Realistic forest escape


Spiritual energetic hiking experience

Season lasts from 21 May to 21 September (each year)


Do You wish to visit Slovenija, astonishing homeland of the First Lady of the USA Melania Trump? You will be amazed by original food of the homeland of Melania Trump, such as traditional festive walnut potica, which Melania Trump granted to Pope Francis.

Guests of incredibly beautiful homeland of Melania Trump are the kings of the green kingdom Natura 2020, i.e. magnificent ecosystem of green Pohorje, green river Drava and green Kozjaka. Do You know that a child-friendlytown of Ruše in the first UNICEF town in the world with a mixed virgin forest which consists of the primeval system of deciduous and coniferous trees? Do You know that 99% of people have never been in the virgin forest yet? Did You hear for the sunny side of the Alps? For this prestigious boutique experience You need TIME + GOOD PURPOSE = PRIMEVAL SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE OF ENERGETIC JOURNEY.We would like to invite you to participate in a realistic forest escape through the intact green kingdom of the Pohorje. Together we will go on a realistic forest escape and explore the mysteries of the Šumik Virgin forest (i.e. Small and Grand Šumik Waterfalls), visit the Black lake Peatbog, hike along the colossally marvellous Lobnica Canyon and admire the intact nature and the remnants of the mills, sawmills, blacksmith’s workshops, glassworks, and ironworks.  

The realistic forest escape starts with accommodation in the presidential suite in the base camp in Ruše. Ruše is the world’s first UNIFEC Child Friendly City with a realistic virgin forest located just 17 km from the old borough centre which represents a genuine green paradise – a true paradise on Earth. 


Day 1

  • Accommodation in the presidential suite of the Veter Hotel after 14:00 in the UNICEF Child Friendly City Ruše which is the first UNICEF city with a realistic virgin forest.
  • Completion of Society’s formalities.
  • After that, you will pay tribute to the descendant of the world’s oldest vine – Modra kavčina.
  • You will continue with the first exploratory steps in the centre of the city Ruše or the first thematic field expedition.
  • You will have your dinner made of ingredients produced by local farmers on the terrace of the presidential suite, which also allows intimate night’s rest under the open sky and the light of the stars, in order to experience the first-class aromatherapy of the unique hotel presidential boutique outdoor experience.

Day 2

  • Rally for the main expedition – next morning at 6:00.
  • Hike through the Šumik Virgin forest to the Small and Grand Šumik Waterfalls.
  • Hike to the Black Lake, Deer Cauldron, Globokar Peak, and the Smolnik Church.
  • Hike along the Lobnica Canyon and the Photo Safari along the remnants of the mills, sawmills, ironworks, and blacksmith's workshops.
  • Cooking of the traditional Pohorski pisker stew or 'catering' with local specialities made of baby beef from the Pohorje Mountains area on a picnic or in the Koča Šumik Forestry Villa.

Day 3

  • Breakfast and parting till 10 a.m.

The time schedule for the spiritual energetic hiking experience is prepared according to the footage of the condition of the objective of this team building. Execution of this experience takes into account forest ordinance, weather and fitness condition!

We will explore the enigma, i.e. the mysterious Šumik algorithm, the mysterious Lobnica code, and the hospitality of the world’s first UNICEF city with a mixed virgin forest you will realistically visit.

You will have a chance to taste dishes made of ecological ingredients produced by local producers, wines or 'craft' beer, and the gastronomic speciality made of baby beef from the Pohorje Mountains area. During the season you will have a chance to gather mushrooms, blueberries and chestnuts.

Local hiking guides take guests on easy active hiking holidays where they visit green rural sights of the Municipality of Ruše (61 km2) in thousand and one way.

Season: Every year from May 21 to September 21. The event lasts 3 days/2 nights. Max. 6 participants.

Price: EUR 2,950 per adult ('all inclusive').

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