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Society Natura 2020

Natura 2020 - Royally. Proudly. Virtuously.


Natura 2020 - Authenticity. Passion. Awakening.

The Tourist society Natura 2020 chooses business partners, who target 5* partnership experiences for operation in a new investment tourist reality.

We offer the partners of philanthropic community Natura 2020 an opportunity to enter our cover brand, where they are promoted and get a chance of building a joint business in return for their donation. You are invited to get benefit of exclusive access to individual or complete offer which is presented on web pages, as follow:, and

Partnership programs encompass:

  • The project HIGH-TECH AUGMENTED REALITY OF THE POHORJE MOUNTAINSIDE CUSTOMS NATURA 2020, which is a condition to become competitive in the industry of boutique tourism.
  • The project IDYLLIC POHORJE MOUNTAINSIDE GLAMPING NATURA 2020 worth up to 200,000 EUR of grants through the local mechanism LAS DRAVA.
  •  The project TOKENISATION OF THE TOKEN NATURA 2020. We look for international supportive environment which emission would have value above 2.5 million EUR of the SPS grants, but at the same time we are open for cofunding of private investors with a global potential.

Partners have the next options to enter our competitive philanthropic community:

Annual participation/donation FIRST STEP enables regular payment of the IT software, which is a precondition of partnership/mentorship/society success. A reportage about yourself and your investment activity/participation FIRST STEP will be published on a quarter of the A4 page. It will be promoted through our marketing and communication channels and social networks.

  • Package of hospitality/partnership/hosting/mentorship the FIRST STEP - contribution 1,800 EUR per year.

Annual participation/donation GOLDEN SECTION enables support of online fair events, which are preconditions of partnership/mentorship/society success. A reportage about yourself and your investment activity/participation/appearance GOLDEN SECTION will be published on a half of the A4 page. It will be promoted through our marketing and communication channels, as well as in social networks, where you will be particularly exposed.

  • Package of hospitality/partnership/hosting/mentorship the GOLDEN SECTION - contribution 5,400 EUR per year.

Annual participation/donation DIAMOND PROJECTILE enables you to obtain a business opportunity for your physical appearance/presentation in the world fair, such as EXPO DUBAI 2020. A reportage about yourself and your saving activities/participation DIAMOND PROJECTILE will be published on a full A4 page. It will be promoted through our marketing and communication channels and social networks. Value of the package, which is valid 24 hours a day and all days in a year, is priceless. We will select only six leading partners, because a number of exclusive returns is limited to 73.

  • Package of hospitality/partnership/hosting/mentorship the DIAMOND PROJECTILE - contribution 19,800 EUR per year.

Before you activate our win-win strategic or financial partnership, you can get acquainted with our program of work for the period 2021–2027 at and our wedding gift vouchers Romantic benefits for your/our highly solvent purchasers are presented at

We invite you to participate in the first free strategic counselling in the town of Ruše, where we could make an agreement for win-win cooperation according to the principle "paid invoices are good friends". We offer our partners not only free development of innovative approaches and significant rise of revenues, but also a free 30-minute strategic consultation face-to-face or by phone or online, as well as 50% discount on the Golden section, which will enable us strategic positioning of our joint venture. Services of the Diamond projectile are available for free for partners of the intellectual property project.

If you will not be satisfied with a service of target segmentation of brands, you will not get returned money contributed for the package FIRST STEP. Instead of this we will involve you in a partnership network, which is built by the Tourist society Natura 2020. You will not choose a mentor for a boutique growth on your own. Namely, mentors will choose green partners of the philanthropic community, which will be established by the Society Natura 2020. Its goal will be launching of internationally competitive industry of the brand Natura 2020, which will be enriched by added value of unique destinational specialities Green-luxury Premium.

Partnerji in donatorji

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