For festive events and jubilees you can choose a nice wedding/birthday present.

Be original. Spiritual experience of energetic hiking is intended for strengthening/awakening imagination (capability of dreaming). We walk across unknown terrain, where certain forest paths are not marked and goat paths are known only to a few local walkers who are also able to find a way out of tough situations. On 8 May 2019 for example completely unexpectedly happened a snowstorm. In such a situation you need suitable off-road vehicle, potentially also a tractor for towing of vehicles. Therefore, we warn you to be careful.

We strengthen the heart chakra and awaken heart love, what stirs a spirit of imagination and consequently fortifies an ability of critical thinking in crisis moments during hiking across the ancient virgin forest. Your goal is to visit a dreamy destination full of astonishing treasury of love. Your aim is to awaken realistically a dreamy/colossal/imaginary imagination, i.e. ability of guiding/managing yourself.