Realistic forest escape takes place on unknown terrain of the natural reserve, where you cannot access internet and phone signal. Therefore, we do not note coordinates of the path and provide a map for a trip. Namely, you get a spiritual experience of energetic hiking across the unknown nature, i.e. mixed virgin forest of primally preserved deciduous and coniferous trees.

The experience adjusts to seasonal obstacles on a terrain. In the canyon are needed skills to control your car during dangerous mountain drive across narrow mountain roads. You also need a special equipment for removing fallen trees in a case of storms. In the winter is not provided snow ploughing in the upper part of the canyon.

Against the risks of independent escape you are kindly warned by a terrain team of local walkers who belong to the Natura 2020 team, which you can safely trust with regard to planning the escape to.

The master plan has also the plan B and side effects, but the latter do not influence quality of the experience, which is offered a triple guarantee for (see more info at