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Society Natura 2020


A basic project of establishment a boutique tourist IT industry of augmented reality costs 54,000 EUR, while an advanced version costs up to 200,000 EUR. We raise funds for preservation of the Pohorje mountainside cultural heritage by use of technology of augmented reality. For this purpose we offer partners and supporters of this entrepreneurial idea promotional events, such as dinners of private investors, business breakfasts, festival, conferences, workshops, trainings, campaigns. We also perform public relations services, entrepreneurial and other business counselling, offer wedding gift vouchers and provide premium honeymoon trips.

We invite yours to establish yourself in our Natura 2020 community. Our mission is to develop and promote sustainable tourism, which we follow with our own umbrella brand Natura 2020.

With the umbrella brand Natura 2020, we want to attract investors in Natura 2020 tokens, glamping Natura 2020 and castle tourism, as well as in ICT equipment and online image, to donate up to 0.5% tax relief or enter a business company. In this way, you participate socially responsibly in a sustainable campaign.

We provide services in a field of entrepreneurial and other business counselling, which we can issue invoice for. Namely, we believe, that you could credibly participate in our local philanthropical community Natura 2020 for a good purpose, which we build through exclusive marketing and communication channels, as follow: 





We are skilled for work in public relations, which include local social environment. We can also organise and manage a customized project of building strategic relations.

We will strive in a socially responsible way to spread your reputation, what would strengthen your sustainable philanthropic image of socially responsible business angel, which operates as a guardian of nature, environment, ancient times and cultural heritage. We are focused on the primally preserved virgin forest Šumik and astonishing Lobnica valley, which is known by its rich industrial cultural heritage of smithcraft, sawmilling industry, glass industry, milling industry and wood industry, what we want to document by use od technology of augmented reality. The project will be realised by external contractor.

We provide partners with high quality social benefit, offered to companies by the state, i.e. tax relief, which you can donate to nonprofit organisations. Another option in issuing invoice for full value of performed services after each stage of the project. If you do not have arranged strategic relationship with the local public of green explorers, we invite you to one-time donation. See the details in the attachment. In a case you will decide to participate in this campaign, you are asked to send us back one signed copy of the agreement.

Welcome as Natura 2020 ambassadors. If you see added value for your philanthropic reputation in this project, we invite you to support it in your chosen way.

We can perform strategic consultation via Zoom application or arrange meeting in Ruše.

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TALE UP application creates stories for you, uncovers the objects around you, and brings you the ultimate experience of the surroundings. The application provides you with stories in Slovenia. On selected locations, you can see various objects in real size or stories are hidden behind individual products. Application is available for devices with the Android operating system on Google Play Store and Huawei AppGallery.

Travel-Slovenia is the ultimate web tourist portal, which tries to present various locations around Slovenia and bring them closer to foreign and domestic visitors. Slovenia is a small sub-Alpine country, which offers unique experience and unforgettable moments. Travel-Slovenia, a tourist guide, tries to provide as much informations about Slovenia as needed, so the visitors will leave it with beautiful impressions.