I feel Pohorje. I love Pohorje.


Discover the European cultural heritage of the Pohorje mountainside

 Season lasts from 1. Januar to 31. December (each year)



You are provoked by NATURA 2020, a mystical goddess of the virgin forest Šumik in the eastern Alps.

This challenge is the call of God’s love, which lives in you and is discovered by means of primal love to the goddess of the virgin forest. Namely, in the virgin forest we will discover natural beauties and traditional forest green sights of the European cultural heritage in Slovenian customs NATURA 2020. 

According to a mythical tradition the virgin forest Šumik, where rests, lives and rules enchanted Pohorje Sleeping Beauty, i.e. the goddess of the virgin forest NATURA 2020, plays the role of the primeval king of forests and vastnesses of Pohorje. The goddess of the virgin forest Šumik, i.e. the primal love, which lives in you, we will be able to see like in the mirror only 17 km outside the children-friendly Unicef town of Ruše.

We believe, that the virgin forest goddess of wisdom, beauty and mercy NATURA 2020 presents inexhaustible and infinite source ofeternity, which can be caught in the golden ratio by a skillful photographer. In this way he/she eternalises a divinely marvellous moment, the real reflection of divinity. Let’s celebrate together this diversity of the modern European cultural heritage in Slovenian Pohorje customs of the NATURA 2020.

Together with us you will discover priceless mysteries of the European cultural heritage in Slovenian Pohorje customs of the astonishing NATURA 2020. We will visit places, where a human being has not spoiled the untouched nature yet.


  • Children-friendly Unicef town of Ruše
  • Natural reserve Šumik
  • Natural value the virgin forest Šumik
  • The highest waterfall in the virgin forest – Grand Šumik
  • The biggest waterfall in the Drava watercourse – Grand Šumik
  • The longest Slovenian wooden hiking footbridge along the Ravbar rockface
  • Suspension bridge in the canyon of Lobnica
  • Small Šumik waterfall
  • Cascades of the Verna waterfall
  • Demanding hiking path called Holcarska pot
  • Natural and cultural heritage of the mountain creek Lobnica

Allow yourself boutique, prestigious and exclusive experiences of the primal paradise of the green virgin forest in the eastern Alps, which cannot be purchased as a classic tourist product.

Namely, every single experience is created in innovative, mystical way, and according to realistic expectations of a guest, whom is offered an absolute tripple money-back guarantee, because in a case of dissatisfaction he/she unconditionally gets his/her money back.

We provide premium quality spiritual experiences during a realistic forest escape NATURA 2020, which is performed in several versions with regard to demands of our guests.


Basic offer – trips

  • The virgin forest queen NATURA 2020
  • Pohorje king the VIRGIN FOREST ŠUMIK
  • Enchanted Pohorje Sleeping Beauty
  • The heart of Pohorje NATURA 2020

Wedding offer – wedding presents

  • Wedding present NATURA 2020
  • Boutique wedding NATURA 2020
  • The virgin forest kingdom NATURA 2020
  • Pohorje fairy tale NATURA 2020


  • Photo safari from photogenic view points
  • Kneipp therapies, music surprise with a song Along a clear brook stands the mill
  • Colour, sound and meadow bath
  • Reflexology water therapy and a barefoot macadam road massage
  • Contact to the countryside, domestic animals
  • Remnants of mills and sawmills, glass factories, forges
  • Legendary hunting fairy tale Jani’s bench
  • Castle fairy tale, including visit to the Fala castle and castle supper (additional payment €10.00 to €45.00 per person)
  • Traditional folk music live with a group Ruški frajtonarji (additional payment €150.00 per group)
  • Local cuisine of the organic farm, including degustations of four kinds of spirits from cut crystal glasses with engraved symbol of NATURA 2020
  • Walk to the descendant of the oldest vine in the world in a children-friendly Unicef town of Ruše
  • Walk along Podpohorje path POD GOROJ past the summer theatre
  • Walk along the forest learning path Uršankovo
  • View of a boutique farm and walk to the lower Jani’s bench (forest paths are not marked, danger of wild animals)
  • Visit to the remnants of Pohorje cultural heritage (Švajger, Cebej and Harič sawmills)
  • Photo safari in front of the Viltuš castle

For the first, 6-kilometres long realistic forest escape across a very overgrown, partly hardly passable edge of the virgin forest Šumik, where the path is not marked with blazes, you have to use asuitable hiking equipment.

This escape is intended for variously long photo safaris of natural beauties, such as legendary Jani’s bench, as well as remnants of the European cultural heritage in the canyon of Lobnica, where you will visit Švajger sawmill where traditionally stands charcoal pile, Cebej sawmill where ambitious farmers use tractor for a modern production of beech firewood, and Harič sawmill with a nearby mill where is put on a show an exhibit piece of a traditional Pohorje saw. This kind of escape lasts 4 to 6 hours, depending on photographic demands of guests.


Season: Every year from 1 Januar  to 31 December. Event lasts 3 days/2 nights. Groups of 6 persons at the most.

Price: EUR 2,950 per adult participant (‘all inclusive’).

Guarantee of triple satisfaction for a luxurious boutique event

A rightful fulfilment has been triple since the ancient times. You have no risk, if You cooperate with us, because we offer You a triple guarantee for this luxurious boutique event, as follows:

  • Originality guarantee. Natura 2020 is a unique habitat in the world, where in a child-friendly UNICEF town a good purpose of tourist naturally intertwines with the primal system of the primevally composed mixed virgin forest of deciduous and coniferous trees.
  • Quality guarantee.Nowhere in the world exists such a combination of green energy as takes place in the green connection »Pohorje-Drava-Kozjak«, which provides magnificent colour, sound and forest aromatic baths throughout the year. Spiritual experience is like a highly intense Vivaldi’s symphony the Four seasons.
  • Satisfaction guarantee, which shows a priceless fact, that we are completely sure that together with us You will not only add value to your good reputation, but also reinforce your own public image of fearlessness, because You will be able to proudly show your new Instagram image to the whole world.
  • However, if You will not be satisfied with the event, we will unconditionally return You your full payment!!!

During the boutique event Natura 2020 You will feel luxuriously, amazingly and heavenly beautifully. You will be really enriched by incredibly intense healing dose. Namely, You will absorb unchanged characteristics of the primal virgin forest which reinforce and awaken.

Awareness, that 99.99% of people never visited niether a mixed virgin forest nor a child-friendly UNICEF town for a good purpose, is priceless, because this presents a prestigious ingredient of personal recognisability.

God bless experiences NATURA 2020.

Welcome, NATURA 2020.