Academy of wisdom Gnothi seauton


Spiritual experience of energetic hiking


The school of awakening is performed experientially in a natural classroom of the mythically imaginary destination Natura 2020 (Pohorje mountainside – Drava river – Kozjak mountainside).

The virgin forest Šumik is a natural value in the eastern Alps. There lives the enchanted Pohorje princess Sleeping Beauty. Discover your own unrequited Love/Sleeping Beauty/Truth, which is hidden for the eyes.

The aim of the school is getting acquainted with a concept of knowing yourself Gnothi seauton (who, what you are) through an exploratory game of imagination (ability to imagine, dream).

Welcome to the process of awakening of imagination (ability to imagine, dream). You are invited to an individual counselling on the economy of ethics of virtue, which is performed by a local legend – the author of the teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton – and his adherents as a smart overview of your own imagination.

Together with us you will awaken leadership competences, which are prerequisites to get beyond a threshold of competitiveness. Discover a preserved essence of prehistoric times, i.e. a mysterious code of your own imagination which is hidden for the eyes in free will, and could be realised in abundance of untouched nature – mother of wisdom. You will face the highest creation of the European cultural heritage manifested in mythical Slovenian Pohorje customs. You will be able to see a marble image of the enchanted virgin forest princess Sleeping Beauty.

The path of imagination leads through thorns. Nature is an ideal teacher, while the virgin forest is a mirror of leadership competences. The virgin forest silence sensibly builds structured creations, which deeply frozen sleep in every single participant’s own image. Visualisation of a colossal imaginary Grace of the Sleeping Beauty is a common and concrete Truth, that has to be faced by all participants. Truth/nature is the crown of wisdom/holiness.

Silence is beautiful. Love is marvellous. Prehistoric times are amazing. Imagination is beautiful. The Sleeping Beauty is marvellous. Truth is amazing/beautiful/kind for your soul. In a silence of the virgin forest where you are inspired by happiness of other participants you more easily awaken your own unfulfilled Love, i.e. unrequited imagination/competence. In a natural marble creation Pohorje is guarded by its legendary hero, a sleeping king Matthias, who loves his enchanted, but alive princess Sleeping Beauty.

You will discover a mythical truth about the underground world of the king Matthias through a spiritual experience of energetic hiking in a form of empowerment, because the princess Sleeping Beauty has a role of awakened consciousness which rules the king of subconscious/wisdom. You should awaken a good reputation of the king and the princess to start hearing your inner voice which presents a foundation of imagination.

The point of counselling for knowledge management is in making connection between immaterial mythical tradition and awakened strategy of innovation your own image/value/imagination/truth.

Silence and light heal and awaken. Mystical virgin forest is a mirror of your own soul/imagination. On a basis of self-reflection you will fill your memory with visual and experiential impulses, perceptions and changes of your biorhythm.

For the first time in a modern era you will have chance to become completely independent from internet and phone signal for a few hours. The capable ones get beyond the threshold of competitiveness in compliance with the teaching about the economy of ethics of virtue. The others follow the ethics of the economy of scale which makes them blind due to greed which does not allow them to leave a vicious circle of competitiveness. We awaken those who are prepared for revitalisation, while the others are drowned in awards of materialism which hinder awareness about importance of awakening/knowing yourself.

The school/mission is exploratorily focused on movie tourism, contemporary media communications, social media, PR, corporative communication, as well as documentary and entertaining mobile digital production. It is bet on creative knowledge management, because exploratory modules of the programme Natura 2020 are autonomous missions of knowing yourself, what brings participants and Natura 2020 community/team a documented respect of the teaching of the economy of ethics of virtue Gnothi seauton.

The purpose of the school is modular building of unimaginably marvellous own image which is a result of high added value of investment into your personal growth. The main characteristic of muses is taking care for themselves on a basis of investment into highly risky challenges. Our role model on a thorny path of realisation of the Sleeping Beauty is the first lady of the USA Melania Trump, our Slovenian compatriot.

The challenge is supported by three pillars: a mystical goddess Natura 2020, green luxury of the enchanted Pohorje princess Sleeping Beauty and real estate tokenisation of mobile glamping in treetops, so participants and investors into blockchain technology could become recognised on global markets with their own cryptocurrency Natura 2020.

A business benefit of the school of awakening could reflect in transformation of lifestyle, returned cheerfulness, spreading a good news about visiting enchanted Pohorje Sleeping Beauty all over the world. Greed for material goods is a dialectical contradiction of the teaching of the economy of ethics of virtue Gnothi seauton, which is taught in a natural classroom Natura 2020 in the eastern Alps. Children-friendly Unicef town of Ruše is our exploratory base for examination of 57 hectares large natural reserve, where stretch 19 hectares of primally preserved virgin forest of deciduous and coniferous trees. Green luxury is a unique opportunity for smart investors to open their own investment window. Each participant strengthens his/her talent/self (to be, to do, to have).

According to the teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton knowledge about the economy of ethics of virtue is transferred. Silence/beauty of the virgin forest is a mirror of our imagination/reflexion/awakening. Namely, a mirror/test/transformation highlights leadership competences, which are commonly known components of imagination management.

A single realistic forest escape/module lasts four hours. Spiritual experience of energetic hiking encompasses five modules. Modules sensibly build a victorious personality.

The virgin forest school of awakening Natura 2020 consists of:


This kind of spiritual experiences of energetic hiking are guided in accordance with the teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton (knowing yourself). Authentically you can experience them interactively by visits of European cultural heritage in educational Slovenian Pohorje customs Natura 2020.

The program is performed in a children-friendly Unicef town of Ruše, which is known as an administrative district with a rich international school and university tradition:

  • The institution called The latin school of Ruše established by a parish priest Jurij Kozina operated in a period 1645 – 1756 (,
  • while in 17th century the castle of Fala hosted a department of the University of Vienna for philosophy, theology and law (

Our clients are heuretics, i.e. witnesses, inventors of top achievements. Together with us you can realise your hidden dreams, because 99% of people in the world have never been in the virgin forest yet.

Act NOW, do not allow to lose contact to yourself and your dreamy opportunity. You should act in accordance with youself and current circumstances.

Positive critique

»It sounds dreamy, but also realistic. Truly comprehensive tourist experience, which takes into account needs of a modern human being. Well done!« (FB, 28 July 2019 at 8.57 a.m., Vesna Mikolič)