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You are invited to a honeymoon in the land of the oldest vine in the world, which lies in the eastern Alps. We will visit an amazing virgin forest Šumik only 30km away.

Allow yourself to experience globally comparable green photo safari luxury in a fabulous mixed virgin forest, because a honeymoon with local legends is extremely rare black pearl, which rises your reputation of a world hero. Namely, 99,99% of respected green explorers would like to discover a magnificent virgin forest Šumik, but a majority of them do not have such an opportunity or can not afford it due to lack of time, or they simply do no find a host.

Welcome to the child-friendly Unicef town of Ruše, where you will get accomodation in a boutique forest cabin. Our hospitality includes original domestic culinary which uses crops of local growers, unspoiled countryside, inspirational sunrise and sunset colour therapies, and morning intense sound retreat by singing of forest birds.

Annually we perform only 73 honeymoons. Their number is limited due to preserving high quality of nature and environment, what shows ecological awareness of participants and a positive attitude toward sustainable development. Slovenia, a leading European gastronomic region, will preside to the Council of the European Union for the second time in the second half of 2021. So, you are invited to spend your honeymoon in our country.

The Sleeping Beauty, i.e. the European Union, waits for a prince riding out on the white stallion, i.e. biotically and biodynamically diverse Balkan Peninsula with amazing natural pearls which have been preserved from the end of the last Ice Age. Namely, here intertwine impacts of Alpine, Dinaric, Mediterranean and Pannonian world.

The honeymoon lasts for two days and one night. It includes photo safari of green sights of the European cultural heritage in the Slovenian Pohorje customs Natura 2020, which encompass:

  • a welcome for participants with degustation of the Pohorje mountainside spirits;
  • accomodation in one of the Pohorje mountainside forest cabins or in a suite;
  • sightseeing of the old town centre in the child-friendly Unicef town of Ruše, optionally is also available wellness program with swimming;
  • photo safari the Mysterious power of the Sleeping Beauty in the English landscape park of the Viltuš mansion;
  • photo safari the Brigand's bride in the area of the Ravbar rockface;
  • photo safari the Winter Pohorje Snow White during a circular gondola ride above the slopes where takes place women Alpine skiing world cup competition known as the Golden fox;
  • photo safari of the amazing virgin forest Šumik which also reveals the face of the water sprite Jezernik;
  • barefoot meadow selfness nearby the Black lake;
  • facial Kneipp therapy in the mountain creek Lobnica;
  • ethnographic realistic photo safari during the forest escape Ruškomalh;
  • gastronomic event the Old vine nearby a descendant of the oldest vine in the world according to the Guinness World Records.

Natura 2020 Premium vouchers za medene tedne, rojstni dan ali

anniversary and as a business gift.

 Price 1800 EUR

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Provider/information: Tourist society Natura 2020 (

Local guide: Marko Praprotnik (031 263 766, contact for making reservation).

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