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Back to nature, back to origin.

Promoting health in the workplace


How to get access to unlimited imagination/ideas/innovations

Experiences of the excursion of the brand NATURA 2020 – back to nature, back to origin are priceless for donors, because you should not purchase or order original vision, mission and values.

Welcome to the leadership excursion Natura 2020 for a clean planet, where you will get acquainted with leadership competences, and discover out of the box mirror of imagination by the visit of the Grand Šumik waterfall.

Health is our greatest wealth. You are invited to engage locally guided awakening along the 400 million years old mountain creek Lobnica for promotion of your personal & professional happiness & health.

The out-of-the-box boutique event is intended for well informed experts of imagination, which discover inexhaustible source of natural imagination, creativity and innovativeness.

The aim of the game of resounding is improvement of leadership competences through natural, cultural, technical and mythical heritage, which makes you feel the power of the origin. The phone signal doest not exist. Participation in the journey of your soul/imagination at your own risk. Gathering place is the Guesthouse Ribič in the child-friendly Unicef town of Ruše. Along with the visit of the permanent exhibition of photographic wallpapers AMAZING VIRGIN FOREST ŠUMIK and ENCHANTED POHORJE SLEEPING BEAUTY we propose business breakfast in the guesthouse. Namely, in the virgin forest 17 km away there is no mountain hut in a radius of 7 km. You need enough drink and food from your own backpack. Your vehicle needs to be suitable for driving along the forest road. 

Let's feel biodiversity. A walk across the virgin forest along the 400 million years old mountain creek and/or in the direction of the Black lake is suitable for everybody. Children can play by use of animational ecological playground equipment. Demanding mountain path to the Grand Šumik waterfall is protected by a wire rope. Recommended is waterproof hiking footwear.

Customized out-of-the box transfer of tacit knowledge. Each stage lasts for about 2 hours:

  • Stage 1: guided visit of the photographic collections AMAZING VIRGIN FOREST ŠUMIK and ENCHANTED POHORJE SLEEPING BEAUTY with video presentation of the Grand Šumik waterfall by the high-tech TaleUp application and business breakfast lasts up to 1 hour.
  • • Stage 2: half an hour ride along the 400 million old creek along 17 km partly asphalt road, an extra hour for a visit of the Grand Šumik waterfall along demanding mountain path. An option of immediate return along the same path
  • • Stage 3: optional upgrade of expedition – 6 km car ride across the Pohorje mountainside from the forest parking area Bajgot to Osankarica, follows 1-hour return walk to the Black lake.

The final touch are colossal promotions of the out-of-the-box novelty on our own marketing and communication platforms.


The green legends wish you safe steps. Demand the offer NOW. (