Tourist society Natura 2020 is non-governmental institution.

We are becoming increasingly recognizable also in the field of innovative promotion and development of integral boutique tourism.

We are focused on premium guests – muses. We also host individual explorers as well as entire families.

Project manager

Mirjana Ivanuša Bezjak, MSc, is a senior lecturer in fields of human resources management, and blockchain technologies and their use. She is a business counsellor, as well as judicial expert for employment and entrepreneurship. She established portals and She wrote 4 books and 10 mimeographed lecture notes, as well as more than 100 articles. She was a mentor to more than 100 graduates of colleges and also more than 100 graduates of higher schools. She is anchored in technological revolution 5.0, as well as wisdom and common sense.

Sponsor of the start-up idea Natura 2020.

Jože Hertiš, generation 1959 from the Elementary School of Janko Glazer, founder of the company Seltron d.o.o., honorary president of non-governmental organisation Tourist society Natura 2020.

Cosmopolitan, philanthropist, inventor, entrepreneurship giant and business angel.

Sponsor of the start-up idea Natura 2020.


Milan Robič is an initiator, president and honorary member of the society.

He was a coordinator of the exploratory operation “Presidential elections RS 2012–2017”. 

He authored 22 motivational books. He is the author of the GNOTHI SEAUTON wisdom teaching.

In October, 2013 he established the non-governmental institution Raziskovalno društvo Milana Robiča (Milan Robič Exploration Society).

Legal representative – president of the society

I am Danilo Gorjup. Since 24th September 2018, I am the president and independent legal representative of the society. I am a wood technician by profession. I started my career at the Marles factory. I also worked in the TDR company and in Austria. I built ten prefabricated houses and set up twenty wooden chalets. I also produced and mounted garden wood products and ornaments. I deal with my own real estate and the construction of my own wooden prefabricated houses. I own a tourist village under construction at the Trikotna jasa in Pohorje. I also manage real estate in Koper. I bet on blockchain technology and the digital world.

Mentor and counsellor

I am Boris Jurak, a sport pedagogue in retirement. I taught sports at numerous schools and, for 20 years, I was assistant principal at the Slovenska Bistrica Elementary School and Rado Robič Elementary School in Limbuš, where I also retired.  For seven years, I was the organiser of sport recreation in the aluminium factory Impol Slovenska Bistrica and I also professionally managed the municipal sports association and the physical culture community in Slovenska Bistrica. For 13 years, I taught computer science and digital photography at the Ljudska univerza Slovenska Bistrica (Adult education centre Slovenska Bistrica). Currently, I work as a mentor of digital literacy and a lifelong counsellor.

Leader of international expedition and a tourist guide Aleksandra Topolnik Slatinek s. p., tourism and education, Belingerjeva ulica 10, 2352 Selnica ob Dravi, tax identification number: 39384705.

She speaks Slovene, English, German and Croatian.

 BARKA Tourist Agency, Gregor Kaligaro s. p., Jamnikova ulica 2, 2342 Ruše, VAT ID number: SI99280230

 Branko Miglič, Counsellor and editor of the website

 Nestor of photographs: Marko Praprotnik, Mirjana Pantelič, Klavdija Belec, Jani Dolinšek, Photo M Ruše (with Lila, Leja and Silvo Zlodej), Sandra Topolnik Slatinek with family, Darinka and Benjamin Kop, Damir Knez – music, Boris Birsa, Simon Jelenko, Igor Herič, Irena Jurič, Ignac Polič, Tomaž Kostanjšek, Sašo Soško, Masaja s.p., mag. Rado Sekolonik, Sekom grafika d.o.o