Dear guests, visitors, investors!

Welcome to the exploratory mission Natura 2020.

After a severe test of awakening (smart specialisation) Natura 2020 is committed to action again. We are open to non-mass coexistence with nature.

Together with us you will feel safe, innovative, boutique, ecosystemic, sustainable. The originality counts, the uniqueness is exclusive.

Ecosystem Natura 2020 consists of magnificent vastness of natural resources in the area of Pohorje mountainside, Drava river and Kozjak mountainside.

In short – Natura 2020 is a synonym for timelessness. The aim of boutique experiences is awakening your own imagination.

We face a unique natural reserve Šumik. Original mixed forest spreads out on 57 hectares. Unspoiled natural value known as the virgin forest Šumik is famous as its king. The virgin forest is 19 hectares large and was originated after the end of the last Ice Age.

The uninhabited virgin forest Šumik is a natural communication channel with well documented natural resources. Therefore, it is a valuable place for transferring the teaching about awakening. Namely, the nature is our renowned Mother of wisdom.

Experience fascinating wilderness of the Lobnica canyon, discover astonishing marble portrait of the Pohorje Sleeping Beauty, shaped during the last Ice Age, feel mighty Pohorje trees, visit the imposing Grand Šumik waterfall. With a bit of luck you will meet deers, which are the kings of wild forest animals. You could pick mushrooms, chestnuts, herbs, including arnica, which is the queen of flora. Coexistence with nature.

Natural resources present a real green paradise, which you can experience directly. In this context you get acquainted with the mysterious power of the Sleeping Beauty which is the enigma of eternity, the play of prehistoric times. It could be clean water which flows in the water circle Black lake – Black Sea. Its role could be presented by vine or the European cultural heritage in the awakened Pohorje customs. Maybe it is embodied in imagination, which we will strive to awaken by performing activities in the natural environment. More heads are better than one. The Mysterious power of the Sleeping Beauty is amazing mercy, mildness, luxury.

The exercise of resounding known as the Mysterious power of the Sleeping Beauty is a compound of various tactical and strategic approaches for examination of the ecosystem Natura 2020, where we have established the imaginary exploratory base for purposes of sustainable transfer of the teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton. In this way we follow green transformation of special kinds of protected European habitats, because we enact the green circular economy of ethics of virtue/wisdom by means of freestyle and non-profit entrepreneurial spirit.

Natura 2020 is our way of taking care for ourselves. Care for health is our priority. Care for well-being of our visitors is also visible at every moment.

Together with us you will feel safe/awakened.

The centre of the hospitable town of Ruše can be easily recognised. The best gratitude for putting our efforts are satisfied visitors.