Discover the teaching about the wisdom of Universe heritage


"Green Pohorje mountainside - green river Drava - green Kozjak mountainside"

Season lasts from 1 January to 31 December


Exploratory spiritual experience of energetic hiking NATURA 2020 is intended for discovering the remnants of the European cultural heritage in the mythical customs of Slovenian Pohorje.

We will feel European cultural heritage of energetic hiking in the Pohorje customs NATURA 2020, i.e. eternal evergreen love between the green Pohorje mountainside, green river Drava and green Kozjak mountainside in the eastern Alps.

We also share hospitality of the green imaginary paradise NATURA 2020 with a military mythical history, from a famous rebellion against Turkish army of Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent nearby the Turkish wall on the 16 September 1532 to the legendary Crow's Flight, i.e. the biggest escape of captured troops of the Allies during the World War II.

We will conduct energetic hiking in untouched 57 hectares large natural reserve Šumik on Pohorje, where we will be captivated by the light impression of the primally preserved mixed virgin forest, which energetically impacts on awakening and knowing of yourself, because hiking across a mystical green amphitheatre of the virgin forest means healing for a soul. We will hear meditative music of a torrential mountain creek Lobnica, which is in eternal harmony with the melody of heart. We will experience a great love of nature and an authentic contact to local legends. Participants of expedition will feel energetically positive impact of a fascinating climate; a high added energetic value of a spiritual hiking is also an extravagant green scenery of the virgin forest Šumik in all four seasons, a colossal Lobnica canyon as well as a mystical experience of walking along a suspension bridge to cross a canyon of energetically/vibrationally strong mountain creek Lobnica. Adrenaline test of a positive flow of energy will be conducted during a walk across the longest Slovenian/European/world wooden hiking footbridge along the Ravbar rockface. We will visit the highest Slovenian waterfal on non-carbonated ground, as well as a descendant of the oldest vine in the world. We will degustate Styria wines, get acquainted with the original Pohorje foresters' cuisine, we will taste a famous Slovenian dessert called potica, degustate Pohorje spirits, eat seasonal salad from local organic farms. In a store named Soven you will be able to purchase products made of sheep wool.

We will visit remnants of mills, sawmills, iron works, glass factories, forges. We will be delighted by rafting tradition, lush vegetation, preserved flora and fauna, wild and domestic animals, seldom Pohorje plants, medicinal flowers, fresh seasonal mushroom dishes, divine mystical heroes, such as the enchanted Pohorje Sleeping Beauty and a rebellious king Saint Henry. We will listen to the Musician's tale, the folk story Bandit's bride, we will get acquainted with demons, gnomes, a water sprite, who energetically take care for an active awakening of the unexpressed own imagination of the visitors of the untouched green kingdom, which in winter changes into a snowy fairy tale. Pohorje is the Slovenian snowy queen, the crown of the winter kingdom full of energy and positive feelings. Therefore, during a circular gondola ride we will sightsee a scene of the world cup Alpine skiing competition known as the Golden fox, as well as the city of Maribor. So, you will enjoy the premium interpretation of the ancient wisdom of the modern Pohorje customs NATURA 2020.

We will stay the night in hammocks at unknown locations, where we will experience shepherd folk customs, such as baking of seasonal treats, while in winter we will be settled in a hotel in the base camp in Ruše. The castle supper and concert evenings in the Slovenian National Theatre in Maribor are available in all four seasons.

Expeditional exploratory event consists of individual modules, which enable the highest possible flexibility with regard to specific wishes of participants. 


Classical six steps of a linguistic thinking in Slovenian language, i.e. six grammatical customs of a personal growth and business communication, are upgraded by authentically preserved green energetical method of a colour healing. In a natural reserve of a colourful mixed virgin forest energetical chakras open differently than indoors where training of a spiritual experience of your own mission in not natural. At this place learning/opening of the spirit is performed sustainably and naturally, because night/light/energy/grammar have a significant power according to the tradition.

The forest is a natural environment for discovering energetic nodes, here chakras are exposed to a crown cuisine kindness and gastronomic love which flows through a stomach into brain centres, where impulses of delicious food/beverages create feelings of a pristine fulfilment.

The virgin forest is the crown of a mixed forest. It is a natural/central crown chakra, which is discovered on a basis of the heart chakra, i.e. love of the prehistoric times. The virgin forest nature is the Mother of wisdom, which has by energetical composition of purity of thinking the highest energetical characteristics of the seventh chakra. Maybe it will last more than five days, but the chakra of eternal wisdom will surely be open in your own time.

Furthermore, a hospitality of local legends shows a pure love, i.e. culture of the heart, which narrators of a mythical heritage and mediators in discovering cultural heritage hold in their blood, because it is not possible to learn it in school.

Love is expressed through a kind of breathing/functioning, because in a realistic virgin forest we get some fresh air, and start feeling deeper values of love, which are imprinted by fairies/energies and gnomes/chakras of energetically intense waves of natural values.

For in-depth perception of your own self local legends act/heal in compliance with a principle of the teaching about spiritual wisdom GNOTHI SEAUTON, which proclaims basic principles of personal development in the highest crystal clear form of wisdom. These are priceless experiential knowledge, while a linguistic diversity/colouring/wisdom presents our black communication pearl.

A phenomenon of exchanging positive energies is known to researchers of linguistic mythology as a character triangle, while modern organisational sciences of resounding use a term strong personality, which is faced in the virgin forest with its own primal fear. The virgin forest is a natural spiritual school of awakening, at that place a spiritual experience is healed/discovered  by the sound of silence, as well as love, which is inseparably connected with respectful relation to the forest and natural order.

Knowing/exploring your own self in the process of active vacation is the essence of a 5-day event, which will enable laying the foundations of your own self-image in a compliance with the teaching about wisdom GNOTHI SEAUTON, which is the mirror of the event NATURA 2020.

Mother tongue is a universal feeling. Language has universal relation to alive and inanimate culture of the eternity. Language vibrates/communicates/lives actively or passively. It lives between material and immaterial customs/pieces of information. The whole information system of the cosmos circulates universally.

European cultural heritage of the Podravje region countryside transfers from generation to generation through Pohorje customs. This is the wisdom that participants of the expedition/mission bet on.

The unspoiled virgin forest is a seldom healing asset in the world. It is the extravagance, the precious luxury, which can be afforded only by those rare human beings who prefer the culture of the heart and a clear conscience. We offer both of them in abundance.

Together with us you will explore, whether you are born for luxurious experiences of primally preserved antique and energetic healing/awakening with the sound of silence, which is unbearable for certain people, because it evokes in them a paralysing fear.

The RRD expedition is focused on a spiritual experience of the sound of silence, i.e. energetic hiking, which is conducted as a realistic forest escape across the imaginary paradise NATURA 2020.

The aim of the expedition NATURA 2020 is an author transfer of material and immaterial cultural heritage GNOTHI SEAUTON to students of the wisdom of resounding. Namely, on the ground of expedition are conducted realistic forest escapes, which awaken primal competence of participants in the process of resounding/awakening their own self.

Spiritually prestigious boutique education is suitable for everyone, who scientifically or spiritually examines the economy of the virtue ethics in amateur or professional manner, and creates a comparative mirror image of his/her own image through a spiritually breakthrough care for himself/herself. The spiritual experience of energetic hiking is achieved through relaxed enjoying Slovenian gastronomic, culinary, sport, exploratory, tourist, extravagant, cultural, industrial, music and mythical customs.

Participants of the expedition experience a preschool of wisdom in compliance with the teaching GNOTHI SEAUTON on a basis of the Pohorje customs NATURA 2020, what cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world, certainly not for such a good price. Indulgence of your soul in the untouched nature is a spiritual prestige, because the virgin forest peace and the sound of silence bring the educational luxury of a high/boutique forest tourism.

Directly communicated pieces of information by the local legends – among them is also the author of the teaching GNOTHI SEAUTON, who has a role of coordinator of the educational RRD expedition – are like pure gold, because they are the result of priceless experiences (know-how).

The main goal of the energetic hiking is to change your own behaviour patterns to awaken and purely follow experiences of the local mythical tradition, which are faced through the European cultural heritage in the Slovenian Pohorje customs Under the home lime tree.

NATURA 2020 is a synonym for unrequited love. This is the infinite energy, which is generated only by untouched nature, i.e. mother of eternal wisdom. NATURA 2020 is a mystical spiritual experience, which is primarily focused on strengthening imagination.

Spiritual experience of energetical hiking Natura 2020 is like the Vivaldi's symphony Four seasons. Namely, a photo safari of the natural reserve Šumik can be performed by a drone also in the winter, the same is true for energetically healing acoustic therapies/symphonies of a mighty roaring of the waterfall Šumik.

Guests very intensely discover 10 top surpluses of the exploratory oasis Natura 2020, which enable them broadening of their horizons of spirit. In this way guests choose realistic experience of the virgin forest in the heart of the eastern Alps for the first time in their life!!! The aim is Instagram promotion of their own image on their own social media profiles. Each guest has his/her individual style, every promotion brings to him/her a surplus image, because s/he obtains a great reputation and becomes internationally renowned as an explorer of the world virgin forests.

We invite you for a prestigious spiritually-energetically-intuitive inspiration. A guided expedition visits ten surplus national natural values in the eastern Alps, namely virgin forests, forest reserves, a botanical university garden, a wine estate, marsh lakes and a black lake. These values offer extravagant adrenalin experiences of the highest level, highly intense energetic therapies with a high added value of spiritual inspiration of knowing yourself in a realistic kingdom of the antique virgin forest, which is the king of forests.

Timeline of journey is adjusted to weather and seasonal conditions, as well as physical abilities of guests. Suitable for everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, also for disabled and individuals with special needs, such as deaf and speech-disabled, because they brilliantly sense energetical value of spiritual hiking and consequently shine with happiness like stars in the sky. Participation at your own risk.

Photos contained in the offer have a symbolic value. They present a so called big picture of the map of experience. They are added intuitively, i.e. spiritually, energetically and inspirationally. They are like a window to the world of the fairy-tale kingdom Natura 2020. They serve as a magic wand, which immediately fulfils magical dream of our clients to travel across 10 national natural values in the real time.

Premium all inclusive hiking experience of the Mother of Wisdom takes 5 days/4 nights.

Premium trekking geographical expedition Natura 2020

Visit the green paradise NOW! Discover realistic antique intact nature of the virgin forest kingdom in the eastern Alps. In marsh lakes is hidden water sprite Jezernik, while in the church of St. Areh is the tomb of King Henry.

 Premium trekking guided journey includes visit to top 10 national geographic locations:

  • Nature reserve Šumik (57ha) with virgin forest Šumik (19ha), waterfalls Mali Šumik (890m) and Veliki Šumik (950m) as well as Lobnica canyon;
  • Black lake (1190m) and Lovrenc lakes (1520m; 22ha);
  • Bistrica Vintgar and waterfall Šum (600m) as well as Fram waterfall (900m).

Exclusive journey takes 5 days/4 nights. Max. 6 participants.

Welcome to spiritual event of highly vibrational energetic hiking, created with unimaginable experience of a spiritual knowing yourself through extravagant photo safari Natura 2020 in the eastern Alps.

Creativity of a soul, i.e. taking care for yourself and top artistic achievements, is a debut of experiencing created reality which is a basis for artistic reproduction in all fileds of art and science, because nowadays a global promotion of your own image could be achieved in 24 hours.

Promote your personal brand and reputation on the Internet by support of prehistoric times through colossally marvellous experiences in the virgin forest Šumik, where internet and phone networks do not operate due to virtually nonexistent signal. In the region you can find perfect peace and silence. Because of characteristics of the terrain, which is accessible only by walking, you are allowed to experience three-hour highly vibrational sonorous symphony of roaring of a water flow of a mountain creek with three mighty waterfalls. Event with included aromatherapies of a magnificient virgin forest. Feeling of unprecedented extravagance of ancient times.

Walks across moderatelly demanding terrain of an open park of mixed forest. Individual approach. Personal assistance 24/7/365. A guest is accompanied with international tourist guide and experienced local walker. The latter is also a leader of hiking. So, you make an overview of your own competences which are focused on taking care for yourself. You can find no cheaper or faster path to glory, praise and honour.

Take your time for yourself. There is always abundance of excuses, while opportunities are rare. Missed opportunity does not appear again. Number of participants as well as days in a year is limited. Make a reservation NOW!

Photographs narrate story about a boutique event and bear a symbolic communication value, because experiences are adjusted to individuality of target guests. Participation at your own risk.

Welcome to guests

Do you really want to experience a boutique forest escape? Choose a colossally astonishing virgin forest Šumik in the eastern Alps to get permanent experiences with lifelong benefits. You will not regret this. We will also visit the Black lake and the natural value Lovrenc lakes.

Welcome to a realistic spiritually-energetic forest escape in the eastern Alps. We present you a spiritually-energetic innovative tourism, which enables you to be in touch with a natural heritage of the virgin forest. We are focused on performance of team building exploration of antique natural reserve Šumik.

In a boutique virgin forest Šumik which is a part of 57 hectares large natural reserve Šumik beside the Drava valley in the eastern Pohorje, you will have guided tours to feel three natural values. Namely, you will visit: 24-metre high waterfall Grand Šumik, waterfall Verna and 9-metre high waterfall Small Šumik, because across a colossally beautiful canyon in the heart of the virgin forest flows a mountain torrential brook Lobnica, which springs on Falski tajht and runs into the river Drava.

Boutique green kingdom of the virgin forest Šumik invites you inspirationally to a realistic spiritually-energetic forest escape for awakening your imagination. You will realistically overview you own competences for life without internet and telephone, because the area does not have adequate signal or it is limited.

The aim of spiritual event of energetical hiking is to enjoy infinite natural energies of 57 hectares large virgin forest reserve Šumik, which manifest at this team building as a good will of guests.

On a terrain, exploratory muses quickly and simply realize, what is a technical state of our creative abilities for team survival without a modern ICT equipment, because in the virgin forest internet and telephone do not operate, what suggests, that you experience realistic forest escape beyond imagination of European urban inhabitants. Gratitude for prosperity of the nature and God's mercy is compensated with children and animals who are welcome at team building. There could be also only one (1) participant, because we are humble servants of our clients according to the system 24/7/365. On a terrain, you are accompanied with experienced international tourist guide and a local leader of the tour.

The purpose of testing your own threshold of competitiveness is to become a relevant personality. It means that your personal image (i.e. who, what you are) looks in the mirror of the Mother Nature. In this way the test of maturity in exploratory-experimental reasoning is enriched/overcome with exploratory work on a terrain of energetically-spiritual treasury of the Mother Nature. So, spiritually-energetical test of behaviour pattern is performed according to experiential programme in the virgin forest. Imagination of nature triggers a leap of thought in knowing yourself at the right time.

Geographic expedition starts in Ruše, where the Tourist society Natura 2020 on its own initiative voluntarily enables boutique natural scientifical-spiritual-energetical-inspirational experiences of prehistoric times on 19 hectares of the virgin forest Šumik.

We gather in front of a hotel Veter, where a tourist is placed in a presidential apartment with jacuzzi and enjoys supper on enclosed individual terrace of the apartment. We have to emphasize that the hotel stands only 400 metres away of the offspring of the oldest vine in the world, called Modra kavčina. A guest every evening returns from a terrain geographic expeditions and during degustations relives reflexion of boutique daily experiences. On a terrace freely stays the night under the open sky, because s/he is attended by forest fairies. A peaceful rest and sweet dreams are also triggered by voices of an owl from the Ruše wine path. S/he is waked up by early crow of a domestic cock and twitter of birds. Reflexion of aromatherapies of antique virgin forest Šumik, which is chosen for a realistic forest escape intended for renovation of his/her energetical awareness of a mission of the nature and virgin forest, contributes to a deep raising awareness of a guest. In the morning s/he affords breakfast in the nature reserve beside Harič mill. Near Muc's rockface s/he drinks Pohorje natural mineral water and continues his/her walk along forest learning path Uršankovo. During walking s/he takes some safari photos, which show a stream Pisker, hunting tower and the first Drava hydroelectric power plant Fala. From the Harič mill we travel to the remains of so called Cebej sawmill, where we get acquainted with procedures for production of charcoal and preparation of beech firewood. In the canyon we can meet several rapids, many different animals, rich undergrowth and several waterfalls. A special aromatherapy is provided during attendance of charcoal production on a location of the former Švajger mill, because possessors had their own mills and sawmills. In the forest cottage Šumik you will enjoy dinner in nature, because return to the exploratory base Ruše is planned not earlier than in the evening. Traditionally, travellers are served by a chosen local aperitif. We also pay attention to a local cuisine and ethnography of medium mountain region of Pohorje, which is famous due to organic farms and natural sustainable development of a park of mixed forest. As a starter you get young domestic salad with a fresh sheep cheese and beef steak Pohorje Beef. Then follows a potato soup. Hot dish warms you and stirs your appetite. The main meal consists of: wild garlic noodles, young beef steaks Pohorje Beef in a horseradish sauce, grilled domestic chicken from organic farm and sauted polenta with Pohorje mushrooms. For a dessert you get sweet štruklji with tarragon. Afternoon coffee is accompanied with a local honey, which is in a free sale, as well as homemade bread baked in a farmhouse stove, while aromatic and healing sorts of tea are cooked from Pohorje flowers, usually thyme. So, degustation of food, beverages and desserts is also ideal chance for personal meetings with young farmers, who serve you products of their local breeding, production and processing. In the cottage you can also get traditional buckwheat žganci with sour milk, what is ideal supper on a terrain, if anybody wants to stay the night in the cottage instead of presidential apartment in the base with jacuzzi, essential oils and massage nozzles.

The aim of an early start of a journey is to catch golden rays of a dawn with a view upside down, i.e. from the top of medium mountain region park of mixed forest Pohorje. However, in summer heat we are pleased to enjoy coolness and beauty of mighty trees. Evening photo safaris are focused on sunsets, because the sky is splendid. Guests see the same image of the sky only once due to boutique weather conditions. Exclusive foto safari events are permanently remembered, so, guests return again and again. Special experiences are weekend degustations of popular beers of a famous brewery Lobik. In the base in Ruše is also a campsite with a filling point for electric vehicles, which is suitable for individual vacation, known as touring holidays, during which participants perform exploring accompanied with a local walker to avoid a risk to be lost or injured in the virgin forest area. Security is mother of wisdom, while the virgin forest is a strict teacher.

Gastronomic benefit is based on a local production and traditional diet. In a cottage Šumik, where you can buy local products, such as honey, bread, brandy and wines, we offer you: for a starter young salad with fresh cheese and beef steak Pohorje Beef; then follow potato soup, wild garlic noodles, young beef steaks Pohorje Beef in a horseradish sauce, grilled domestic chicken from organic farm and sauted polenta with Pohorje mushrooms. For a dessert you get buckwheat žganci with sour milk.

Supper is served on the terrace of presidential apartment or in the forest near the cottage Šumik. After evening hotel reflexion of daily experiences you also have a chance to enjoy a massaging reflex therapy of head. Sleep under the stars is possible on a closed apartment terrace as well. Degustations of wines, juices, goat cheese, salamis, for vegans by arrangement. Gastronomical benefits are spoon dishes, such as Pohorje stew, Pohorje omelette, Pohorje pancakes with cranberries, mushroom soup. The same is true for local aperitifs, too.

Realistic escape to the virgin forest for a good purpose is unimaginable for three quarters of Europeans. Namely, they do not know that they have opportunity for it only a few kilometers away. The Society Natura 2020 operates in a socially responsible manner. We invest all surplus funds in young tourist prospects, support local producers of organic food, maintain forest order and respect good manners, because we walk across a specially protected area of  forest habitats and unique bird species. We build our own brand of sustainable ecological tourism Natura 2020, which is focused on boutique spiritually-energetical journeys/events. Philosophy of management is based on antique Greek wisdom of GNOTHI SEAUTON. Our benefits are locations for making photos by drones, a boutique church of the Virgin Mary in smolnik, traditional preparation of charcoal and firewood. This enables us personal contacts with local population. We benefit from everyday hotel settlement in a presidential apartment with jacuzzi and enclosed wooden terrace, what is unique among all providers of virgin forest hiking in the world. The benefit is a boutique campsite with a filling point for electric vehicles, what you cannot see anywhere else in the world. Our benefit is also the pub with production of globally famous homemade craft beers.

The programme is based on 10 top natural values of the park of mixed forest Pohorje. We are focused on events in the natural reserve Šumik. Benefits of vacation here are visits of the Botanical garden with 2,200 species of botanical inspirations, circular ride with a gondola to the top of Mariborsko Pohorje, maybe even rafting along the river Drava. We can offer many cultural events, including visits of galleries, castles, industrial and military heritage. The programme can be adjusted to priorities of guests, who are allowed to visit: Postojna Cave, Bled, Lipica Stud Farm, monastery Pleterje and castle Otočec, as well as Rakov Škocjan, Sečovlje salt pans and other destinations in the region Alps-Danube-Adriatic.

Nature conservation habitat of forests and birds

Natural sights are the remains of the Vivat's glažute (1834 – 1982) and the village Glažuta where there were two melting furnaces and ten workshops. Glass products were exported to Turkey, the Middle East and Egypt. Flint was shipped from Carinthia by rafts, wood came along the 17 km long Lobnica water stream (1836 – 1959), while the water was provided by the Black lake and Silent lake (Falski Tajht).

In the past, Pogačnik's blacksmiths (1840) and Pogačnik's power plant (1908) were located here, where today there is a modern HEPP Ruše (2012) with a total power of 110kW. The remains of the Marinc's sawmill are still visible, as well as the ones of the Cebej's sawmill, where today the forestry tradition of preparing beech firewood and charcoal is preserved, and also a location of the Švajger's sawmill with a wooden bridge, where charcoal is burnt, as well as the Marolt's stone mill with a bridge are preserved. Occasionally, only Marolt's sawmill is operating.

The only Ruše railway viaduct (1862) on the Dravograd – Maribor railway at the western roundabout in Ruše, where the entrance to the Lobnica is located, is made of three stone arches. Viaduct is protected as a local cultural monument.

The composition of the forest reserve Šumik is primeval. There are beeches, firs and spruces, hornbeam, oaks and chestnuts. This is the only composition of a mixed forest in Pohorje, where deciduous trees dominate. It is protected as a forest of special significance, the narrower part, i.e. the secondary forest of the virgin forest, has not been intervened for decades.

There are also many botanical features on the magma rocks, such as Saxifraga paradoxa, Clematis alpina and Rhodondendron ferrugineum. Special features are stone walls of granodiorite rocks, among them Ravbarske peči, along which we walk by the help of four wedges and a shorter wire rope, Jelenska peč, from which we carry out photo safari of the entire virgin forest, and Trije hlabi.

In Bajgot, near the outflow of Lobnica into the river Drava, there was a glass factory (1744) in which fine Venetian glass was made manually. The granodiorite magma rock was formed in the Miocene with the outflow of magma and later the erosion has transformed it into today's greatness. We will visit Silent lake (Falski Tajht) where Lobnica originates, flows into the river Drava as a right tributary, and on its path, there are several waterfalls, forests and two magnificent waterfalls – Small and Grand Šumik. The rocks are damp and slippery, there is no internet or telephony. We take you along a moderately difficult route, and the shorter via ferrata Bajgot is available to demanding guests. Forest reserve Šumik is the only forest area where the primeval tree structure was preserved, which is a surplus. A surplus is also the medium mountain region virgin forest extending over 57 hectares. It is the only such high-lying virgin forest and the only one with two waterfalls, including the largest such waterfall on Pohorje. We will cross the Vern waterfall between two waterfalls, which is an adrenaline surplus.

The surplus is also the longest Slovenian mountain footbridge and the hanging bridge. A powerful rumbling is an energetical surplus of the three hourly sound baths when you can enjoy the symphony of good vibrations that treat the soul. The surplus is also the aromatherapy of the forest and the possibility of picking forest fruits, from raspberries, mushrooms, chestnuts to meadow flowers and herbs, such as thyme, arnica and common centaury. Roe and deer are kings of the animal world. Wild cock is protected. There are no defibrillators. If in need, call 112. Respect forest order and good manners. You are a guest in the nature. The natural experience is a surplus of spiritual peace, the soul rests and gathers primordial energy.

The guests enter the virgin forest for the first time, they see the forest and the waterfalls for the first time, which represents a surplus for three quarters of European guests. Muses get artistic inspiration in the primeval way, i.e. by learning about themselves in extreme conditions of participation in an exploratory mission on the ground of the virgin forest, which is a unique surplus of experience. The creative intuition needed for a price breakthrough on social networks awakens. In short, the inspiration of ancient times is the surplus of realistic forest escape across the protected habitat of a special forest and special birds.

The surplus of photo safari are the photographic flights with drone that are reported to the authorities, because they are performed from the left and right banks of the canyon of Lobnica, which the hiker experiences from nearby and from the distance from the location of the church on Smolnik and from the road crossing in Sončna reber. Guests can hire a local drone operator, who reports the flights, and make photos as desired, since we look at the canyon and the virgin forest from both sides of the river, we feel it from east to west.

Free breeding of cattle takes place in all medium mountain region farms. In pastures, there is cattle of the Cika breed in the herds of about 40 cows, which is a photographic surplus, since the modern European person has not yet seen a cow from nearby, let alone to see how they graze next to him. They also breed sheep, so the valley is rich with sheep and cow cheese. Meat of pigs, in combination with horse and deer meat, is used for salami served for dinner or breakfast as a cold cut. Domestic chickens lay eggs, so home-made noodles are in soups. These are the surpluses of the medium mountain region countryside which offers exceptional panoramic and gastronomic pleasures, including degustations.

A healthy lifestyle of movement in nature and communication with animals is the surplus of the spiritual development of a traveller who spiritually and truly travels across the energetical inspirations of the ecological and civilizational prehistory. Autumn colour therapy of mixed forests is a surplus of the trip. The experience of the heavenly beautiful kingdom of the virgin forest Šumik is the energetical surplus of the photo safari.

Hiking and mountaineering are a luxury. Healthy bioenergetic treatment of movement in the fresh air is a sign of luxury. Afford yourself this luxury, since we offer you good vibration and well-being after a performed hiking test. The soul shouts of good mood.

Logistic surpluses are: only 25 km from Edvard Rusjan airport and the relative proximity of the airports in Klagenfurt, Graz, Zagreb and Ljubljana. Only 13 km away from the Vienna – Trieste railway line or only 500 m away from the railway station Ruše on the Villach – Maribor line. For the field driving in the virgin forest, only a personal vehicle is needed, which is a surplus of national geographic expeditions or realistic forest escapes. The guests use photographic equipment and the drone at their own risk.

We are the only Slovenian virgin forest where economic life is preserved. We use water energy and other renewable resources, since farms produce chips, pellets and other fuels, thus maintaining loyalty to circular forest management, which shows sustainable environmental care and boutique tourism. We are also the only medium mountain region virgin forest with a centuries-old economic tradition.

The marketing communication service on the guests' own social profiles on social networks is included. This is related to the portrait photography of Foto M, aerial photos with the guest and also personal marketing on the blog of the society and management of the guest's Instagram experience on his account, which we provide as the first in Slovenia. Thus, you can feel the virgin forest Šumik individually or collectively, as a personal treatment of 5-day aromatherapies, since every oxygen atom is an added value to the red blood cells that awaken the kundalini energy.

By special order, we create a 3- or 1-day energetically-spiritual hiking team building where we provide for the spiritual supply of high vibration energies. The service is already included in the offer which also includes food from a backpack with local delicacies by local producers. It is suitable for all age groups of guests, from the youngest to the oldest, since the programme is individually customisable.

Apart from the biggest stars of film and photography art, our target group are also children whose value is the inclination towards art, culture, social networking, spirituality and sports.

Our guests feel like kings of the virgin forest, because we take exclusive time for them to experience a boutique event according to their wishes. Hiking is not competition who will finish it first. It is experientially adjusted to physical parameters of taking care for yourself, as well as moral values.

Our ideal guests are, for example, film star Keanu Reeves, sports star Luka Dončić or first lady of the USA Melania Trump. Become a world star, experience the 5-day high intensity energetically-spiritual realistic forest escape across the virgin forest Šumik.

Guarantee – we will immediately return your money, if you do not achieve a fair satisfaction.

Exclusive journey takes 5 days/4 nights. Max. 6 participants.


Muses have access to extravagant geographical relaxation in a green kingdom of a virgin forest in the eastern Alps, where some parts of a boutique gaographical expedition do not have internet connection and do not feel gravity. A local guide takes care that expedition participants every single day return to geographical base in a good feeling. We travel with off-road vehicles, by foot and on our own responsibility.

Since the geographical fairy tale Natura 2020 is the gift of the world, you will discover the infinite goodness/beauty/transmission of the inexhaustible nature of the heavenly edge of the eastern Alps in three days.

We will explore the five stars of the antique ancient times of the intact realm of Natura 2020:

  • Star #1: The Grand Šumik Waterfall is the largest waterfall of the boutique destination Natura 2020.
  • Star #2: The Šumik Virgin Forest is the only virgin forest in the intact destination of Natura 2020.
  • Star #3: Five glorious waterfalls in just one kilometre of Natura 2020.
  • Star #4: Incredible Lovrenc Lakes and the primeval Black Lake are the black pearls of Natura 2020.
  • Star #5: The Lobnica Canyon is a fascinating one-kilometre-long spiritual inspiration in Natura 2020.

We will visit:

  • The unique Šumik Virgin Forest with its natural sights: Grand Šumik Waterfall, Verna Waterfall and the Small Šumik Waterfall.
  • The fascinating Bistrica Vintgar with local characteristics: Roman Quarry, Marolt Spruce and Šum Waterfall.
  • The heavenly gorgeous mid-mountain Black Lake and Skalca Waterfall.
  • The incredible Lovrenc Lakes with a short trip along the Drava Valley past the Church in Lovrenc na Pohorju and Puščava and past the Fala Castle and the first hydroelectric power station Fala on river Drava.
  • The intact Lobnica Canyon.



  • Arrival of the client to the hotel, i.e. Hotel Veter, Mariborska cesta 31, Ruše, Slovenia. Acceptance of the room, arrangement of formalities, explanation of the programme, information and validation of physical fitness and hiking equipment for this route.
  • The geographic expedition goes from hotel Veter to Pohorje to the information board for Skalca waterfall (954 metres above sea level) by the off-road vehicle and with the driver and tourist guide. Walk to the waterfall takes 20 minutes. Exclusive photo safari at the waterfall.
  • Arriving at Areh and seeing the plateau and the tomb of King Henry buried with the sarcophagus in the church of St. Areh. Tasting Pohorje spirits.
  • A brief realistic escape to the descendant of the oldest vine in the world, a tour of the town centre of Ruše.
  • Dinner in the hotel.
  • Evening workshops with video presentation of trekking geographical walking expeditions, motivational talk about the presentation of the route and planned experience.


  • Breakfast in Hotel Veter.
  • Driving with our driver and guide along the Drava River to the parking lot at Rogla (1,517 metres above sea level). Coffee and spirits in the cottage.
  • Moderate six kilometre walk with intermediate stops on the plains, that is from the parking lot of Rogla Sports Park (about 1,500 meters above sea level) to the Lovrenc lakes panoramic tower (1,520 meters above sea level) where rest, snack and beverage from the backpack is planned.
  • Walk along the Lovrenc lakes, walking on wooden platforms. Exclusive photo safari of water lilies.
  • Return walk from the Lovrenc lakes to the car on Rogla along the same 6 km long forest path. Total walking distance: 12.5 km.
  • Trip to Osankarica (1,191 meters above sea level) where we park.
  • Walking on wooden platforms through the forest to the Black lake marshes (1,195 meters above sea level) and back.
  • Return along the Sun path above the Lobnica canyon.
  • Evening photo safari at the location where the Lobnica River flows into the Drava river.
  • Supper.
  • Ethnographic realistic walks on the route Pod goroj-Bezena.


  • Breakfast in Hotel Veter.
  • Departure by off-road vehicles and with a tourist guide from Hotel Veter in the direction of virgin forest Šumik (dangerous, rocky, slippery terrain).
  • Parking on the forest parking lot Zgornji Smolnik (820 meters above sea level).
  • Trekking walk to the Grand Šumik waterfall (950 m above sea level, slippery ground, unconsolidated path). Intermediate short rests, exclusive photo safari right next to the Grand Šumik waterfall. Dangerous, rocky terrain, slippery ground. Appropriate hiking equipment needed.
  • Rest and snack from the backpack at the Grand Šumik waterfall.
  • Walking back along the same path to the car.
  • Surprise!!!
  • Swimming, sauna, wellness.
  • Supper.
  • Team building, escape room RUMLKUKL.


  •  Breakfast.
  • Trip Ruše-Slovenska Bistrica-Ložnica.
  • Walk along Bistrica Vintgar to the Šumik waterfall.
  • Return by the same route.
  • Dinner.
  • Stop and visit to the Pivola Botanical Garden.
  • Return to the hotel.
  • The final trekking along the Wine and Heart path to Kalvarija.
  • Supper in the hotel.


  • Breakfast.
  • Conclusion of the expedition, summary and discussion of the programme, complaints, praises.
  • User will receive a detailed timeline of the journey after completion of formalities.
  •  The final version of the expedition might differ from the above description. In a case of big weather changes, flight schedule changes or other special circumstances the Program will be suitably adapted with alternative expeditions which will also enrich you in many ways.


Premium innovative green trekking expedition Natura 2020 offers an experiential test of primal self-knowledge.

  • Experiencing the green oasis of NATURA 2020, guests are acquainted with the ancient wisdom of knowing yourself GNOTHI SEAUTON.
  • The goal of the first-class trekking is to spontaneously discover/become aware of/experience the primal concern for yourself in peace and quiet.
  • The goal is to awaken leadership competencies.
  • The goal is to discover the real self.


  • Natura 2020 is a characteristic, meaningful and naturally composed geographical area with three landscape landmarks - the green river Drava, the green Kozjak and the green Pohorje, which enable the first-class retreat into the forest reality of the prehistoric times. The landscape offers social games, trekking is 'team building', experiences are designed as working meetings/confrontations with local character which mirrors the character of guests; therefore, we have unique guests who need exactly what NATURA 2020 offers, which we can learn for decades but we will always receive just satisfaction. Th nature returns us, what we expose, seek, are aware of.
  • The base camp of the reality trekking expeditions is Ruše, famous for its first gymnasium in Slovenia from the 17th and 18th centuries which was led by the parish priest Jurij Kozina. The character of Ruše is illustrated by an open nature book, a symbol in the Ruše coat of arms. We also offer guests 'escape' experiences, cultural and other sports and behavioural events. The wisdom and mystery of the landscape show the unique possibility of reliving the character of authentic history and experiencing the primal biorhythm of modern Nature 2020. Confrontations in the field strengthen the knowledge about self-knowledge. The modules of trekking are instructive, the guidance is fun, the socialising is genuine and inspired by the spirit of the ancient times.


We bring you the gift Natura 2020, which you can take advantage of only through experiencing the joy of life known as knowing yourself. 

We give you the green oasis of a great love Natura 2020, where caring for yourself becomes a real high added value of unforgettable gift.

We awaken, what can not be purchased by money, i.e. your own care for yourself.

We stimulate kundalini energy, which sleeps in your subconsciousness.

Premium trekking Natura 2020 is a prestigeous festive gift for special occasions, because the expedition lasts only for three days.

A festive expedition Natura 2020 consists od guided trekkings to five various fascinating waterfalls. We will visit numerous natural lakes of the medium mountain region, and explore treasures of the antique virgin forest. We we will be accomodated in the base camp of Natura 2020, namely in a premium presidential suite with jacuzzi for two muses.

Surprise your gift recipients with a dreamy geographical expedition Natura 2020, which is the one and only in the whole world!!!

In hospitality, we are unique, original, boutique. We are known as good souls, because we are good hearted and open minded. An open dialogue with the nature and wealth within us is our mission. We communicate universally, i.e. with the pure green energy created by the mixed forest park Natura 2020 and our pure thoughts. Pure mental attitude, pure energy. Local specialities are mushroom soup, Pohorje stew, country feast, Pohorje omelette, apple strudel, nut roll, blueberry brandy. The best wines are extracted from the grapes of the descendants of the world's oldest vine. Botanical surprises are inexhaustible. Good will and courage are constant companions of hospitality.


  • Natura 2020 forms a geologic whole of the Eastern Alps – a natural ecosystem between the green Pohorje Mountains, Drava river and Kozjak Hills. Raised bogs, such as the enchanting Black Lake, Lovrenc Lakes and Ribnica Lake are a special feature of Natura 2020. The more demanding visitors of nature find it priceless to visit the heavenly gorgeous waterfalls, such as the Šum Waterfall, Skalca Waterfall, Verna Waterfall, four Small Šumik Waterfalls and the Grand Šumik Waterfall – the king of the Šumik Virgin forest. The height of the waterfalls ranges from 9 to 36 m. The tourist hike in this oasis of tranquility, stillness and sound spas culminates in the retreat to the eternal Šumik Virgin forest. Trails leading to the waterfalls are very slippery which is why hiking equipment is required/recommended and you hike at your own risk. Telephone and internet services are not available.
  • The trail through the virgin forest to the Grand Šumik Waterfall is demanding and not appropriate for children and dizzy persons. It is also not recommended for inexperienced hikers because the grounds are slippery and trail itself is routed across rocks and on some places secured with wire ropes, slopes are steep and may result in fatal falls.
  •  The level 2 of the expedition/trekking: expeditions/trekkings Natura 2020 are performed across exemplary settled paths, partly also across very demanding mountain path to the Grand Šumik Waterfall. Paths are everywhere settled and labelled, some of them demand a good physical shape.
  • The season for RRD expeditions lasts from May 21 to November 21 (every year), every day.

Accommodation and meals:

  • The base camp is located in the town of Ruše, Slovenia.
  • We will meet in front of Hotel Veter, Mariborska cesta 31, Ruše.
  • 2 X accommodation at the Hotel veter, Mariborska cesta 31, Ruše.
  • Half board.
  • Free parking in the parking garage.
  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • Only 10 metres from market SPAR.
  • Only 400 metres from the centre of the town.
  • ATM next to the hostel.

This expedition includes Slovenian guides able to communicate in English, Croatian and Serbian language if necessary. On special order we can also arrange a translator for other languages.

Departures from the base camp take place each day at 7:00 a.m., except for the first day when we will meet at 15:00 p.m. and discuss about the trekking plan for guided hikes feasible according to the weather forecast. Your reception will include a video motivational workshop followed by individual coachings, official welcome and food tasting.

General and special conditions:

The season premium 5 daily geographical trekking expeditions lasts from 21 May until 21 November (every year/every day). Transport, tourist guide and route leader are included in the price. Take over of the apartment after 14:00. Mandatory written arrangements of formalities. Walking at your own risk. Photo safari at your own risk. Recommended comfortable hiking footwear and for selected virgin forest via ferratas also climbing equipment and qualifications. Spare clothes, headgear in case of rain. We are not liable for dirty and torn clothes. We are not liable for destroyed footwear. Food and beverage from a backpack on trekking at your own risk. Good physical and psychological fitness. High motivation. Children and youth up to 18 years with the permission of their parents. Children under the age of 7 free of charge.

The offer is valid for one (1) person (single/double cast). On a special request, also for a group of up to six people. Transportation for one-day realistic geographical forest escapes/walks at your own risk - a local walker is taken in your vehicle!!!  Navigation and the internet do not operate in certain parts of the virgin forest and mountains. Reservation of the term up to 30 days before the start of the trekking/escape. Reception of a guest/person in Ruše, Slovenia. Payment according to proforma invoice eight days before confirmation of reservation. Do not overlook the promotional purchases of "ticketing" premium gift tokens. Cancellation of the visit/trip is possible up to three days before the start. The day before the start we return 90% of the price. Report your complaints immediately, at the latest upon the departure in writing on the Assessment/Hospitality/Satisfaction Form.

  • Please note the travel conditions and conditions for this journey upon registration!

Premium quality:

  • Event is reported to the authorities!
  • On this very demanding hiking you will be accompanied by mountain rescuers and mountain guides.
  • The group comprises maximally 6 persons.
  • You can select the date of the trekking.
  • Safety comes first. Telephone and internet services are not available!!! In case of emergency call 112!!!
  • You will also receive a priceless surprise gift – glorious urban botany of the nature!
  • Additional training, education and cultural experiences.


Report of the event to the authorities, Tourist insurance, 5 accomodations, 5 half boards, journey leader, companion, local tourist guide, organisation and implementation of journey, organisation and implementation of premium trekking expedition, 1 introductory seminar on the ethics of virtue, 10 video workshops on getting acquainted with the terrain, Watching a documentary film The Tournament at Šumik, 30 hours of guidance on the terrain, 30 hours of physical assistance on the terrain, non-stop adrenalin experience, non-stop realistic escapes, non-stop retreat/return to nature, non-stop training of self-recognition according to the teaching GNOTHI SEAUTON, non-stop natural wellness, fresh air and oxygen-rich forest, non-stop natural sound/water therapies, non-stop springs of Pohorje mineral water, non-stop spiritual journey, non-stop hiking&trekking, 3 guided trekkings across the Šumik Virgin Forest, 1 guided trekking to the Grand Šumik Waterfall, 1 guided trekking to the Verna Waterfall, 1 guided trekking to the Small Šumik Waterfall, 1 guided trekking to the Devil's Rockface, 1 guided trekking to the Skalca Waterfall, 1 guided trekking to the Bistriški Vintgar, 1 guided trekking to the Šum Waterfall, 1 guided trekking to the Black Lake, 1 guided trekking to the Lovrenc Lakes, 1 guided journey across the Drava Valley, 1 guided visit of the Fala Rockface, 1 guided visit of the hydroelectric power station Fala, Assistance of mountain rescuer, Assistance of mountain guide, Assistance of tourist guide, 1 mineral water tasting, 1 botanic surprise, 1 prison game RUMLKUKL, 1 real forest game, 1 spiritual trekking, 1 motivational team building, 1 walk across the Heart path, 1 walk across the Wine path, Non stop photo safari, Know-how, Caretaker/tutor/mentor 72 hours.

Afford your dearest a boutique present of unimaginable value.

  • We bring you the gift Natura 2020, which you can take advantage of only through experiencing the joy of life known as knowing yourself. 
  • We give you the green oasis of a great love NATURA 2020, where caring for yourself becomes a real high added value of unforgettable gift.
  • We awaken, what can not be purchased by money, i.e. your own care for yourself.
  • We stimulate kundalini energy, which sleeps in your subconsciousness.

Boutique gift voucher for 1 person.

Price: from $4,960 ( all inclusive ) per adult.

Payment by pro-forma invoice. 

Money to be transferred in one tranche no later than 14 days before the arrival to the base.

All prices are per person on a basis of single or double reservation (if not stated otherwise) and do not include international air transport to your destination and back to home, as well as rent-a-car. All prices are in USD and may be changed. For additional information see conditions of journey.