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Dear newlyweds!


Welcome to Slovenia, a country of a primal virgin forest Šumik, where we take care for clean environment and preserve unspoiled nature.

You are invited to experience the best customized wedding virgin forest journey in the world. Natura 2020 for unforgettable honeymoon. Do you know, that 99.99% of people have never visited the virgin forest Šumik, where we can organise for you a luxurious green wedding for one million dollars or more?

Geographical ecosystem Pohorje mountainside - Drava river - Kozjak mountainside in the eastern Alps is our home for newlyweds, while child-friendly Unicef town of Ruše presents the base for respected green explorers from all over the world, who can discover an intertwinement of Alpine, Dinaric, Mediterranean and Pannonian world in only one day.

You are invited to a natural reserve on the Pohorje mountainside which includes the virgin forest Šumik, where do not exist phone signal and internet connection.

You can experience a wedding ceremony under a lime tree on a meadow or in a registry office, where you can go for a wedding feast with a coach from. Bankets and festive tables, reception with champagne and strawberries and music, but you can also choose a silence of the virgin forest accompanied by tinkling of a clear mountain creek Lobnica, where you can get acquainted with a rich heritage of mills, sawmills, glassworks, flowers and odours.

A chef with the team prepares a boutique menu from ecologically grown local traditional crops, added are vintage wines, so you can deeply enjoy unforgettable gastronomic experience. You can trust us, that we will customize planning of every single detail, we will take into account your hidden wishes, include surprises and fulfil individual wishes of your guests. A wedding feast will not lack cocktails, champagne, selected premium wines and nonalcoholic beverages.

We look forward to arrangement of extra services, such as: making photos and recording, decor and flowers, live music or DJ party, baking sweets, printing invitations, acknowledgements, meni cards, fireworks, animation for children during feast, advising with regard to organisation and performance of the wedding feast, sport activities for guests.

You can accomodate in a hotel, apartment or a boutique countryside cabin for six to 16 residents. We will also arrange individual accomodations for wedding guests, while the newlyweds will be awaited by a customized wedding night accomodation with breakfast.

Life, achievements and status of respected green explorers have no sustainable value, if they do not visit the virgin forest. They are deprived, if they do not decide for taking up the challenge to experience mysteries of the virgin forest Šumik. Nowadays are recognised those personalities who document in social networks their facing the well of power and light.

All money has no value, all oil and gold in a life of newlyweds have no sense, if they do not visit the virgin forest Šumik and discover biotic diversity of a primally preserved power and light of redemption/awakening/resurrection.


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The whole wealth counts less than life beat of the forest, which is a treasure of clean air and clean water of the water circle Black lake–Black Sea. Green explorers should feel special vocation to realise what they strive for, and take a dedicated care for natural heritage. Imagination is an individual dowry of a person, which promotes his/her public reputation. Lateral approach to resounding Gnothi seauton uncovers components of leadership competences in the mirror of the virgin forest.

Mighty virgin forest is a source of impressive natural colour therapy. Water of the Lobnica creek offers natural sound symphony in all seasons and creates a healing sound retreat. Pohorje stone has a soul of the well, while mineral water contains light of the origin.

Together with us you will take many benefits, and get a chance to increase your reputation. Your contribution for a good purpose will have double effect. It will enrich your life, so you will be even more successful and influential in your real life, as well as in social media.

As the first among your peers you will crown your good deeds by visit of the virgin forest Šumik, what is only possible, if you are lucky and receive our invitation.

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