Realistic forest escape


 Spiritual experience of energetic hiking

Season lasts from 1. Januar to 31. December (each year)


Discover astonishing secret of the European cultural heritage in a Slovenian Pohorje custom NATURA 2020. Let's become a visual narrator of the Pohorje fairy tale NATURA 2020, i.e. green heritage of customs of Pohorje in the eastern Alps.

Follow us to find out a mysterious living magic immaterial and material amazingly beautiful Pohorje fairy tale NATURA 2020, which consists of:

  • Pohorje legend virgin forest Šumik, exceptional natural value with a living legend 24-metres high Grand Šumik waterfall, which is well known as a water king of Pohorje, because it is the highest Slovenian waterfall on non-carbonated ground and the highest waterfall of the Drava watercourse;
  • Pohorje foresters tale about the Black lake, a treasury of water, the biggest pearl of the world, which invigorates with colour therapies and heals with a sound of silence;
  • Pohorje tale about enchanted Sleeping Beauty, a marvellous mountain creek Lobnica, as well as a colossaly beautiful canyon Lobnica, which we cross along the suspension bridge, where we arrive along the longest Slovenian wooden hiking footbridge by the Ravbar rockface. Mountan creek Lobnica offers to the guest of a green kingdom icy cold Kneipp water bath, meadow barefoot bath and intense sound baths on a basis of natural air swirling.

Astonishing characteristic of Pohorje fairy tale NATURA 2020 is a fact, that European cultural heritage is alive every day of the year. In winter we offer a fairy tale about the snowy queen of a virgin forest Šumik, i.e. world-famous story about the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, because winter idyll opens to participants of the realistic forest escape seven magical cakras with its colourful tales, which should be sensitively felt to experience a fascinating miracle of nature NATURA 2020, which heals a wounded heart. Autumn trips are full of natural esotheric and colour aromatherapies, which are especially magical in spring, when awaken medicinal and decorating herbs. You can not imagine any spiritual experience which would not be induced by a magic of NATURA 2020.

Ruško Pohorje has a function of the heart cakra of Pohorje, because European cultural natural heritage is primally preserved in Pohorje customs/algorithms, namely in 19 ha large natural value of the virgin forest Šumik, whick mysteriously rests in 57 ha large natural reserve Šumik. So, explorers of this kind of green heritage of antique mixed forest unintentionally explore the natural algorithm Šumik, which also includes waterfalls Small Šumik and Grand Šumik. However, explorers of immaterial narrative tradition are satisfied with Pohorje tales, stories and legends, which also apply to Ravbar rockface and Deer cauldron which are also parts of the Pohorje fairy tale NATURA 2020. Unrepeatable photo safaris in all seasons are a magical magnet for a narrator of visual stories in social networks, especially on Instagram, where you advertise your own image, because 99,99% of people have never visited a virgin forest yet. BE FIRST!!!

Discover astonishing imaginary green sight NATURA 2020 with a realistic forest escape across the natural reserve Šumik. The escape is locally guided as energetic hiking across the antique virgin forest Šumik.

NATURA 2020 is individual boutique tourist escape, which enables experiencing amazing primal atmosphere from the ancient times of the Ice Age, what is provided by the untouched natural value of the virgin forest Šumik. Let's visit European cultural heritage in Slovenian Pohorje customs from the time before the Great war, when here took place mighty sawmill, ironwork and glass crafts, as well as smithery and rafting. We can also find remnants of mills and glass factories.

Using mythical folk heritage we create a pristine atmosphere of that time. Beside the Ravbar rockface we talk about the Bandit's Bride, while on the top of via ferrata Bajgot we think of enchanted Pohorje Sleeping Beautymountain creek Lobnica, which presents a tripple entrance to a mysterious ancient underworld. Folk virtues of awakening yourself are experienced through legendary local customs. Consequently, the escapes offer real experiences of spiritual energetic hiking. Awakened folk voices assert, that in a therapeutic virgin forest Šumik you can find a miraculous snowy kingdom of the legendary Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, who in summer search for precious amber stones and gold beside the Globokar dam. The Grand Šumik waterfall is a water king of the Lobnica creek, while deers from the Deer cauldron are kings of wild animals.

Local legends are amazing even for the most demanding guests, who through a symphony of a sound of silence actively enjoy a process of awakening themselves, which is intensified by listening to Pohorje tales, stories and legends, because they imaginary face teaching on wisdom Gnothi seauton (who, what we are).

We offer organised and locally guided escape, which includes visiting three natural green sights. These are:

  • VIRGIN FOREST ŠUMIK with waterfalls Small Šumik (9 m), Verna and Grand Šumik (24 m);
  • BLACK LAKE with a natural aromatherapy and a pristine air swirling;
  • LOBNICA CANYON with barefoot forest bath and intense sound therapy.

The base camp is located in a child-friendly UNICEF town of Ruše, where You will accomodate in a presidential apartment of the hotel Veter with Jacuzzi and possibility of night’s rest under the open sky on the terrace.

Season: Every year from 1 Januar  to 31 December. Event lasts 3 days/2 nights. Groups of 6 persons at the most.

Price: EUR 2,950 per adult participant ('all inclusive').

Guarantee of triple satisfaction for a luxurious boutique event

A rightful fulfilment has been triple since the ancient times. You have no risk, if You cooperate with us, because we offer You a triple guarantee for this luxurious boutique event, as follows:

  • Originality guarantee. Natura 2020 is a unique habitat in the world, where in a child-friendly UNICEF town a good purpose of tourist naturally intertwines with the primal system of the primevally composed mixed virgin forest of deciduous and coniferous trees.
  • Quality guarantee.Nowhere in the world exists such a combination of green energy as takes place in the green connection »Pohorje-Drava-Kozjak«, which provides magnificent colour, sound and forest aromatic baths throughout the year. Spiritual experience is like a highly intense Vivaldi's symphony the Four seasons.
  • Satisfaction guarantee, which shows a priceless fact, that we are completely sure that together with us You will not only add value to your good reputation, but also reinforce your own public image of fearlessness, because You will be able to proudly show your new Instagram image to the whole world.
  • However, if You will not be satisfied with the event, we will unconditionally return You your full payment!!!

During the boutique event Natura 2020 You will feel luxuriously, amazingly and heavenly beautifully. You will be really enriched by incredibly intense healing dose. Namely, You will absorb unchanged characteristics of the primal virgin forest which reinforce and awaken.

Awareness, that 99.99% of people never visited niether a mixed virgin forest nor a child-friendly UNICEF town for a good purpose, is priceless, because this presents a prestigious ingredient of personal recognisability.