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Back to nature, back to origin.


World Earth Day


Child-friendly congress activities

Ruše, 22 April (each year)

The Economic forum Natura 2020 takes place on the Earth Day as a tribute to the start-up of (documentary) movie production in the area where spreads the virgin forest Šumik and flows 400 million years old mountain creek Lobnica, a humming pearl of the water circle Black lake–Black Sea.

From the air we will try to document the Pohorje mountainside and a sacred water circle Black lake–Black Sea as a natural kingdom for a healthy lifestyle and active holiday. Events of baloon and pilotless recording are performed from January till the end of April. They culminate on the Earth Day.

Recordings will be taken by air invasion, i.e. baloon, plane and helicopter recording of the flow Silent lake–Grand Šumik waterfall–Drava river. They serve to a start-up of the main season of panoramic flights. However, with pilotless production we want to eternalise the first official baloon landing on Slovenian territory. It happened in August 1909, when on a meadow nearby Ruše landed the baloon Salzburg which was steered by archdukes Joseph Ferdinand and Peter Ferdinand, brother and cousin of the Austro-Hungarian emperor.


The goal of the forum is a transfer of economic know-how, promotion of entrepreneurial partnership opportunities of the brand Natura 2020 and RRD work Gnothi seauton through development of movie and cultural industry, which will be capitalised in a nonprofit way at the World congress Gnothi seauton on 21 June 2027. Our ideal client is Hollywood actor Keanu Charles Reeves.

We will enrich celebration of our 10th anniversary by:

  • issue of collection of artistic photographic items,
  • • issue of our own SILVER COIN NATURA 2020,
  • metaverse issue of our own cryptocurrency NFT coin NATURA 2020,,
  • issue of English translation of the book I WILL BECOME A PRESIDENT OF THE STATE,
  • presentation of the teaching about wisdom GNOTHI SEAUTON.

We want you to get a closer look to as many fields of gaming/resounding as possible. Therefore, we show you outdoor ethnographic museum, natural and cultural heritage, as well as immaterial mystical secrets/heritage/dowry. In this way you will get acquainted with as many perspectives of dice/wisdom/imagination as possible, what will awaken you in historic and exploratory, rather than creative sense.

By intuitive/natural/imaginary leadership we can make the world a better place. However, we learn resounding (intuitive thinking/deciding/leading) in the nature. Where prevails a primeval environment. Where we breath fresh air. Where we find clean, uninfected atmosphere. We have to learn, how to put people first. Namely, such an approach brings results. Instead of taking care for achievements we need to empower others. We have to be able to create more from nothing or at least with less resources than our competitors. Then we get attention. We will present unconventional ways for solving unique challenges in the sector of assistance. Consequently, you will perform self-confident leadership. Because of being a part of solution, not a part of problem.

In nature we notice order. Everything is harmonious. Silence is a piece of a mosaic of added value, which is put together so that each colour tone of the voice/soul/sound of nature is understandable and kind in relation to your inner child.

Forest/nature/planet/brand Natura 2020 is a book about Earth. Namely, about:

  • wisdom of 400 million years old enigma about the water sprite Jezernik, discovered by use of golden section;
  • clean planet and the enchanted Pohorje Sleeping Beauty, i.e. fresh water of teh water circle Black lake–Black Sea;
  • infinite love called the Brigand's bride, folk fairy tale about the mission of money, which reflects in a proverb: "Take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves".



  • 12.45: gathering at the main railway station in the town of Ruše
  • 12.50: sightseeing of the legendary freight locomotive TDR MICA
  • 13.00: trip with a tourist train Jurček


  • 13.15: guided visit of the permanent exhibition of photographic items AMAZING VIRGIN FOREST ŠUMIK
  • 13.30: guided visit of the permanent exhibition of photographic items ENCHANTED POHORJE SLEEPING BEAUTY
  • • 13.45: discussion about the book I WILL BECOME A PRESIDENT OF THE STATE
  • 14.00: discussion about the book GNOTHI SEAUTON
  • 14.15: 3D presentation of a water lily from the Lovrenc lakes in the TaleUp application
  • 14.30: videoclip of the Grand Šumik waterfall in the TaleUp applicatio
  • 45: pogostitev
  • 15.00: separation


  • 17.00: silver coin I LOVE NATURA 2020
  • 17.30: NFT coin NATURA 2020
  • 18.00: concert
  • 18.15: poetry
  • 18.30: dinner of a private investor with VIP ticket

In preserving Earth we evolve innovative RRD integrations. In the next 10 years we will use metaverse solutions for addressing generations Y and Z, which have the strongest purchasing power. A world crisis of sense affected a healthy lifestyle. Become highly solvent customer together with us, the leading local legends, who sustainably manage public relations for a good purpose, i.e. for the benefit of Earth, the mother of wisdom. It is not hard to identify with our philosophy of the ethics of virtue Gnothi seauton.

Allow us to become your first choice. We enjoy trust of small as well as big donors. We receive monthly donations from Jože Hertiš, sponsor of our entrepreneurial idea, founder of the company SELTRON and honorary member of the Society Natura 2020. He is sustainably followed by Slovenian Railways, DM, Thermoelectric power plant Brestanica, etc.