. You will return home with a good feeling of tranquillity/calmness, because you will do everything in your power to balance your life, property, health and love. You will feel better and relaxed.

The common denominator of trinity (masculinity, femininity, childness) or all trinity (the present, the past, the future) is the trinity of self (to be, to do, to have) or Self (to think, to decide, to lead), where self means talent, creativity, intelligence.

Test of leadership imagination Gnothi seauton shows, whether we are capable to play the game of resounding (searching sense) in a way which is recognised at home and abroad. Namely, we also have business leaders/teachers, who are not able to overcome their own weaknesses/addictions. They are not able to integrate their inner world, and absorb the trinity (thoughts, body and soul) in the unity/self/spirit.