Boutique experience of primal prehistoric times




Welcome to guests/visitors

Welcome to 57 hectares large natural reserve Šumik in the eastern Alps. Through a big picture of the virgin forest we will awaken hidden wisdoms of the spiritual experience Gnothi seauton (awakening yourself).

The finding, that in the name of wisdom you are capable doing what others are not, is worthy of love/investment/risk. Lessons of the nature's teaching are a mirror image of your own image, which is discovered in all four seasons in many all inclusive ways. The one who takes risks also discovers/makes profit!

Music of the heart is a universal language to communicate during a realistic forest escape Natura 2020. Gentle melody of the virgin forest, mighty roaring/waving of creek streams, a symphony of beneficent sounds of the untouched nature, as well as the sound of silence are means of meditation, which enable natural healing/awakening/exploring/knowing your own self (who, what you are).

It is an art to live one, two or three days in the silence of the virgin forest/nature, where we make an authentic contact to ourselves. Communication with your own self is a challenge of time, which is conducted in a timelessness of the primal virgin forest in the eastern Alps.


You are kindly invited to astonishing spiritual experience of knowing/awakening your own self (Gnothi seauton).

Let's choose investment into yourself, i.e. a suitable offer of a prestigious exploring experience. Namely, there are not many experiences which enable awakening/transformation of your lifestyle.

  • 3-day session Gnothi seauton is the right path to your basic globally recognizable Instagram path Natura 2020.
  • However, a smart exploring business specialisation/expedition takes five (5) days.

Five days of exchange of spiritual experiences awaken all five constituents/stars of imagination. However, in three days of energetic hiking we are able to create/awaken a character triangle in compliance with one of the offers/mirrors.

We will take a holistic care for your photo safari image. Namely, 99.99% of inhabitants of a modern urban world have never been in a primally preserved virgin forest yet.

We are a non-profit organisation. Your purchase of products from the offer Natura 2020 contributes money for spreading universal teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton around the world.

Allow yourself to feel the green kingdom – energetically-spiritual experience Natura 2020.

The Tourist society Natura 2020 manages its own brand group of boutique green experiences Natura 2020. We keep loyalty to a surplus economy of the ethics of virtue, i.e. the teaching about wisdom GNOTHI SEAUTON (knowing yourself), which is a foundation of a philosophy of resounding, hospitality and visionary mission/work. We strive for social responsibility, because we reinvest our profit in the main unprofitable activity, i.e. development and promotion of sustainable tourism. Namely, we realized that 99.99% of our guests never had a chance to feel the virgin forest in real time.

NATURA 2020 is an extravagant gift for special occasions, which is intentionallycreated for elite guests of antique virgin forests, because the green atraction is reasonably accessible every day and every year according to the system 24/7/365. For a prestigious adventure you need to take your time!!! It is not enough to have money!!! We do not regularly celebrate honourable moments of our lifetime in a hospitality of the virgin forest, in a dreamlike natural reserve!!!


With the trust in our guests we strengthen innovative economic model of legendary environmental premium experiences of the prehistoric times in a form of 10 most prestigious natural values od spiritually-energetical-high-vibrational green oasis Natura 2020 (Pohorje-Drava-Kozjak). We selected 10 the most pristine, biggest and easiest accessible national green attractions of the area Natura 2020, which natural system is the top natural sight of Styria. Why not? Accompanied with us you can discover a mysterious energetical flow of the enchanted Pohorje Sleeping Beauty, i.e. mountain creek Lobnica, which hums, murmurs and waves as Vivaldi's symphony Four seasons. In the Lovrenc lakes hides water sprite Jezernik, while a legend about mystic attraction uncovers, that a king St. Henry sleeps in a sarcophagus in the church of St. Areh.

The most authentic green attraction of the prestigious story Natura 2020 is a 57ha large natural reserve Šumik with a famous 19ha large virgin forest Šumik, which is attractive due to 24.5m high fascinating waterfall Grand Šumik and 9m high waterfall Small Šumik, as well as Verna waterfall. We guide you along a colossally marvellous canyon of the creek Lobnica just below the water attraction Grand Šumik. Walking is planned across a relatively well labelled path, which is partly protected and less demanding, but you have to cope with wet ground and slippery rocks. We will cross several side affluents of the mountain creek Lobnica, one of them along the longest Slovenian mountain footbridge Ravbar rockface. Additionally, the canyon of Lobnica will be crossed along an impressive suspension bridge. Attraction of a prestigious green spiritually-energetical experience are colourful aromatherapies of a primal system of mixed forest with beeches, hornbeams, firs and spruces, as well as audio bath, i.e. three-hour long intense highly vibrational roaring of the mountain creek Lobnica, which a folk tradition considers as a legendary enchanted princess Sleeping Beauty. Luxurious walk is like a natural Vivaldi's symphony Four seasons. During winter a music attraction/symphony of sounds of the Grand Šumik waterfall is heard and visible only from a macadam road 200 metres away, where snow is not cleared. From that destination are performed officially registered photographic flights with drones.

A prestigious 5-day expeditional geographic event Natura 2020 is performed as a realistic forest escape in a combination with an enigma about forest demons, dwarfs and fairies. A deer, the king of animals, can be met on the Deer rockface, where in case of luck opens a panoramic view on antique virgin forest, which is all-embracing and unimaginable.

Slovenian Green Attraction – the green kingdom Natura 2020 for a good purpose

  • I love Natura 2020 – I love green attraction Natura 2020.

The natural value Natura 2020 in the eastern Alps in Slovenia, which is personalised by administrative district Ruše, is globally comparative penicillin for a free time, education and abundance of experiences, because we move our zone of comfort to the higher frequence and win in a battle against monotony, obesity, disappointment in love or failed career. Participation for a free time or business competition. Taking care for nature reflects taking care for yourself. It is a combat for survival and top personal, business and atristic achievements/surpluses. If you are trapped in success, we can show you a green kingdom, i.e. beautiful nature, remnants of prehistoric times, which are a medicine which eternally, fascinatingly and impressively influence your memory. Spiritually-energetical presence of antique virgin forest and natural reserve is a universal miraculous medicine needed to overcome archaic fear. You need only a spark of incredibility and contemporary unimaginability, inspiration of the Mother of Wisdom. The natural value Natura 2020 is the best place for you to find motivation for making your own achievements. Experiencing it includes also a guided visit of the virgin forest, marsh lakes and a botanical garden. Individuality creates a resounding pearls of guest's own image, which reflect in a the richness of the green kingdom Natura 2020. Book your reservation now! Number od days, number of groups, number of individuals is limited! However, time passes away quickly! Managing time for a good purpose is a surplus of hospitality of the natural attraction/expedition Natura 2020.

  • I discover Natura 2020 – I discover green attraction Natura 2020.

The core value of the geeen kingdom Natura 2020 is a local community, because local people offer a chance for sharing opinions regarding prehistoric times of places, legends, periods, as well as feeling culinary, ethnographic, gastronomic, cultural, archaeological, scientifical and artistic spirit of traditional and modern creativity. Allow yourself to feel love, surrender yourself to self-indulgence in a pristine, active way. Share love, share energy, and energy of a green love of the time will return timelessly and unconditionally. Love of the nature cannot be purcased or received at your behest, no matter how rich you are. You can only catch moments of mercy and blessing, if you are respectful and act properly. Test your own image, you own behaviour and taking care for yourself in a familiar, multicultural atmosphere. Local guides are local walkers. They do not compete with time, because they are able to manage a timelessness of the natural value and unconditionality of the spirit of prehistoric times. So, a realistic forest escape Natura 2020 is a premium surplus of the primal experience. Slovene Oberkrainer band Avsenik is the best global seller of records with Oberkrainer music based on folk tradition. In every cottage on the TOP OF POHORJE you will be welcomed by Oberkrainer music which is a sign of hospitality.

Catch the time of digitalization, invest in taking care for yourself through the green attraction Natura 2020. Everything in one place for a favourables price, because you will keep permanent memories of the extravagant adventure Natura 2020. Keep and feed your inner child!

  • I feel Natura 2020 – I feel green attraction Natura 2020.

Allow yourself to feel the green kingdom of the Alps Natura 2020. Visit the green kingdom of the Alps, enjoy heavenly green attraction Natura 2020. Love the green emerald kingdom Natura 2020. Discover the colossaly marvelous green attraction Natura 2020. Natura 2020, you are our love, mysterious and magical, beautiful and enchanted. Let's meditate:

The common purpose of exploratory-developmental-spiritually-energetical movement Natura 2020 is achieving a spiritual and energetical well-being, because motion is a true sense of spiritual experience of energetical hiking. We move and travel every single day, because a motion is one of the main elements of a green spiritually-energetical travelling. In the fresh air, sunshine and rain, as well as natural climate we move as much as possible in all seasons. Therefore, we feel good in our body, mind and spirit, because we move for a heart, soul and love. Natura 2020 is a way of life. It is a primal way of knowing yourself, not only a philosophy of the economy of the ethics of virtue, which is embodied according to the teaching of wisdom Gnothi Seauton (who, what we are). We share a good will, a good practice of a spiritual lesson of the Mother of prehistoric times. Our hospitality/life is an approach to tell our dear guests, our beloved spiritual travellers/visitors, who and what we are. Namely, we are, what our guests are – guardian angels of the green spiritually-energetical experience, which stays/vibrates here and now, exclusively for you, our dear guests, our bright cosmopolitans/role models. Guests, you are the example we follow. You are the kings. Every job is honourable, but serving kings of the green kingdom Natura 2020 is a heavenly wisdom/honour. We praise and honour you – our guests.

  • I visit Natura 2020 – I visit green attraction Natura 2020.

The vacation choice Natura 2020 encompasses three crucial elements: motion, diet and rest. A diet of local organic food producers is the next important contribution to motion, which is performed on a daily basis exactly to the extent which enables us a good feeling. We do not exaggerate hiking, because a gastronomy is a basis of energetical surplus of spiritual beauties of the natural amphitheatre. We begin a day with breakfast in nature. We wake up early, when a cock or rooster or capercaille starts singing. Every day we have several meals, which are included in the price and present a foundation of healthy motion. We compensate for extreme weather conditions with culinary delights, while motion is compensated with a deep relaxation, what has a beneficial impact on regeneration of spirit, motivation and achieving the goal – balance. During the operation of transformation and renovation of the spirit we are concentrated on resounding, i.e. resting of the spirit. We broaden horizons of spirit by transferring know-how experience GNOTHI SEAUTON, as well as by a deep rest. In the night we sleep under the open sky, i.e. on a terrace of presidential apartment or on a tree or in a tent, barn and hay. Motion, diet and rest are basic constituents of the event Natura 2020. We do not exaggerate, the key is a moderate path, which we experienced as our happy medium! Do not make efforts alone, because this is not the right way to knowing yourself. We wittily and by a locally royal approach support your kind of longlife experience, what means that we surrender to the flow of boutique spiritually-energetical experience/hiking/travelling. We serve you, we are not created for ourselves. Could you find anywhere bigger care for yourself? Do not hesitate. You are just ONE CLICK away from your order.

We invite you for a boutique spiritual experience of energetic tourism.

Please, choose your own geographic event to experience the antique virgin forest Šumik. Photos narrate a story of a boutique experience and bear a symbolic communicative value. Namely, experiences fit to individuality of target guests. Participation at your own risk.

Guarantee – we will immediately return you money, if you do not achieve a fair satisfaction.

Natura 2020 is a green oasis encompassing a closed Pohorje regional mixed forest park which dominates at the eastern edge of the Alps. This is the world of the Eastern (Central) Alps with dominating metamorphic rocks. The central part is composed of magmatic rocks, lush forest, hidden lakes, wild gorges and waterfalls, swamps, beautiful plains and sightseeing peaks. It is located by the river Drava which divides the valley into the Pohorje Mountains and Kozjak Hills. The ancient nature of Natura 2020 remains as intact as in the ancient times which is the reason why people visit and explore the boutique realm of Natura 2020.

Natura 2020 forms a geologic whole of the Eastern (Central) Alps – a natural ecosystem between the green Pohorje Mountains, Drava river and Kozjak Hills. Raised bogs, such as the enchanting Black Lake, Lovrenc Lakes and Ribnica Lake are a special feature of Natura 2020. The more demanding visitors of nature find it priceless to visit the heavenly gorgeous waterfalls, such as the Šum Waterfall, Skalca Waterfall, Verna Waterfall, four Small Šumik Waterfalls and the Grand Šumik Waterfall – the king of the Šumik Virgin forest. The height of the waterfalls ranges from 9 to 36 m. The tourist hike in this oasis of tranquility, stillness and sound spas culminates in the retreat to the eternal Šumik Virgin forest. Trails leading to the waterfalls are very slippery which is why hiking equipment is required/recommended and you hike at your own risk. Telephone and internet services are not available.

The most important cultural monument of this tourist advanture is the Church of St. Areh which stands on a natural plain located on the ridge of Pohorje (1230 m). It was first mentioned in history in 1545 and the only thing still standing is the church tower. The current appearance of the church dates from the second part of the 17th century. Its interior is richly designed, whilst its exterior is rough and crosswise arched. Its special characteristic is the grave of St. Henrik with the tombstone from the late Roman period. The cult of St. Henrik was revered by St. Paul’s benedictions. St. Henrik represents the symbol of the campaign against the Protenstants during the period of Counter-Reformation.

The forestry parts of Natura 2020 were the reason for the emergence of mobile glass industry already in the Middle Ages. The number of glass workshops and the glass industry itself peaked in the beginning of the 19th century, whilst their decline climaxed at the turn from the 19th to the 20th century. The largest glass workshop on Pohorje was the Vivat glass workshop where richly decorated glasses with the image of the Ruše Virgin Mary were also manufactured.

Cuisine of the area of Natura 2020 is simple, genuine and local. It includes mushroom soup with hard-boiled buckwheat mush, buckwheat porridge, Vienna steak, Pohorje omelette, cranberry, blueberry and walnut pancakes, deer stew, Pohorski pisker stew, various venison dishes, Pohorje Bulk, and dried meat products.

Special characteristics of Natura 2020 are the plains which can be found on the highest peaks in the direction of the main ridge. We cross them on the trail from Rogla to the Lovrenc Lakes. These plains represent one of the finest grassy decorations along the trail of discovery/exploration of new places. During the summer, these plains are covered in arnica flowers (priceless herbs for healers). The spiritual-energetic hike along the river Lobnica (from the Marolt dam to the confluence with the river Drava) also represents a true challenge.

The Black Lake is the black pearl of the Natura 2020 hikes, whilst the Lovrenc Lakes with the Jezernik River man are a special diamond of the Natura 2020 realm. The expedition will also take us to the Deer Cauldron, the symbol of the king of animals living on Pohorje. We will also search for the enchanted Sleeping Beauty, i.e. the river Lobnica, which flows down the Lobnica canyon. We will also explore the mysterious entrance to the underground of the ancient past of Natura 2020 along the Pod goroj sub-Pohorje wine-heart trail. Drava rafting or the Rafter’s baptism is an interesting tourism adventure planned exclusively for the full moon.

The expedition is based on mandatory visits of three basic modules of the Natura 2020 realm:

  • Šumik Virgin forest module,
  • Lovrenc Lakes module, and
  • Black Lake module.

In case of extremely bad weather we will hike along an alternative trail – University Maribor Pohorje (Meranovo estate and the Botanical Garden) or visit the castles of the Drava Valley. In this way you will have a chance to test your taste buds both in Slovenia and Austria.

The realistic Natura 2020 escape takes 5 days. This exploration expedition takes place in a form of a working meeting, popular as team building for 2-5 persons. The trail through the virgin forest to the Grand Šumik Waterfall is demanding and not appropriate for children and dizzy persons. It is also not recommended for inexperienced hikers because the grounds are slippery and trail itself is routed across rocks and on some places secured with wire ropes, slopes are steep and may result in fatal falls.

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