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Back to nature, back to origin.

Program of awakening nearby 400 million years old heritage


Virgin forest. River. Waterfall. Lake. Town.

The training program in a field of resounding leadership competences is intended for environmental, social and corporate awakeningi/love of a clean planet. The basic program/training lasts for 3 days/2 nights, while the advanced one lasts for 5 days/4 nights.

Times change. Environmental, social and corporate awakening/sustainability became a central topic in strategic plans of socially responsible companies. What about you? Do you want to acquire a certificate as a leader of ethics of virtue, who is capable of managing/taking care for people? Do you look for the first commitment to build more sustainable world/human being/leader?

The program of field exploring of natural, cultural and immaterial heritage of the virgin forest Šumik will offer you an approach of knowing yourself on a high spiritual level, which will help you in creating action plan for your own unit or function. However, the most important thing is, that it will help you to consider, what should be a potential course of further development of managers in order to keep their promises and act with integrity.

In the program of gaming/resounding/managing you will learn, how three developmental axes of dice/sustainability/imagination rationally form a margin of manoeuvre for our infinite wisdom/imagination (ability to imagine, dream). The water circle Black lake–Black Sea will serve as the example for learning, how three spheres – environmental, social and corporate management – directly influence your company and your field of responsibility.

You are invited to visit 400 million years old natural humming pearl of the Pohorje mountainside in the Eastern Alps, where you will have an opportunity to participate in the program of awakening specific leadership competences, which is based on the economy/teaching of ethics of virtue Gnothi seauton.

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