Green commitment to sustainability


Natura 2020 – Honour. Opportunity.

Natura 2020 – primally preserved stunning luxury of a clean planet.

Discover unspoiled green luxury – virgin forest, waterfalls, natural reserve – of clean environment in Slovenia, the first green country in the world on a legendary sunny side of the Alps, because 99.99% of people have never been in a virgin forest yet.

Natura 2020 – remarkable luxury of clean water, conserved environment, clean nature created for respected supporters of a clean planet. Be the first in your generation, promote your digital image and renown in a customized manner.

Fantastic Natura 2020 – priceless photo safari across unimaginable boutique luxury, which is accessible only to the chosen ones.

We are in a process of selection of honorary green donors, who will support innovative conservation of the cultural heritage by use of digital cutting-edge technology of augmented reality. Due to their reputation they will get an opportunity for corporate management of the luxurious campaign »Natura 2020 for a clean planet«.

We, the green proponents of the initiative Natura 2020 for a clean planet take care for conservation of unspoiled nature of the amazing virgin forest Šumik. We are committed to alternative boutique tourism in the primal ecosystem Pohorje mountainside-Drava river-Kozjak mountainside. Together with us you will discover a clean world of the water circle Black lake–Black Sea. We will tell you mythical stories about the water sprite Jezernik, the mysterious power of the Sleeping Beauty and the brigand's bride. Additionally, we use application of augmented reality for presentation of the Pohorje cultural heritage.

We are in a process of selection of allies of green sustainability. In cooperation with them we will enter ten markets with an offer in six languages for investment and promotional campaign titled Natura 2020 for a clean planet.

 Join us to become our honorary philanthropist/partner/donor.