Our mission is a green transmission/transformation/transaction. This is enacted in exploratory excellence and hospitality. We are owners of the motivational book/teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton. We have our own innovative business model for transfer of know-how. We are committed to a strategy of innovating value of the cover brand Natura 2020 in the Pohorje mythical customs known as the Mysterious power of the Sleeping Beauty.

-  Our mission is sustainably connected with strengthening a leading position of the boutique innovative experiences provider Natura 2020 in a children-friendly Unicef town of Ruše. »Ruše – a healthy town« is the major administrative district of the lower Drava valley, where we innovatively increase image of the mythical Pohorje customs in the Podravje region in the eastern Alps. Our reputation spreads and influence of our ecosystem grows in a competitive environment.

-  Our mission includes putting efforts to show to explorers all over the world the green ecosystem Natura 2020, which includes taking care for sustainable conservation of the natural reserve Pohorje mountainside-Drava river-Kozjak mountainside, what we do with immense love. Blossoms and thorns exist together.

-  Our mission is unconditional sharing of spiritual experiences of creative cultural sector through high-tech documentary movie tourism. We develop it in the spirit of truth, because we want to preserve awakened mythical experiences of the primal customs known as the Mysterious power of the Sleeping Beauty. We bet on a strategy of reaching the top.


-  Non-profit learning organization par excellence with our own teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton, as well as innovative business model of healthy imagination/competitiveness.

- Development and promotion of tourism with our own imaginary cover brand of boutique experiences within a framework of creative documentary movie tourism.

-  Tokenisation of our own token Natura 2020 for a good purpose and launching Ekoresort glamping Natura 2020.

-  Foundation of the online Academy of wisdom and School of awakening/resounding.

-  Foundation of production house and agency plus online store with our own production.

Launching high-tech start-up connector of a creative cultural sphere.

-  Spreading voice about our own image/conscience/realisation by means of private economic diplomacy.

- Back to nature, back to childhood, back to the green transformation/luxury.


- Paid bills are good friends.

- Back to nature, back to childhood.