Issuing the token Natura 2020


Technological development of XR industry


 Project: Digitalisation of the European cultural heritage in the Slovenian Pohorje customs Natura 2020 ( created according to the teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton (


1)      Investments for a good purpose related to Natura 2020 are made to facilitate a technological development of XR industry and 360-degree video.

2)      An example of a risky investment is a boutique tourism related to mythical Slovenian Pohorje customs known as Princess Sleeping Beauty & king Matthias.

3)      A purpose of export investments is co-financing non-profit activities for:

  • disburdening of environment;
  • preserving unspoiled nature and sustainable development of a supportive tourist infrastructure;
  • special groups of people who are not able to enter virgin forest due to demanding terrain;
  • children and youth from socially endangered settings.

 Slovenia in enchanted Sleeping Beauty of the European cultural heritage, while Natura 2020 plays a role of mythical Sleeping Beauty in free Slovenian Pohorje RRD customs. A mythology about the Sleeping Beauty under the sun of freedom includes immaterial folk traditions, which are preserved or awakened put into context of sustainable development. Together with us you are allowed to discover a mysterious power of Slovenia. The First Lady of the USA is a Slovenian compatriot Melania Trump, and the most popular rookie of the NBA League was Luka Dončić.

Indian tradition of wisdom tells a holy story about the place, where a young prince Siddhartha completely exhausted experienced enlightenment and became a Buddha more than 2500 years ago. Western culture has a renowned Little Prince, while in Natura 2020 lives a prince on the white marble horse – the king Matthias –, who wakes up a Slovenian Pohorje princess Sleeping Beauty and proclaims the teaching about the economy of ethics of virtue Gnothi seauton, i. e. less known approach to managing international competitiveness. Visitors want, that an author of the teaching Gnothi seauton signs permission for translation and issuing a book titled Gnothi seauton (675 pages, A4 format) with a golden edge. World-renowned film directors and authors recognized gracefulness, kindness and compassion of the author and the Mother of wisdom which is embodied in the nature. Awakened ancient Greek aphorism Gnothi seauton (who, what we are) is comparatively connected also with a doctrine of a famous buddhist master, film director and author Dzongsar Jamyang Khentse. However, a foundation of the teaching Gnothi seauton are findings collected in a book titled Management by Stane Možina et al., as well as dialectical theory of systems by professor emeritus ddr. Matjaž Mulej.

Who is intended highly risky investment program of XR technologies Natura 2020 for?

Target group is naturally restricted to business angels, i.e. very wealthy people, because their spirit looks for risky innovation, their soul is inclined only to high risks, which enable them to earn huge profits. Namely, you should bet on your own dream and strongly believe into the investment policy Natura 2020 (in a common sense, innovative, resounding manner).

Target strategy of transferring corporative awareness in a form of XR technological know-how Natura 2020 is focused on a policy of innovation of value, which brings enormous benefits to the first among the equal ones. It opens the main door of talent/imagination (creativity, intelligence), because only the economy of ethics of virtue enables getting dreamy surpasses/profits/revenues to a sustainable ecosystem of the cover brand Natura 2020.

The aim of early awakening of imagination is oriented to a natural intelligence/wisdom, which can be found exclusively in ancient natural environment, where prevails a style of simplicity which decisively influences everyday life. Imagination creates a character/personality triangle (to be, to do, to have). Definitely, investments into »self« are not suitable for everybody, because they demand highly productive work, especially in crisis situations, where we can prove our faith (thinking, decision-making and leadership skills). In this way we can stay focused on a private economic diplomacy.

The Sleeping Beauty is a natural intelligence, which can be discovered in 57 hectares large natural reserve Šumik, where spreads 19 hectares of imaginary natural value – a primal virgin forest Šumik, which has been preserved since the end of the last Ice Age. We succeeded to connect a natural algorithm of the Sleeping Beauty in a form of Natura 2020 with a technology of extended reality, which presents green sights of Pohorje mountainside, Drava river and Kozjak mountainside. These are our natural resources, our natural wealth, which is preserved also through awakened mythical customs which are a part of European cultural heritage. We know, that 99.99 percent of people have never been in the virgin forest yet. This fact opens opportunities for investors into XR technology Natura 2020.

Many formally educated scientists want to keep unnatural state of childish behaviour, i.e. the last stage of academic irresponsibility, what is a consequence of their own hyperproduction. Namely, they obtain a doctorate for their own needs, not for the sake of natural goals of self-affirmation. So, they unrealistically step beyond a reasonable scepticism of a real authority. However, they cannot deny a fact, that every person bears responsibility for his/her own image/imagination (ability to imagine, dream, lead). Conceited managers of tacit knowledge want to become superheroes, some kind of fairy tale heroes, fake mystical beings. Superheroes are rare. Only 3 percent of people in the world possess supernatural capabilities. Those discover the teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton. In this way a price policy achieves its confirmation, the price to cross the doorstep of competitiveness is not an obstacle for realisation of their own images.

Explore/invest/win/save with Natura 2020!