Coaching, counselling, training, mentorship


We offer a strategic development/partnership in a field of smart specialisation

We operate in six languages on ten leading international tourist markets of incomplete competition which attract highly solvent customers from rich BRICS, OECD and EU countries.

Our innovative business model Gnothi seauton enables us to generate added value in fields of marketing, corporative and digital knowledge management in accordance to innovation favourable strategy MARKET&INNOVATION.

Through the umbrella brand Natura 2020 we implement transfer of a strategy Gnothi seauton in a primal environment of a natural reserve in the eastern Alps. A team of local legends strives for providing high quality original boutique tourist offers and individually tailored services for you, our appreciated highly solvent customers.

Discover a sustainable power of a token system MARKET&INNOVATION based on a common pilot launch of a token Natura 2020. We start a digital campaign MARKET&INNOVATION on ten leading world markets. Investment value includes the innovative business model GNOTHI SEAUTON, the umbrella brand NATURA 2020 and a token system of the resounding strategy MARKET&INNOVATION.

We are well informed local investors in real estate tourist infrastructure opportunities, such as a conceptual project MOBILE GLAMPING NATURA 2020, which targets also the Viltuš castle. The town of Ruše presents a business-friendly investment window for start-up investment challenges Natura 2020.

Smart specialisation is a path to wisdom/competitiveness/friendship. Specialisation for investors in the business idea takes place on a terrain of the RRD base Natura 2020 and lasts for 3 or 5 days. The offer of highly specialised modules of spiritual experiences of energetic hiking for a good purpose is accessible at:

Registration for a regular membership program of smart specialisation lasts from 1 January to 31 December. Your purchase of a book GNOTHI SEAUTON automatically registers you in the system of partnership MARKET&INNOVATION.