Our mission is taking care for unspoiled nature, clean environment and climate.

Our main activity is development and promotion of tourism.

The character of our aims of connecting are non-profitable. We are united in philanthropic attitude. We are connected online and in terrain actions, so we are able to contribute bequests in nature and funds. . In this manner we preserve the European cultural heritage,which is documented on a basis of our voluntary philanthropical efforts, which also include presentation of mythical Pohorje mountainside customs by support of technology of augmented reality.

We bet on healthy spirit of green explorers – philanthropists, who respect modern trends of artificial intelligence. Supported by them we strategically invest into a corporative integrity through building of recognisability of three intertwined online brands:

 Profitable activities – i.e. tourist agency and organisation of events – serve to promotion of:

  • congress tourism, which we evolve under a brand name milanrobic.si;
  • festival tourismwhich we evolve under a brand name green-luxury.si, as well as
  • creative cultural tourism, which we evolve, stimulate and promote under a brand name Natura2020.si.

The cover activity (know-how) designs a victorious strategy, which includes a policy of low, medium and high breakthrough prices..

We offer a unique program, which is not accessible anywhere on the internet. A partnership with us, local legends, leads you to acquisition of the sign of excellence of Slovenian tourism SUE (Slovenia Unique Experiences),what would facilitate realisation of dreams of our first 5***** product titled the Water sprite Jezernik.

The breakthrough into the appropriate 5 ***** price payment class is made possible by the mythological heritage in customs:

  • Water sprite Jezernik – GREEN LUXURY,
  • Brigand's bride – premium highly priced wedding events, and
  • Mysterious power of the Sleeping Beauty – Natura 2020 de Luxe.

Stories of natural cultural heritage known as the LOBNIŠKA RIŽA Natura 2020 GREEN LUXURY Premium, na katerih delamo FTE (‘full time equivalent’) s tehnologijo obogatene resničnosti, so:

  • Remnants of mills and sawmills,
  • Tradition of carpentry and rafting,
  • Forestry and charcoal production, as well as
  • Glass and iron manufacturing.

The added value of a biotic heritage in presented through are, as follow:

  • Deer Rockface,
  • Devil and demons.

Profitable activities are also sport and culture.

We invite you to join us as a business angel for a risky investment into a joint highly technological start-up, where we would like to invest judicially evaluated intellectual property, which value grows exponentially each year. A planned basic investment of a business angel amounts up to 250,000.00 Euros, what would enable us to activate a state financial incentive which amounts up to 2,500,000.00 Euros. This is the crown of sacrificing our spare time, energy, knowledge, patience, solidarity, dreams and life.

We, the initiators of the campaign NATURA 2020 FOR A GOOD PURPOSE, understand that 99.99% of people want to visit primally preserved virgin forest, but they do not have a suitable chance neither time. Beside this it would not be possible to host them, because guided commercial trips would destroy unspoiled natural value of the virgin forest Šumik.

A new tourist reality forces us to raise the target 10,000 Euros which are needed for an urgent digitalisation of the Slovenian Pohorje mountainside customs Natura 2020 by use of the augmented reality technology. It allows us to document remnants of mills, sawmills, forges, iron manufactories, rafting, forestry and carpentry. We do not intend to make a profit. Our services are free of charge. We work voluntarily on the project.

The aim of our campaign is raising funds for:

  1. terrain and laboratory equipment, as well as a suitable vehicle with intention of increasing quality and safety of exploratory tourist experience;
  2. making documentary movie about the natural reserve Šumik through 360-degree online videoclips which will enable a virtual trip;
  3. presentation of accessible points of the natural reserve by use of the augmented reality technology for improved experience of simulated hiking. In this manner we want to get natural and cultural heritage closer to its visitors;
  4.   upgrading our existent web page into a more attractive and contemporary one.

Our society operates on a basis of voluntary contributions, because we do not rely on municipal, national or European funds. By help of raised funds we will provide normal conditions for research work of our green explorers, which sacrifice their free time for a benefit of users of the green natural value.

We can not live without nature and love! We face significant competition, every virgin forest in the world is promoted by strong teams. It is a hard struggle, because we are continually left to our own resources.

The beginning is not easy, each contribution is of great importance for us. Therefore, we are thankful in advance for your precious cooperation. 

Yours faithfully,