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Together with us you can discover mysteries of the ancient virgin forest



much closer/more profitable than You believed!

Discover your story,

your own inexhaustible/unstoppable source of awakening.


Teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton.

Private economic diplomacy Natura 2020.

Innovative. Imaginary. Awakened.


Slovenia is the first country in the world which was declared a green destination. The magnificent First Lady of the USA Melania Trump is Slovenian. NBA star Luka Dončić is Slovenian, too. Slovenia is a leading gastronomic region and will take up presidency over the EU for the second time in 2021.

You are invited to sightseeing of European cultural heritage in Slovenian Pohorje customs Natura 2020. Explorers of sustainably preserved green ecosystem Alps-Pohorje are dedicated to innovation, security and imaginarity. Researching base of the imaginary ecosystem Natura 2020 operates in administrative district Ruše. The town of Ruše is officially proclaimed "children-friendly Unicef town", which is also the operator of activities within the network "Ruše – a healthy town".

You are welcome to a trip across the primally preserved virgin forest Šumik on the Pohorje mountainside, which is a part of Slovenian Styria in the eastern Alps. The main centre of the area is the city of Maribor, which is known by the oldest vine in the world, football club Maribor and alpine skiing world cup competition for the "Golden Fox Trophy".

We are focused on investments into sustainable tourism. We are open for joint investments into building of glamping Natura 2020 at the edge of the natural reserve Šumik, and establishment of a tourist agency. We look for strategic investors into tourist infrastructure, including pumping station and bottler of Pohorje mineral water.

Once a miraculous Areh water had a status of a leading tourist product in the sphere of healing and natural medicine. The same quality holds groundwater of the Drava river in the Ruše pool. Children-friendly healthy Unicef town of Ruše can use its own production and pumping station of fresh drinking water to help parts of the world with critical water scarcity.


Mysterious power of the Sleeping Beauty

European cultural heritage 

Mythical Pohorje customs


We are focused on creative cultural tourism. We have our own production of feature documentary movie tourism titled the Mysterious power of the Sleeping Beauty. We also intend to launch the online Academy of awakening according to the author teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton. Our ideal client is movie star Keanu Reeves.

We invite to cooperation ambassadors of our cover brand Natura 2020, who will represent our interests and rights, as well as promote our business opportunity around the world.

Become a part of photo safari spiritual experience of energetic hiking, which will be performed as a realistic forest escape into the primally preserved virgin forest. In the natural reserve Šumik on the Pohorje mountainside do not exist online connection and phone network.

A locally guided trip across the green sight will allow you to discover the enigma in innovative Podravje region mythical tradition of the rich European cultural heritage. Namely, 99% of people have never been in a primally preserved mixed virgin forest yet.

Healthy, safe, innovative, imaginary, responsible, exclusive.

Digital. Personalised. Personal imprint. Image. Influential marketing.


Tokenisation of a token Natura 2020

Water circle Black lake – Black Sea

Children-friendly healthy Unicef town of Ruše



Modular boutique offer of the unique imaginary ecosystem Natura 2020 includes experiences, as follow:

- »Mysterious power of the Sleeping Beauty« in the virgin forest Šumik,

- »Enchanted Pohorje Sleeping Beauty« in a children-friendly Unicef town of Ruše,

- »Water sprite Jezernik and trinities of the water circle Black lake – Black Sea«,

- »Brigand's bride« – a boutique marriage according to Pohorje castle customs.


I feel and love!

Experiences in the virgin forest Šumik!

I visit and discover!


Experience lush vegetation, tranquility and silence, a harmony of sounds of nature and your inner voice, unity of your own values and forest order. Awaken imagination. Together with us you can build a unique personal brand, because 99% of people have never been in the virgin forest yet. Why would you spend money to visit Himalaya, when you have a spiritual experience of the virgin forest exclusively within your grasp?

A trip is astonishing. At every step of the way you will feel intense sound vibrations and light effects, barefoot you will experience Kneipp bath in streaming water of a mountain creek, you will enjoy fresh air to the full, you will experience colour therapy, natural fitness, natural wellness, as well as grass, water and forest bath in the middle of wilderness of a canyon, which you will cross by use of suspension bridge. You do not need to visit Nepal to feel whirling of air and caring effects of water flows. This is a natural program for removing traces of negative experiences.

Our team encourages transfer of knowledge about awakening based on the teaching Gnothi seauton. A local guide of journey is a living legend. Experience lasts up to 5 hours. Participation of at least one person, optimal number of participants up to 8. A local guidance is performed for free – participants only make voluntary contributions of €10.00 per person per trip. Children under the age of nine are exempt from making contributions. Participation at your own risk. Obligatory hiking equipment and skills for its use.