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Back to nature, back to origin.

PARTNERS OF THE PROJECT NATURA 2020 – back to nature, back to origin

Partners of the project provide  proactive cooperation in sustainable preservation of amazing natural pearls and societal properties of the brand NATURA 2020.

Partners strengthen reputation  of the brand NATURA 2020 in the context of their own activities.

Partners support  the most effective providing of simple contact with strategic and one-time users. Optimal professional support.

Providing efficient PREMIUM services for members and partners.

Better management of challenges and business opportunities for our Society.

Operation on Slovenian market as well as markets of member states of the BRICS, OECD and EU.

Welcome among partners.

We promote quality of the brand NATURA 2020 by events, as follow:

  1. Strategic business conference NATURA 2020 FOR A CLEAN PLANET AND GOOD PURPOSEevery year on the World Tourism Day (27 September)
  2. FESTIVAL MERRY DECEMBER NATURA 2020every year on 21 December
  3. GOSPODARSKI FORUM NATURA 2020 vevery year on the Earth Day (21 April)

NFT NATURA 2020 BUSINESS BREAKFAST is intended to raise general contributions for development of a new NFT industry of useful artistic photographic collection of ten tokens NFT Natura 2020.

NFT donations/tokens of lower value:

  • 19,200 EUR
  • 39,900 EUR
  • 186,000 EUR

NFT donations/tokens of higher value:

  • Donation FIRST STEP 1,000,000 EUR. 
  • Donation GOLDEN SECTION 2,500,000 EUR 
  • Donation DIAMOND PROJECTILE 100,000,000 EUR

You can contribute your selected donation (circle the selected choice) according to the signed agreement. One copy of the agreement you need to send us back!

Our target group is business public. We are focused on business leaders, executive managers and directors of commercial communication, marketing and public relations.

We preserve sustainability through the project NATURA 2020 FOR A CLEAN PLANET AND GOOD PURPOSE. We bet on author teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton, which is collected in a popular scientific monography with gilded edges (675 pages, A4 format), which we issued for our own protocolar needs.

By support of the high-tech TaleUp application we take care of boutique treasury of the water circle Black lake–Black Sea in a socially responsible manner.

We also want to issue our own NFT coin/token NATURA 2020 and silver coin I LOVE NATURA 2020.

We are also very glad of general donations up to 500 EUR, because we do not need a plenty of money to create exceptional developmental breakthroughs.
We have been proving this since our foundation in 2013.

At our business journeys in 2021 we organised business breakfasts, where we hosted:

  • Professor Milan Krajnc, PhD, the Nobel nominee for economy 2021, and
  • HE Gorazd Šifrer, honorary consul of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Republic of Slovenia.

With a donation, we have been supported by Mr. Jože Hertiš, founder of SELTRON.


»Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) examined your proposals and options of our cooperation in proposed projects in as intense way as possible. Thank you for all noted initiatives for cooperation. We congratulate you for numerous proposals and initiatives for promotion and further development of tourism at your destination, particularly in a field of so called green/sustainable tourism. Your guiding principle in your activities – “back to nature, back to origin” –, is in accordance with vision and mission, defined in the 2022–2028 Slovenian Tourism Strategy, as well as activities of the STB«. 

Source: Nataša Hočevar, MEc, development manager, STB, Ljubljana, 23 August 2022