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For respected green explorers

Natura 2020 – Beauty. Magnificence. Hospitality.

You are welcome at the luxurious green study journey AMAZING VIRGIN FOREST ŠUMIKwhich we recommend also as a wedding trip or birthday or holiday present,which will allow you to examine natural and cultural heritage..

In a new economic reality you should be able to take care for a competitive positioning of your own image.Let the virgin forest experience Natura 2020 become your first choice for a journey..

Nowhere else is a real and digital world you will strategically position your image in a faster and cheaper way than here. In just one day you can strongly increase your rating in social media with documented evidence of your virgin fores experiences, because 99.99% of competition has never been in the virgin forest yet..


Our mission is taking care for unspoiled nature, clean environment and climate.

Our main activity is development and promotion of tourism.

The character of our aims of connecting are non-profitable. We are united in philanthropic attitude. We are connected online and in terrain actions, so we are able to contribute bequests in nature and funds. . In this manner we preserve the European cultural heritage,which is documented on a basis of our voluntary philanthropical efforts, which also include presentation of mythical Pohorje mountainside customs by support of technology of augmented reality.

Natura 2020 - PARTNERS / DONORS

We invite yours to establish yourself in our Natura 2020 community. Our mission is to develop and promote sustainable tourism, which we follow with our own umbrella brand Natura 2020.

With the umbrella brand Natura 2020, we want to attract investors in Natura 2020 tokens, glamping Natura 2020 and castle tourism, as well as in ICT equipment and online image, to donate up to 0.5% tax relief or enter a business company. In this way, you participate socially responsibly in a sustainable campaign.

Welcome as ambassadors of Natura 2020. If you realised that participation in this project will increase your philanthropic reputation, you are kindly invited to support it in a chosen mode. Thank you.

Natura 2020 project

Positive critique

»I wish you much success in preserving the natura and cultural heritage ofour beatiful and only Pohorje« (Jože Hertiš, 4 January 2021)

“It sounds dreamy, but also realistic. A truly comprehensive tourist experience, focused on the needs of modern man, well done! ” (FB, 28 July 2019 at 8.57 a.m., Vesna Mikolič)

“Lively and attractive. The event intensely addresses potential participants. I helped in creation of project title, because I wish the Society Natura 2020 a lot of success in the market.” (Boštjan Grošelj, e-mail from 19 May 2020 at 21:06)