Realistic forest escape


Spiritual experience of energetic hiking

 Season lasts from 1. Januar to 31. December (each year)


Welcome to astonishing Slovenia in the eastern Alps, where we plan for You a boutique wedding and provide a unique spiritual experience – a realistic wedding in a highly energetic kind ceremony Natura 2020.

Why not? All great rulers of the world, all mighty families, as well as all heavenly beautiful women and all great army leaders always cared for making their own portrait paintings or photographs, which were top framed and decorated corridors of their halls, mansions and bedrooms, and also in this way they reserved their place in the history.

Allow yourself to become an example of a realistic forest escape from a modern digital world. Afford yourself a historical boutique portrait image, which is not possessed by your competitors, relatives and jealously friendly neighbours. Together with us you will become famous all over the world, your photo safari portraying walks at the castle and across the virgin forest will enrich your spiritual experience of energetic adrenaline wedding.

You are invited to a prestigioos wedding in a fairy tale green kingdom Natura 2020. Photo safari places of your wedding spiritual experience of energetic walking are realistic, forest, historical, movie and photographic boutique scenes, which are eternalised by a top quality local photo service.

We perform four photoshooting boutique wedding events (Prince’s Stone in the summer theatre Ruše, Viltuš castle, river dock Brestrnica, Dobnik cottage).

Celebration of an amazing spiritual experience of the wedding procedure is planned as a realistic forest escape.


Day 1 – mythical day ENCHANTED POHORJE SLEEPING BEAUTY a day before wedding

  • Arrival of guests in Ruše.
  • Arrangement of formalities and a welcome beverage – Pohorje walnut brandy.
  • Planning of a basic wedding photoshooting after which newlyweds receive a digital medium with taken photos.
  • Making agreement about photoshooting by a special order, including 40 processed photographs.
  • Making an author agreement about video recording of five basic wedding scenes or a spiritual experience of a digital image without digital promotion.
  • Managing a digital campaign in social media, including uploading a photograph album and video clips.
  • Walk across a mythical tradition Enchanted Pohorje Sleeping Beauty with a panoramic photo safari on Kalvarija.
  • Transport across the Drava valley and along partly macadam forest road to the Dobnik cottage.
  • Supper under the open sky on a terrace of the Dobnik cottage before wedding.

Day 2 – wedding European cultural heritage the BRIGAND’S BRIDE

  • Breakfast in a forest villa – the Dobnik cottage.
  • Castle photoshooting at three botanic places.
  • Acquisition of the bride on a motor bike with ‘šranganje’ beside the Prince’s Stone.
  • Solo appearance of an accordionist, tambura player, wreath of folk songs, folklorists.
  • Wedding in the Dobnik cottage by a local registrar.
  • Wedding dinner with a speciality – Pohorsko beef – and catering of the Baron farm.
  • Traditional wedding march.
  • Wedding dance.
  • Wedding cake.
  • Supper from a big basket with local organic treats under the open sky.

Day 3 – Pohorje custom HOLCARSKA PATH a day after wedding

  • Breakfast – from a basket with organic treats put in front of the cottage.
  • Checkout from accomodation object.
  • Panoramic photo safari of the green Drava valley with three photoshooting places in the virgin forest canyon of Lobnica.

Slovenia is well-known as a leading European gastronomic region and will soon take a presidency of the EU. Here you will discover unconventional culinary, i.e. typical domestic celebration cuisine, because the way to someone’s heart is through his/her stomach.

Regular degustations of three types of Pohorje spirits: plum brandy, walnut brandy and blueberry brandy.

Degustations of mini bottled spirits in crystal glasses Natura 2020.

Wedding dinner – menu (four parts):

  • Spring salad with fresh cheese and organic tongue from Pohorje beef
  • Potato soup
  • Wild garlic noodles
  • Organic Pohorje baby beef in a horseradish sauce
  • Grilled home-grown chicken from an organic farm
  • Sauted polenta with Pohorje mushrooms
  • Sweet tarragon struklji

Wedding supper:

  • Traditional buckwheat žganci with soured milk from an organic farm
  • Dried meat cold cuts of local organic food suppliers, fresh home-made bread, goat cheese

Wedding breakfast:

A big basket with local foodstuffs freom ecological farms Sadonik (home-made bread, eggs, apple juice, cookies, apples) and Fabrici (milk and dried meat treats). We serve breakfast twice.


Koča Dobnik, Rdeči breg 33, Lovrenc na Pohorju (3 days / 2 nights

A bride will be given to a groom according to an old mythical tradition, where a golden old carriage will be replaced by top class motor bikes.

Fiancé and fiancée will be offered a fascinating photoshooting castle scenery for building their worldly known image. Newlyweds will stay the night in an idilic wedding cottage in the heart of the kingdom of mixed virgin forest and enjoy absolute silence and peace. Moments after wedding will be celebrated by a virgin forest photo safari.

Amazing boutique attraction Natura 2020 is a natural guarantee, that a marriage will not easily break down, because so much hospitable energy of the unspoiled treasure of the ancient times does not exist anywhere in the world. A constituent of a wedding ceremony is also a local gastronomy, which includes degustation of wines of the oldest vine in the world – Modra kavčina.

European cultural heritage is a unique conceptual, influential and content marketing, which enables you to strengthen your own image. Select investment of a millenium. You will receive a set of original photoshooting and photo safari images or choose a professional production of reference photographs with a possibility to be presented in a tailored wedding photograph album. Invest into your own personal and corporative brand now.

We build, keep and strengthen our personal image with special celebrations, such as a boutique wedding walking photo safari experience Natura 2020. We conduct your wedding according to the ‘all inclusive’ system (24 hours / 3 days / 2 nights). A missed opportunity never comes back.

We perform a boutique wedding according to an old mythical tradition, namely as a spiritual experience of energetic walking, because we are the only ones in the world who create a wedding fairy tale Natura 2020 in a natural reserve, as well as in a virgin forest and a castle.

Select a realistic forest escape – a boutique wedding Natura 2020 – as a modern spiritual experience of energetic hiking, which allows you to quickly use up calories which you get during celebration meals of traditional local organic food. Degustation of Pohorje spirits takes place six times a day according to local wedding customs.

Slovenia is known as a leading gastronomic region of the rich countries club of the EU. So, your menus will consist of exclusively manually produced local food. A boutique culinary will provide you also slices of a worldly famous walnut potica, which our compatriot Melania Trump, the First Lady of the USA, bestowed to Pope Francis. Wedding menu is composed in such an authentic way, that can not be copied by anyone in the world. Namely, nobody can produce original constituents of our local specialities, e.g. Pohorje baby beef. Seasonal wedding speciality is Pohorje stew, which is served in the wedding night, or meat baked under the sač. An ancient folk wisdom says, that the way to someone’s heart is through his/her stomach. We are great exactly in this field, bacause our golden rabbit, a traditional local speciality, fits to all tastes and every culture. A recipe for growing domestic rabbits which value is similar to gold is carefully kept culinary secret which has remained uncovered for milleniums.

We live in a digital era, and therefore a crucial role in spiritual experiences is played by a portraying photoshooting performed during walks along the castle scenery, natural ambience of the summer theatre beside the Prince’s Stone, as well as across the natural reserve rich with primally preserved deciduous trees which provide a special colour aromatherapy, i.e. suitable shades, for portraying photography.

Description of accomodation details

The Dobnik cottage is positioned in Pohorje forest, 2 km away of Lovrenc na Pohorju, 500 m above sea level. A vacation house stands on 44 hectares large estate, and offers a complete relaxation, absolute peace and privacy. Around the house is planted a large garden with a separate smaller house with a Finnish sauna, where opens a view of Lovrenc and Pohorje. You can also relax on a big swing, bake something on a grill or simply sit beside an open fire.

The Dobnik cottage was presumably built in the second half of the 18th century. We do not have approximate data, but local people say that it is older than 200 years. The cottage was a part of a bigger farm, which main living house and other buildings were supposedly burnt already at the end of the 19th century. Smaller cottage was a few hundred metres away of the main house and was intended for farmhands. Originally it consisted of only two plain rooms, i.e. smaller kitchen without chimney and bedroom (the right part of the existent house). In the 1960s the house was added by a corridor and two rooms at the place of a former woodshed. It was completely adapted between 2011 and 2014, when were renovated roofing and all interior spaces. A part of the house is still made of original chiseled logs which were once sealed with moss and clay.

The house has 130 m2 of living area and 20 m2 of outer terrace. Its modern kitchen is equipped with a dishwasher, microwave oven, coffee machine and other small household appliances. On the ground floor are also a living rook with a big table for 10 people and a farmhouse stove, as well as bathroom with a shower cabin and WC plus bedroom for two people. On the first floor you can find three bedrooms for six people with additional four beds. In the main bedroom are double bed, toddler bed and TV with a flat monitor. Provided are bedding, towels, WC paper, detergents and house slippers. You only need your clothes, wear and foodstuffs.

A couple will enjoy all benefits of the estate. At arrival they will be greeted by fresh flowers, lit fireplace and a wedding card with two surprise gifts. We will give them natural products for skin care of a local producer Zelišča Salvia (Goran Poglajen s.p.) and home-made herbal tea from local herbs collected by a society of herbalists Srčna moč from Lovrenc na Pohorju. In a kitchen a couple will find a big basket full of local organic foodstuffs from organic farms Sadonik (home-made bread, eggs, apple juice, cookies, apples) and Fabrici (milk and dried meat treats), which will serve for making a tasty breakfast.

A couple can also relax in a Finnish sauna where we will serve seasonal fruits and a bottle of Slovenian champagne.

For a second day supper we will provide home-made cold cuts from a local butcher’s shop Javornik (Mojca Javornik s.p.). Additionally, all the time you will be able to order delivery of food from a nearby pizza restaurant (Pizzeria Golden Scorpion).

IMPORTANT: A participant from the countries who signed the Hague and Paris Convention needs official documents which are not older than six months: birth certificate, civil certificate, certificate of no impediment and identity document. Documentation is sent to organiser of the wedding not later than 30 days before reporting a wedding to authorities. Administrative charge and rental of space outside an official space are included in the price. The same is true for a translator who translates a registrar’s ritual.

Payable extra services:

  • Creation or purchase of a boutique wedding dress (m/f)
  • Purchase or rental of wedding shoes
  • Purchase or rental of wedding rings, necklaces and other decoration
  • Creation of a pre-wedding, wedding and separation bouquets
  • Possibility of a religious ritual in the parish church of St Mary’s Name in Ruše (discharge papers and in your original parish performed preparation for a wedding needed)
  • Panoramic aircraft flight in the sky above the green oasis Natura 2020
  • Birds’ eye view photo safari from at most five view points
  • Studio photography – portraying
  • Professional photography completely or individually
  • Guided visit of the virgin forest with a wedding photo safari on Bajgot
  • Wedding make-up
  • Wedding massage
  • Wedding bouquet
  • Dishes a la carte
  • Local catering of organic foodstuffs
  • Care for children
  • PS: Purchase a book Gnothi seauton and become a member of our society. In this way you can use a club benefit – membership annual discount.

Group: at least two, maximally six adults (performance for bigger groups on a basis of la carte order).

Duration: wedding event in accordance with old mythical tradition lasts for three (3) days.

Contribution: €9,950.00 per adult (all inclusive) (gross final price).

Guarantee of triple satisfaction for a luxurious boutique event

A rightful fulfilment has been triple since the ancient times. You have no risk, if You cooperate with us, because we offer You a triple guarantee for this luxurious boutique event, as follows:

  • Originality guarantee. Natura 2020 is a unique habitat in the world, where in a child-friendly UNICEF town a good purpose of tourist naturally intertwines with the primal system of the primevally composed mixed virgin forest of deciduous and coniferous trees.
  • Quality guarantee.Nowhere in the world exists such a combination of green energy as takes place in the green connection »Pohorje-Drava-Kozjak«, which provides magnificent colour, sound and forest aromatic baths throughout the year. Spiritual experience is like a highly intense Vivaldi’s symphony the Four seasons.
  • Satisfaction guarantee, which shows a priceless fact, that we are completely sure that together with us You will not only add value to your good reputation, but also reinforce your own public image of fearlessness, because You will be able to proudly show your new Instagram image to the whole world.
  • However, if You will not be satisfied with the event, we will unconditionally return You your full payment!!!

During the boutique event Natura 2020 You will feel luxuriously, amazingly and heavenly beautifully. You will be really enriched by incredibly intense healing dose. Namely, You will absorb unchanged characteristics of the primal virgin forest which reinforce and awaken.

Awareness, that 99.99% of people never visited niether a mixed virgin forest nor a child-friendly UNICEF town for a good purpose, is priceless, because this presents a prestigious ingredient of personal recognisability.