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Back to nature, back to origin.

Love at first sight

Love at first sight, for example in relation to money or partner, is important, but it is not everything, especially if we bet on wisdom (glory, praise, honour).

The aphorism Gnothi seauton, written down at the entrance to Apolon's temple at the Oracle of Delphi in ancient Greece addresses/awakens/sets up individual's imagination (ability to imagine, dream). Its aim is to encourage him/her to strive for finding an answer to essential question of knowing himself/herself (who, what s/he is) in the right place at the right time. Be the first guardian angel to yourself. Help yourself to be satisfied at the end. It is also the only fair outcome.

Slovene language answered to the basic question of the Universe with regard to its role of a world language in six cases. The whole science od mind management stems from silence/wisdom. We find answers in relation to knowing ourselves in silence/wisdom, and by means of silence/wisdom. Biorhythm/self and silence/wisdom/frequency need to harmonise, that a resonance achieves a suitable wavelength, that the energy manifests itself in the right place at the right time. Said in a lay manner, it is a whole organisational art of time/self management, which has its price as every exploratory mission/journey. A biological clock is ticking inside yourself, time is a mirror of the economy of ethics of virtue, which always faces personality with more fatal influence. Clear conscience means quiet sleep. All that glitters is not gold. Love at first sight does not happen frequently. We need to work on vocational choice/love to reach our zenith at the right time. To bring leadership skills/virtues to perfection consistently. It is the essence of living/manifesting/gaming.

The goal of exploration/show of knowing yourself is to discover a stage of leadership competences, that you express in a solo performance, what the Universe prepared for you. Answers with regard to yourself are not easily provided, because access to them is based on a reflexive process of empowerment/arguing/suffering, which is fully performed/experienced/transformed. However, it lasts and lasts, until it lasts. It depends on temperament, because a human being is a set biological clock. We respect local legends not only due to their heartness, but also because of a fact, that noble people are rare.

For a smart review of sustainable transformation it is sufficient to visit 400 million years old mountain creek Lobnica, which flows through the virgin forest. The premium version of awakening leadership competences makes a crucial difference. It enables you adequate acting, it provides you perfect functioning.

Each biorhythm/character brings wisdom/imagination/awakeness/empowerment/personality. We have to pay price of organisational learning/efficiency/suffering in our own name, and on our own behalf. It is active, as well as passive learning/mindfulness/knowing youself (who, what you are). Insight learning is an active, while recall learning is a passive one. We passively follow the tasks, which fulfil roles of mission/love. Thus, we awaken vividness/imagination.

The most efficient leaders use a victorious combination of a doctrine and teaching, that they are in the right place (principle sectio aurea) at the right time (principle sue tempore). It is hard to materialise such an adaptability, but it is beneficial in terms of efficiency (principle studium generale). It is possible to learn a behaviour of this kind. Not in a school class, but in nature.

One of the ways of using emotional intelligence is resounding (searching sense). Evolutionary use of imagination (ability to imagine, dream) strongly influences effectiveness of imagination, because it facilitates/strengthens dreaming.

A leader, i.e. a student of resounding, is the first among the equals, who achieves best results. S/he confirms the first place, and consequently s/he becomes a leader. Originality, authentic presence of a competitive/sound spirit is amazing and shocking for competition. Action-reaction. Supply-demand. Leaders determine biorhythm, but primarily influence the pace of countdown/waiting.

Each leader holds in himself/herself a vision/performance to be played on a stage of the market of highly solvent clients. A leader trainer trains sound spirit in a healthy body to push up himself/herself to the highest gear/resonance. To start training s/he has to cross a threshold of associate leader. S/he has to leave a comfort zone as a democratic leader. As a leader for pacemaking s/he becomes a person who attracts attention and a role model of soft leadership. Capital moves where an interest is clearly, loudly and evidently expressed. Everything is one single love/wisdom/concentration.

In relation to this are exposed basics of the teaching about wisdom and the doctrine of smart personal development, which include:

  • Understanding yourself and your personal development through a personal brand of your own imagination, what enables you efficient recognising, managing and expressing of your emotions, but at the same time you avoid to breach a limit of good taste.
  • Evolving a social competence of the first among equals, i.e. a smart doctrine of specialisation, which follows to a cultural shock of transformation of general/leadership competences. Leaders are dedicated to solitude, silence. They are committed to love, loyal to wisdom.

Wise ancient Greeks put this kind of know-how on a common denominator of the aphorism Gnothi seauton (knowing yourself – who, what we are), which basically harmonises personal and corporative brands.

Ancient Greek aphorism Gnothi seauton is dedicated to wisdom of knowing yourself – who, what we are. We recognise this through the game of suffering/resounding (searching sense). We have to empower pain, fear, which paralyse/freeze us. Death freezes us. Birth releases frozen energy/mission/dice/information.

A human being is information. It is not easy to construct a self, because nobody can do this instead of us. Gaming, i.e. deconstructing/breaking down to pieces and constructing the whole again is a mental process of maturing of leadership capital. On the active side are messages/knowledge for public, which we send by recall learning, while on the other, passive side of ethics lie virtues which are attributed to us by recipients of our original informational rent. Balance of both sides means behavioural harmony.

A dice is a symbol of wisdom/decision-making, and can be of intuitive or systemic character. Understanding the doctrine of innovative gaming/decision-making begins with a practice of packaging/imagining. We find unique solutions by systemic or intuitive approach.

The subject of packaging/resounding/mastering/managing are our intrinsic tasks, such as planning, organising, leading and controlling. It does not matter, which task we are born for, what is given to us. However, what matters is a package/frequency, where we insert our value/vibration/mission.

Nobody will perform testing/gaming/playing/training/awakening leadership competences instaed of us. Regardless of a task, which is a subject of packaging/life, we need to behave rationally. We experience troubles at every stage of understanding/knowing/restraining yourself, what causes bad mood, which leads to spreading of bad reputation and creating a negative image.

On a level of 10-year-old child we all understand, that a box has six sides. Our approach is like this. A market absorbs, accepts out-of-the-box content, if it is packed in a set like a whole. So, get prepared to ups and downs, because a competition wants to demolish you. It wants to put you down at the breaking point. In the zero point of breakage competition tests us, whether we are capable to resist low-frequency stressors/hits of sound competitiveness.

I perform gaming for decades, but I did not succeed to explain my inner voice in organisational meaning of recall learning. In my youth I made a difficult decision to move abroad, because I followed the inner call of recall learning. Namely, insight learning is constructed/perfected systemically, with a big time delay/horizon.

We start understanding of organisational teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton by a vicious circle 'values-culture-ethics-norm', which we get caught in. This is a consequence of a market position (leaders, competitors, followers, niche holders). Each level of innovative thinking reflects in a typical price class. A leader enjoys price comfort, giving him a status similar to that of a movie star.

Market positioning of a brand is performed through the stages of birth, incubation, illumination and self-confirmation of your own priceless value. Namely, in the eyes of a well informed client demand for unique talents/virtues exceeds supply.

Resounding is a way of life. Through the game of imagination we encourage/combine jin (masculinity, ardour) and jang (femininity, patience). Humbleness (childness) is a result of training/knowing yourself, because we should activate/evolve tenderness and spontaneity.

Resounding/serving life has its purpose. Namely, on the market we test our own image, which gets added value of dignity/imagination/wisdom/resonance/eternity. Resonance/infinity changes, it vibrates at its own price/frequency/honour. (Bio)resonance is a natural intelligence of a biorhythm.

From an aspect of dialectic theory of systems are crucial main views of gaming, what means observing and understanding of essential details of behavioural system, which are often ignored. Each aspect/view illuminates the same story/dice.

The teaching is focused on authenticity/awakeness/concentration. It is not difficult to find an authentic ambassador of a good will. However, it is difficult to keep it, because we need to be careful to avoid a short circuit, which happens, when one of both poles/co-speakers does not behave authentically. Only awakened/authentic/honest people win in their life/mission, because they pay a price of establishment/authenticity/originality. They realise at the right time, who are the right ambassadors. They learn from their role models, who already follow the path, which they decided to follow, too. Absorbing good customs is a rare nobleness/virtue, which is only in possession of humble, really free/loving individuals, who processed a sentence, because they responsibly punished themselves for allegedly questionable behaviours. A word "allegedly" refers to a fact, that it is not a human being's fault, if s/he does not pass a maturity exam due to biological reasons. Despite of this s/he has a chance to pass it on a higher level, i.e. a level, which is reserved for forgiveness, purification of karma. And this is what counts, not the first mistake made in life, because life moves on like water, which flows constantly.

During your visit of 400 million years old mountain creek you will maybe get a honour to meet an author of the teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton and express him immense gratitude for fascinating luxury of cosmopolitan wisdom, which you will witness.