Book GNOTHI SEAUTON (know-how)


Popular scientific teaching about wisdom of resounding Gnothi seauton stems from an Ancient Greek aphorism about knowing yourself. The book is dedicated to an innovative business model of the economy of the ethics of virtue. This is a know-how about a strategy of innovating your own value/price/virtue what leads to excellent business results.

Milan Robič is an author of the entrepreneurial concept Gnothi seauton, which proclaims the economy of the ethics of virtue, which is a leadership skill less known to economists and managers. The author founded this evolutional view on a basis of a comparative technique of knowing himself.

The author tested this know-how in a natural environment of the virgin forest reserve Šumik in the eastern Alps, where he developed his own umbrella brand of boutique experiences known as Natura 2020 which transfers his findings in the unspoiled nature of the primal virgin forest Šumik.

The book is written in Slovenian language (hardback with a golden edge, 675 pages, format A4). 

The author decided to donate a book and a total profit of the program for a charitable environmental purpose to support a sustainable development of the umbrella brand of boutique experiences for a transfer of the teaching about wisdom.

PRICE: Contribution to good purpose.

  • Collected money is intended for a good purpose, i.e. development and promotion of tourism, which is the main non-profitable activity of the Tourist society Natura 2020 which is a provider of a modern mythical educational trip/walk.