A mentor of the project I WILL BECOME A PRESIDENT OF THE STATE is Milan Robič. The mentor encourages you for candidacy at presidential and other elections. He also tests a possibility of launching nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. A mandate of the project lasts for five years.

I, Milan Robič, am an author of the book about the doctrine Gnothi seauton (675 pages, A4 format). I evolved my own innovative business model. I am focused on the Nobel Peace Prize. With regard to the last link of the innovational chain MARKET ENTRY I bet on my own strategy of innovating value called Market&Innovation.

I offer mentorship on a market of private economic diplomacy. I am established business investor. I am a founder of the NGO Natura 2020. In a period 1994–2000 I affirmed myself as a private researcher of the Ministry of science. I developed know-how about election campaign for Slovenian presidential elections in 1997 and 2012. My first book is titled I WILL BECOME A PRESIDENT OF THE STATE (2012).

I proclaimed my first candidacy for a president of the Republic of Slovenia in 1997, when took place first direct democratic elections for this function. I repeated my entrance to the market of high politics with RRD experiment 'MARKET ENTRY in a field of Slovenian presidential elections 2012'. In 2022 I can file my silver candidacy by support of 10 members of the Parliament. I offer sharing of my know-how.

I proclaimed my first candidacy for a president of the Republic of Slovenia in 1997, when took place first direct democratic elections for this function. I repeated my entrance to the market of high politics with RRD experiment 'MARKET ENTRY in a field of Slovenian presidential elections 2012'. In 2022 I can file my silver candidacy by support of 10 members of the Parliament. I offer sharing of my know-how.

In a process of learning a technique of resounding I used ethics of virtue. A basic principle 'sue tempore' I practised in the right place at the right time. In 1994 I won the first round at the first direct democratic elections for a mayor of the municipality of Ruše. However, in the second round I was a victim of political crime, but I learned situational leadership and consolidated my faith. Competition has no mercy. The authority strives to use all possible approaches to block its competition, usually by secretly directed and provocatively triggered extreme circumstances, which are not under the victim's control. The victim also can not imagine, that such circumstances are bizzarely activated for a reason of endangering national security, because they are top secret and reflect in threatening health, life and property of disruptive candidates. A goal of such a fight is suspension of human rights. Namely, it takes a decade for a victim to restore his/her reputation. However, so many years later nobody else is interested on the truth. The victim's fate is sealed, s/he remains pushed in a passive sphere. Luckily, there is a path/strategy of innovating value of your own image, which helps you to restore your reputation/faith. The humiliated ones will always be glorified. Magic and beauty of a maturity exam in a field of situational leadership is in exposing ourselves in a safe, smart and visible way.

Trainings of awakening leadership imagination are divided into some basic experiments of resounding. Each RRD experiment is established by a mentor. Introduction includes business breakfast and visit of the virgin forest Šumik, as well as a terrain knowing yourself, a homework and presentation of MARKET ENTRY activities in a field of Nobel prizes.

Lessons start by business breakfast which serves to participants to know each other. Each lesson consists of a fieldwork, where we scan a state of soul, which detects beauties/tests/exercises of the mirror of nature. A purpose of awakening leadership roles is forming a starting point for setting a goal and strategy. Participants get a majority of feedback from the mirror of nature and their mentor, who offers constructive criticism from the beginning of the exercise/lesson/task to the finish of the chase for a hidden treasure, which participants want to share with activities of community.

The latest findings of the study of knowing yourself and working meetings are opportunities to get mentor's assessment, which is sent by email together with instructions to continue the game of resounding, because results of working on your personal growth are intrinsically awarding. We propose a schedule of fieldwork, but participants of a mentored study journey are allowed to choose their own pace, because the path is partly recorded in the TaleUp application supported by a technology of augmented reality. Registration conditioned by donor membership, which is renewed each year, offers unlimited access to the mentor, what enables feedback for all lessons.

Exclusive mentored training of awakening imagination is performed in the child-friendly Unicef town of Ruše and 400 million years old Lobnica valley in Slovenia according to the doctrine Gnothi seauton. The training includes guided visit of the virgin forest Šumik, because 99.99% of people have never been in the virgin forest yet. Therefore, they have not experienced absence of phone signal and Internet connection yet. Such environment strengthens the brow chakra and the sixth sense needed to awaken vision.

The aim of the project is training of leadership potential. Basic training is intended for business investors with established history of investing into themselves, who search a destination for mentored knowing themselves and are prepared for risky investment in presidential elections campaign, as well as need quick exchange of spiritual experience of energetic awakening.

The mentor has a task to give you important and relevant information, that you need to recognise deceptions and get insight into a real world of imagination. So, after sightseeing beauties of the mirror of nature you will be able to check in your home and/or business environment all crucial pieces of information about the process of resounding in knowing yourself according to the method of heuristics. This will help you to solve the enigma of your own faith/image. We do not only practice examination of our own identity, but also fully expose our own image. We test all recipes/formulas of healthy incomplete competition. The mentor prepares you for a maturity exam Gnothi seauton, which waits for you in the last act of presentation of the MARKET ENTRY. You will feel a deep cultural shock. You will face a primary fear which accompanies defeat, as well as mental distress in a moment of victory in the RRD project of knowing yourself in accordance with the doctrine Gnothi seauton.


Normally, business breakfast starts at 10 AM at the Ribič restaurant, Šarhova pot 1, Ruše. It lasts up to four hours. In that period we will have a tour in the virgin forest Šumik, where life-threatening winter conditions on the Holcerska path do not allow visit of the Grand Šumik waterfall. This does not have impact on working atmosphere. Namely, the aim of the event is exchanging views of the initiative NATURA 2020 FOR A CLEAN PLANET and experiences with regard to realisation of the commitment HEALTH IS OUR GREATEST WEALTH. We offer a solution, which is outlined by the motto 'Back to nature, back to origin'.

A participant gets a homework of knowing innovative business model Gnothi seauton(,exploring terrain and experiencing event Natura 20202020 (, as well as documentary movie entertainment(

Working meetings, study journeys, and researching of examples of good practice of training of awakening are performed on working days, while you have free weekends. However, holiday is usually an excellent time for making revision.

Through social media and phone calls we agree a time of business meeting, working meeting, and itinerary of the visit of a dinner of private investor.

Voluntary contribution - co-financing of non-profit activities - general grant as a tax relief

By performing mentorship in transfer of knowledge (know-how) we raise funds for publishing a popular scientific book about the doctrine Gnothi seauton (675 pages, A4 format) with gilded edges, which proclaims teaching about wisdom of the economy of ethics of virtue.

At business breakfasts during our study journeys in 2021 we hosted prof. Milan Krajnc, PhD, the Nobel Prize in Economics nominee in 2021, while our guest in the Christmas morning was Gorazd Šifrer, a honorary consul of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Slovenia.

We are also very happy to receive general donations up to 500 EUR, because we are able to create remarkable development achievements with limited resources. We prove this statement from our establishment in 2013.

We have been proving this since its establishment in 2013. With the donation, the first step has been supported by Mr. Jože Hertiš, founder of SELTRON.

  • Donors 2021 are: Messer Slovenia, NEK, GEN-1, Termoelektrarna Brestanica, Lumar IG.
  • Donatorji 2022 so: Messer Slovenija, TEB, SŽ, CATV Selnica ob Dravi, HTZ, I.P., d.o.o.