Terms and conditions

General conditions of Natura 2020 and the conditions for this participation

Tourist society 2020 is non-governmental organisation.

Its main non-profitmaking activity is development and promotion of tourism.

Its profitmaking activities are, as follows:

- activity of trip organisers;

- booking and other activities linked to trips;

- organising exhibitions, fairs and meetings;

- other sports activities.

We thank you for your reservation. We invite you to get acquainted with the following terms and conditions.

  • For reservation you need to perform prepayment in the amount of 100% of the price.
  • Accomodation to a hotel is allowed on a day of arrival after 2 p.m.
  • Formalities with regard to the society are arranged at our first working meeting*.
  • Checkout from a hotel should be performed on a day of leaving till 11 a.m.
  • Unpunctual checkout from a hotel is additionally charged.
  • A child aged above 12 years is registered as an adult.
  • The price includes everything ('all inclusive').
  • If you want to change or cancel the existing reservation, contact our reservation office.
  • For registering your residence with the relevant authority you have to submit a valid personal document.
  • Arrangement of formalities with regard to the society does not include payment of the membership fee.
  • A tourist tax, including the promotional fee, is paid by a guest; additional payment is mandatory for all guests.
  • Children and adolescents aged from 7 to 17 years pay a lower tourist tax.
  • Children aged to 6 years are exempt from payment of a tourist tax.

For additional information we are available at our email address: info@natura2020.si.

We reserve the right to cancel or change reservation in a case of abuse of reservation system or in a case of mistake due to negligence of the user.

Transport, tourist guide and route leader are included in the price. Take over of the apartment after 14:00. Mandatory written arrangements of formalities. Walking at your own risk. Photo safari at your own risk. Recommended comfortable hiking footwear and for selected virgin forest via ferratas also climbing equipment and qualifications. Spare clothes, headgear in case of rain. We are not liable for dirty and torn clothes. We are not liable for destroyed footwear. Food and beverage from a backpack on trekking at your own risk. Good physical and psychological fitness. High motivation. Children and youth up to 18 years with the permission of their parents. Children under the age of 7 free of charge.

The offer is valid for one (1) person (single/double cast). On a special request, also for a group of up to six people. Transportation for one-day realistic geographical forest escapes/walks at your own risk - a local walker is taken in your vehicle!!!  Navigation and the internet do not operate in certain parts of the virgin forest and mountains. Reservation of the term up to 30 days before the start of the trekking/escape. Reception of a guest/person in Ruše, Slovenia. Payment according to proforma invoice eight days before confirmation of reservation. Do not overlook the promotional purchases of "ticketing" premium gift tokens. Cancellation of the visit/trip is possible up to three days before the start. The day before the start we return 90% of the price. Report your complaints immediately, at the latest upon the departure in writing on the Assessment/Hospitality/Satisfaction Form.

The level 2 of the expedition/trekking: expeditions/trekkings Natura 2020 are performed across exemplary settled paths, partly also across very demanding mountain path to the Grand Šumik Waterfall. Paths are everywhere settled and labelled, some of them demand a good physical shape.

Terms and conditions of cancellation of booking

Reservation is valid on a day of arrival till 12 p.m.

If a guest does not arrive, s/he has to pay a full price of reservation.

Payment terms

  • Use of payment cards Diners Erste Card or American Express without additional documentation and interest. You choose an option of hire-purchase at the purchase site, the highest number of equal instalments is 12.
  • Additional payment with regard to the number of instalments: 6 instalments (5% of the price), 12 instalments (8% of the price).

Guarantee of triple satisfaction for a luxurious boutique event

A rightful fulfilment has been triple since the ancient times. You have no risk, if You cooperate with us, because we offer You a triple guarantee for this luxurious boutique event, as follows:

  • Originality guarantee. Natura 2020 is a unique habitat in the world, where in a child-friendly UNICEF town a good purpose of tourist naturally intertwines with the primal system of the primevally composed mixed virgin forest of deciduous and coniferous trees.
  • Quality guarantee. Nowhere in the world exists such a combination of green energy as takes place in the green connection »Pohorje-Drava-Kozjak«, which provides magnificent colour, sound and forest aromatic baths throughout the year. Spiritual experience is like a highly intense Vivaldi's symphony the Four seasons.
  • Satisfaction guarantee, which shows a priceless fact, that we are completely sure that together with us You will not only add value to your good reputation, but also reinforce your own public image of fearlessness, because You will be able to proudly show your new Instagram image to the whole world.
  • However, if You will not be satisfied with the event, we will unconditionally return You your full payment!!!



* Arrangement of formalities with regard to the society means, that you agree to become a member of the society with passive rights for free, because it is needed to insure responsibility and risks of the events. At the same time you agree that you bear full responsibility for driving your own vehicle along forest roads, as well as its parking on forest parking places. You also agree, da you will perform regular inspections of your skin to prevent potential infections, e.g. tick-borne meningoencephalitis, and take care for protection against bites of venomous snakes (viper, adder), what is especially important for children.