The factory of ideas Natura 2020

The factory of ideas Natura 2020 is based on its own philosophy of reasoning known as Gnothi seauton, which proclaims innovative model of international competitiveness MARKET & INNOVATION which prefers digitalisation.

Creative factory
Introduction of a BOUTIQUE SUSTAINABLE TOURISM with a placement of a new factory of ideas Natura 2020 in a supportive environment of the Drava valley at the entrance of the natural reserve Šumik on the Pohorje mountainside.

Arrangement of the European and World natural and cultural mythical heritage together with a placement of awakened Slovenian customs Gnothi seauton in the European perspective and global view/space.


Cilj je postati gospodar na svojem, saj gre za prenos prebujene evropske kulturne dediščine v digitalno in spletno okolje prestižnega svetovnega turističnega spleta. Gre za uvid v današnji duh časa ter učenje na priklic, saj smo poklicani, da sledimo digitalni reformaciji.


The factory of ideas Natura 2020 stems from the countryside lifestyle, which I would like to spread to a whole Slovenian/European countryside in the light of American perspective of Eurasia. In this way we would become competitive also on Canadian and American market of prestigious tourist investments.

The subject of the project is establishment of a new factory of digital ideas, positioning of a business house and arrangement of surroundings. In relation to depicted perspective we started to perceive the factory of ideas Natura 2020 as a field of creativity where will be designed new tourist products, as well as creative processes connected with a boutique congress tourism.

We perceive the factory of ideas Natura 2020 not only as a rigid and permanent ecosystem structure of the natural reserve Šumik, which should be given as nice dress as possible, but also as a field of creativity, which will enable and stimulate production of new tourist solutions, such as a mobile glamping camp Natura 2020 in treetops of unspoiled countryside, as well as present awakened European cultural heritage in the internationally comparable Slovenian Pohorje customs.

Production and designing new sustainable/boutique/internet/digital products, which still not exist and are preserved as characteristic Slovenian customs and mythical folk tradition, can be efficient ticket to the future. They enable position out of competition, comfortable prices and creating our own culture, which depends not only on economic market factors, because a sustainable development of boutique mini business opportunities symbolises economy of the virtue ethics.

The design is defined by separating production processes/investments from investment processes of joining the natural reserve Šumik to external visitors of the Lobnica valley. Paths of visitors are separated from the paths of production processes. Paths are concluded in a multi-purpose hall, which enables to outside visitors monitoring all creative processes in a new factory of marketing digital ideas.

Natura 2020. Pride. Boldness. Determination.

Production process of creating a web/nest known as MARKET & INNOVATION is a multi-field digital artefact.

Together with investors we would like to walk through a new developmental stage of the premium business opportunity in a field of the blockchain technology. We wish to transform an idea into money on a basis of a crypto currency Natura 2020.

Za najlepšo The first lady of the natural reserve (of the Drava valley) Natura 2020 is supported by abundance of entrepreneurial decisions, what confirms the graciousness of the first/leading brand of the Drava valley.

We invite you to an investment, business and philanthropical cooperation/investment. So, you will be focused on environment and nature, as well as values of the ethics of virtue, such as: sustainability, ecosystem inclination, coexistence, naturality. Ideas/value are means to make aware (inform, awaken) target stakeholders about the meaning of preserving unspoiled nature, which is a factory of oxygen which presents a life resource of a human existence.

Investment or a contribution of assets to rise competition is a part of RRD activities. You have a prestigious privilege and honour to invest into intangible assets, namely crypto tokens Natura 2020 and a digital campaign Gnothi seauton. The subject of the project are mythical tradicions of the European cultural heritage in the Slovenian Pohorje countryside customs.

Entrepreneurial idea regarding tokenisation of the mythical cultural heritage is in a sense of digitalisation the innovation number One, because its essence is a propulsive tourist paradigm. This is not a narrow, Slovenian specialised, so called silent (tacit) knowledge, but globally acknowledged ‘know-how’ about a natural and cultural heritage of a humankind, which we exchange experiences with and in this way crucially influence development of a human race.


Support to a non-profit project of the Society Natura 2020 is a rational investment into a competitiveness for investment funds. This is a sustainable investment into environment and nature, as well as research, innovation and development.

The strategic steps are, as follows:

  • The first step are mini projects valued to 5,000 EUR which are intended for purchase of the ICT equipment.
  • The golden cut is DE MINIMIS investment into a digital academy of reasoning which is aimed to purchase 3 hectares large agricultural land to establish the factory of ideas Natura 2020 at the edge of the natural reserve.
  • Diamond projectiles are strategic projects oriented to a mobile glamping congress ministerial incentive, as well as awakening of the castle tourism in a period of presidency of the Republic of Slovenia to the EU. Namely, it is a spirit of the European cultural heritage, which triggers investment into natural resources which encompass also immaterial resources, such as folk customs and mythology.

Become an example, become a leading partner of the project, which includes also incentives on a payment/credit card Natura 2020 Premium.

We are sincerely grateful for your direct, strategic or public order/donation/sponsorship of a small or big amount. We are sincerely grateful for your cooperation/co-funding as well as your in-kind contribution.