I get the best ideas in nature


Health is our greatest wealth

The summer school of lifelong awakening of imagination (ability to imagine, dream) is dedicated to business leaders and managers. Training of empowerment of silent (tacit) knowledge lasts 3 days/2 nights.

The aim of the school/training/course is a transfer of the teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton (knowing yourself) to the business and leadership environment as unconventional organisational culture. The principal goal of knowing yourself in a field manner is discovery of a natural mirror of originality – who, what you are. We practice discovering your own image and added value on the ecosystemically preserved Balkan Peninsula. Let's taste the Alpine, Pannonian, Mediterranean and Dinaric regions. Let's feel satisfaction linked to the transfer of your significant reference to social media and enter to the metaverse world of innovations and competitiveness in a sovereign manner.

Visit the healthy town of Ruše and together with us, the local legends, get to know a character triangle od the ecosystem Pohorje mountainside-Drava river-Kozjak mountainside.


The school encompasses three seminars/modules/stages/trainings/excursions.

Day 1:

  • The FIRST STEP is dedicated to exploring the mythical dowry ENCHANTED POHORJE SLEEPING BEAUTY. Gathering nearby the exploratory stage LEGENDARY LOCOMOTIVE TDR MICA.

Day 2:

  • The GOLDEN SECTION is dedicated to photographic and music art. A working stage is the WATER SPRITE JEZERNIK, i.e. the highest Slovenian waterfall on non-carbonated ground, which is created by 400 million years old mountain creek Lobnica, a humming pearl of the Pohorje mountainside, which flows through the heart of the virgin forest. A customized visit.

Day 3:

  • The DIAMOND PROJECTILE is focused on castle tourism – exploring the mythical dowry BRIGAND'S BRIDE, which we perform in the English garden of the Viltuš castle. A customized visit.

The added value of the training of resounding are folk traditions, which reflect in proverbs, such as 'take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves' and 'paid bills are good friends'. You will realise the power of the brands in facing the colossal beauty of natural, castle, technical, cultural and immaterial

A master of resounding allows his/her students to reach the threshold of profitability/awakening.

Day 1::


  • 12.45: gathering at the main railway station in the town of Ruše
  • 12.50: sightseeing of the museum item of technical heritage called TDR MICA

Day 2::


  • 7.00: business breakfast
  • 8.00: start of expedition/mission
  • 8.30: photo safari of the Drava valley
  • 9.00: photo safari Jani's bench
  • 10.00: realistic forest escape Black lake
  • 12.45: panoramic trip with a tourist train Jurček
  • 13.00: the main entrance to the virgin forest Šumik and sound retreat
  • • 13.30: photo safari of the Smolnik church
  • 14.00: Kneipp's face therapy and meadow selfness in the vicinity of the Harič's sawmill
  • 14.45: visit of the permanent exhibition of photographic items AMAZING VIRGIN FOREST ŠUMIK
  • 14.50: exhibitional escape room ENCHANTED POHORJE SLEEPING BEAUTY
  • 14.55: discussion about the book I WILL BECOME A PRESIDENT OF THE STATE
  • 15.00: discussion about the book GNOTHI SEAUTON
  • 14.15: 3D presentation of a water lily from the Lovrenc lakes in the TaleUp application
  • 15.30: videoclip of the Grand Šumik waterfall in the TaleUp application
  • 15.45: catering
  • 16.00: separation


  • 17.00: silver coin I LOVE NATURA 2020
  • 17.30: NFT coin NATURA 2020
  • 18.00: concert
  • 18.15: poetry
  • 18.30: dinner of a private investor and opportunity to invest

Day 3::

  • 7.00: castle career breakfast in the English garden of the Viltuš mansion
  • 8.00: Ruškomalh's chase for a hidden treasure
  • 11.00: spiritual experience Albert's quay
  • 12.00: business dinner of a private investor
  • • 14.00: separation

Number of participants: personalised. Participation at your own risk

We perform education/training according to the system 24/365. Customized date, specific goal and itinerary.

Opening date: 15 August 2022.