A price does not hinder our intention to compete for a favour of target customers of the offer Natura 2020 which is designed for highly solvent individuals who are interested on a teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton.

However, if price of the product does not suit any other target group, it does not mean, that we do not have ideal customers which are attracted by the offer sooner or later. A price to experience European cultural heritage in Slovenian brand customs Natura 2020 is not a problem for the right customers – muses, because they deeply respect a quality of this globally unique spiritual experience, which they will exchange in a primally preserved  virgin forest of the natural reserve Šumik, where we offer an authentic know-how exchange of opinions regarding a teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton.

Muses are our target/ideal customers. Our customers are not worried about price, because it is not a crucial factor for making decision to purchase the original spiritual experience we offer.

We are thankful, that we are what we are. We launched on a market an exclusive offer of discovering, who and what we are. Those individuals, who recognise themselves also make a response. Those people, who will recognise a quality, i.e. a missing link of their personal development, will accept a challenge/price and invest into themselves, because they probably never had a chance for spiritual experience of energetic hiking across a primally preserved natural reserve of a mixed virgin forest.

Those individuals, who like virgin forest resounding are attracted by prehistoric times of their own heritage, which they find out when they least expect them.

Natura 2020 is a primal experience which can not be purchased or ordered. Love to resounding has no price. Namely, you will make a contribution in kind for the common good of our society development.

The service costs exactly the amount which a global market is prepared to contribute, i.e. pay without grumbling.

The price is set/calculated in accordance with principles of the economy of ethics of virtue, because we are not customers/providers of the ethics of economies of scale.

Yours faithfully,

Natura 2020 Team with an author of a teaching Gnothi seauton