Priceless green luxury

Slovenia, a boutique natural and investment-friendly high-tech country on the sunny side of the Alps is intended to attract respected investors into the green valley of FinTech & Cripto industry Natura 2020 Premium, who use humanitarian philanthropic high-tech green investments to preserve clean environment and natural resources of Alpine, Dinaric, Mediterranean and Pannonian world. 

Clean water is a sacred commitment in Slovenia. Clean boutique natural environment is a priceless green luxury, which is sustainably preserved by FinTech & Cripto partnership. 

  Recently the FinTech & Cripto story Natura 2020 Premium became particularly inspiring. Namely, we, the green explorers from the child-friendly Unicef town of Ruše, use a cutting-edge technology of augmented reality in our efforts to preserve clean green luxury as well as cultural, natural and mythical heritage of the stunning virgin forest Šumik.

FinTech & Cripto investments Natura 2020 are open for well informed leaders of the future, who are empowered by the ethics of virtue, because not everybody passes the life test of maturity in a field of resounding/wisdom Gnothi seauton. A quality supportive environment is needed to enable circulation of energies of the water circle Black lake–Black Sea for the highest good of investors, philanthropists, allies of clean environment.

Thus, natural resources are green sacredness in unspoiled Slovenia. The number of partners who will get a chance to invest into boutique green luxury is limited to 73.