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Back to nature, back to origin.


We promote quality of the brand NATURA 2020 by events, as follow:

  1. Strategic business conference NATURA 2020 FOR A CLEAN PLANET AND GOOD PURPOSE every year on the World Tourism Day (27 September)
  2. FESTIVAL MERRY DECEMBER NATURA 2020 every year on 21 December
  3. ECONOMIC FORUM NATURA 2020 vevery year on the Earth Day (21 April)
  4. WORLD CONGRESS GNOTHI SEAUTON 21. junija 2027. 

The legendary freight locomotive TDR MICA, mighty love of railwaymen since 1889, is today a museum item in front of the main railway station in Ruše.

The purpose of the website NATURA 2020 and video produkcije is easier raising donations and activating strategic partners for realisation of our vision. Our target group is business public. We are focused on business leaders, executive managers and directors of commercial communication, marketing and public relations.

We invite to cooperation projektne partnerje, who search for a quality brand of sustainable behaviour for their own promotion. We express prestigiousness by 400 million years old Pohorje mountainside creek, the green attraction of priceless value, which flows through the virgin forest Šumik in the Eastern Alps.

NATURA 2020 – back to nature, back to origin is a web portal of empowerment with regard to natural dowry of 400 million years old mountain creek Lobnica, which flows through the virgin forest Šumik on the Pohorje mountainside in the Eastern Alps in a green country of Slovenia. We are focused on technical, castle and cultural heritage of the area at the crossroads of Alpine, Pannonian, Dinaric and Mediterranean regions.

We preserve sustainability through the project NATURA 2020 FOR A CLEAN PLANET AND GOOD PURPOSE. We bet on author teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton, which is collected in a popular scientific monography with gilded edges (675 pages, A4 format), which we issued for our own protocolar needs.

By support of the high-tech TaleUp application we take care of boutique treasury of the water circle Black lake–Black Sea in a socially responsible manner.

We also want to issue our own NFT coin/token NATURA 2020 and silver coin I LOVE NATURA 2020.





Congress activities, business tourism, active boutique sustainable tourist industry for family, children and leisure.

In five years from now the brand NATURA 2020 will be a general holder of the WORLD CONGRESS OF BUSINESS LEADERS OF THE TEACHING GNOTHI SEAUTON, which will take place on 21 June 2027.

We will become a leading on-line platform for spreading the brand NATURA 2020 in a field of on-line NFT coins NATURA 2020 and metaverse industry for your own needs. 

The vision is founded in a mission of the brand, which is concentrated on development and promotion of active business tourism. We are focused on PREMIUM congress activities.

Planning, organising, managing, controlling.

We will get dedicated to a mission of the youngest generations, which is significantly linked to futuristic investment in:

  • cryptocurrencies, i.e. digital NFT tokens NATURA 2020, which are uniquely identified and protected by cryptography, that can use the blockchain technology for monitoring donations, but they are also useful in the Web3 services;
  • blockchain technology through decentralised, transparent and acceptable book NATURA 2020 PREMIUM, which enables accountancy of transactions with cryptocurrencies SILVER COIN I LOVE NATURA 2020 and I FEEL NATURA 2020 by making decentralised applications for Web3;
  • metaverse world Web3 as more decentralised variant of Internet. The Grand Šumik waterfall is showed in the TaleUp application. The story of the brand NATURA 2020 can be composed by the blockchain technology, because the Web3 services enable use of cryptocurrencies as legal tender for your own needs in a case of donations.


Town. Forest. Lake. Castle. River.

Feel softness of 400 million years old mountain creek in the Eastern Alps. Grow fond of a colossal virgin forest. Get acquainted with an origin/author of the teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton, which proclaims a doctrine of a case study of knowing the sustainable economy of ethics of virtue.

PREMIUM spiritual experiences of energetic hiking NATURA 2020 are concentrated on natural, cultural, technical and mythical heritage of the water circle Black lake–Black Sea. We are focused on awakening leadership competences.

You can discover 400 million years old mountain creek, which flows through the virgin forest. You can also meet a local legend – an author of the teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton (who, what we are). Visit Slovenia, a country of green luxury, where intertwine impacts of Alpine, Dinaric, Pannonian and Mediterranean regions.

Premium quality of the brand NATURA 2020 is intended for business leaders. It promotes business tourism. The main role is played by congress activities. You can experience this story in a healthy, family- and child-friendly Unicef town of Ruše.

Welcome on the sunny side of the Alps, in the Drava valley where you can discover child-friendly Unicef town of Ruše, which is the only town of this kind in the world with primevally preserved virgin forest and 400 million years old mountain river.

Realistic forest escape AMAZING NFT ADVENTURE NATURA 2020 starts by visit of the permanent photographic exhibition in the Guesthouse Ribič, where we will also gather after arrival. Then we will enter a natural reserve of the Pohorje mountainside where you will admire 400 million years old mountain river, the symbol of the water circle Black lake–Black Sea. During realistic forest escape along the Holcerska path at the heart of the virgin forest you will carry out the golden section as a part of the photographic adventure Water sprite Jezernik. You could feel natural amphitheatre through sound retreat. You will also wake up by help of foot therapies in icy cold river. Tastes of colour sessions range from snowy white queen to golden autumn, and from innocent green spring to blue summer. Local legends will tell you folk fairy stories of the Pohorje mountainside. If you are aware of folk customs, you could not overlook gastronomic hospitality. Everything is close to you. Participation at your own risk.


Voluntary contribution - co-financing of non-profit activities - general grant as a tax relief

By performing mentorship in transfer of knowledge (know-how) we raise funds for publishing a popular scientific book about the doctrine Gnothi seauton (675 pages, A4 format) with gilded edges, which proclaims teaching about wisdom of the economy of ethics of virtue.

We are also very glad of general donations up to 500 EUR, because we do not need a plenty of money to create exceptional developmental breakthroughs.
We have been proving this since our foundation in 2013.

At our business journeys in 2021 we organised business breakfasts, where we hosted:

  • Professor Milan Krajnc, PhD, the Nobel nominee for economy 2021, and
  • HE Gorazd Šifrer, honorary consul of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Republic of Slovenia.

Z donacijo  nas že več let podpira g. Jože Hertiš, ustanovitelj podjetja SELTRON.