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Back to nature, back to origin.

We started as the Research society of Milan Robič (2013).  

We have informed broader public about the research/mission/teaching Gnothi seauton since 2013. On this topic we issued a book with gilded edges in 2016, after we have invested in our own leadership knowledge management skills as the best investment value for three years.

By smart specialisation we became the Tourist society Natura 2020 in 2018.

We are the only direct partner in Slovenia for spreading reputation of the NFT coin NATURA 2020, which digitally, agilely and realistically supports the bank/insurer/fund/group which creates the goodwill all over the world and makes annual turnover of several billion euros.

In nine years we published on social media more than 100,000 posts in the context of the campaign 'Back to nature, back to origin', and regularly monthly persistently addressed different donors/supporters.

On nineth anniversary we made six templates of photographic wallpapers of dimensions 5m x 1.8m. In nine years we took more than 9,000 photographs, and recorded 70 video clips. We have to mention, that the first series of photographic artistic items will be sold out before its official launch. This is the essence of peace and love, which we spread in sustainable and socially responsible manner.

We are supporters of general events Natura 2020 for a clean planet and personalised NFT events Natura 2020. In Slovenia we are renowned for the campaign of empowerment NATURA 2020 FOR A CLEAN PLANET.

We have the confidence of respected green explorers, world travellers and honorary consuls. Investment in sustainable high-tech ecosystemic tourism is focused on private economic diplomacy and modern political economy, because we entered new world economy.

You are invited to bestow authentic, unique and irreplaceable proprietary NFT gift NATURA 2020 of priceless philanthropic and numismatic digital value … at the occasion of birthday, wedding, baptism and other events/adventures.

NATURA 2020 – a symbol of authentic presence of the NFT love, wisdom, peace, imagination.

Natura 2020 – Dream. Discover. Visit. Feel. Taste. Learn.

Your personalised VIP ticket – customized NFT contribution:

Milan Robič - coordinator

Milan Robič is an initiator, president and honorary member of the society.

He was a coordinator of the exploratory operation "Presidential elections RS 2012–2017".

 He authored 22 motivational books. He is the author of the GNOTHI SEAUTON wisdom teaching.

In October 2013, he co-founded the non-profit organization Milan Robič Research Society.

Sponsor of the start-up idea Natura 2020

Jože Hertiš,generation 1959 from the Elementary School of Janko Glazer, founder of the company Seltron d.o.o., honorary president of non-profit organisation Tourist society Natura 2020.

Cosmopolitan, philanthropist, inventor, entrepreneurship giant and business angel. Sponsor of the start-up idea Natura 2020.

Project manager

Mirjana Ivanuša Bezjak, MSc, is a senior lecturer in fields of human resources management, and blockchain technologies and their use

She is a business counsellor, as well as judicial expert for employment and entrepreneurship. She established portals and and

. She wrote 4 books and 10 mimeographed lecture notes, as well as more than 100 articles. She was a mentor to more than 100 graduates of colleges and also more than 100 graduates of higher schools. She is anchored in technological revolution 5.0, as well as wisdom and common sense.

Leader of international expedition and a tourist guide

Topolnik Slatinek s.p.,tourism and education, Belingerjeva ulica 10, 2352 Selnica ob Dravi, tax identification number: 39384705

She speaks Slovene, English, German and Croatian.

BARKA Tourist Agency, Gregor Kaligaro s. p.,, Jamnikova ulica 2, 2342 Ruše, VAT ID number: SI99280230

Benefactors:  Marko Praprotnik, Mirjana Pantelič, Jani Dolinšek,  Foto atelje Marija Flis Ruše (s ekipo Leja, Lila in Silvo Zlodej), Sandra Topolnik Slatinek (z družino), Darinka in Benjamin Kop, Damir Knez – glasba,  Simon Jelenko, Igor Herič, Irena Jurič, Ignac Polič, Tomaž Kostanjšek, Sašo Soško, Masaja s.p., mag. Rado Sekolonik, Sekom grafika d.o.o., Branko Valšer, Dušan Bosnar, Miroslav Strnad, Bernard Grobelnik, Rado Gorjup, Srečko Fišer, Džoko Jerat, Bojan Jančar, Maja Žnidaršič, Alfredo Frešer, Boris Jurak, Koča Dobnik, Turizem na kmetiji Grašič – Gradišnik.