You are invited to visit Slovenia, the first green country in the world, where you can discover boutique tourism of natural and cultural heritage Natura 2020 in the Pohorje mountainside customs – forests, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, virgin forest, natural reserve – and get acquainted with local legends, who will assist you to find philanthropic and investment opportunities, which green explorers offer to honorary partners of the project "Natura 2020 for a clean planet".

You will never know, how you can change life to anyone of 99.99% of people, who have never been in the virgin forest yet, if you will not assist us. We, the green explorers, do not beg for money. We, the local legends, beg for honour. Select a person, who you want to invite to the amazing virgin forest Šumik in the eastern Alps. Enable your business partners, friends, family, maybe even your king to visit the green kingdom on the sunny side of Europe. https://www.natura2020.si/en/natura-2020-za-cisti-planet/


We, the green explorers, invite respected philanthropists to join our efforts to create a cleaner planet, and contribute unconditional donationshttps://www.natura2020.si/en/novice/).

A donor will become a honorary partner of non-profit Society Natura 2020, which offers several options of partnershiphttps://www.natura2020.si/en/partner/).

Togeher with us, the local legends, you will experience green luxury of an unspoiled environment – forest, waterfalls, Black lake, natural reserve, clean water. Namely, 99,99% of philanthropists/donors have never been in the virgin forest yethttps://www.natura2020.si/en/osupljivi-pragozd-sumik/).

We conclude with a donor a donation agreement (see attached form). A donor enters his/her details, then s/he returns one copy of a donation agreement. Thus, s/he is entitled to tax credits. In this way we open to philanthropists/donors a space for investing into profitable sustainable customized and turnkey projects, which will be designed for realisation of the concept of a clean planet.