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Back to nature, back to origin.

Metaverse business opportunity


2.5 million EUR of grants

The Brigand's bride is photographic adventure linked to the metaverse dowry of the NFT coin NATURA 2020. This is authentic, unique and irreplaceable philanthropic opportunity for collectors of the NFT coins.

Discover 400 million years old castle legend of the Pohorje mountainside, which tells us, that emerald dowry of the Drava river was a matter of fight between two noblemen. The good nobleman ruled to the Pohorje mountainside, while the wild prince of the NFT dream ruled to the Kozjak mountainside in the land of Kobansko.

The good nobleman created a huge dowry from timber and chemistry, which made him possible to build imaginary town called Small Belgrade. However, the wild prince of the land of Kobansko took over a water dowry and ruled to the Drava river. Because of his wild character he fell in love with beautiful emerald princess Drava, which returned his love in a thousand and one ways. Through milleniums she deposited sand in the land of Kobansko, which served as a golden reserve for bad times. Additionally, in a period of ordeals people managed to establish a magic green economy – sustainable hydroelectric power plant, which turned on life in the lower Drava valley.

The first power plant on the Drava river stands in the vicinity of the wild castle of Viltuš, which was donated by the colossal princess. She showed to people of Kobansko and the whole world how to build a unique palace/love, because the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. She used a magic insight into pearls of nature and forged her own pearl – the English garden nearby the wild castle of Viltuš. She tried her brightness also in opposing to the fate, and therefore the power of the Universe supported her by the NFT coin NATURA 2020.

Gratitude is a gift which can not be purchased. The NFT coin NATURA 2020 is a heavenly gift. It is given by us, the voluntary green explorers, who created authentic, unique, irreplaceable and priceless world heritage, which is accessible only by invitation.

For wedding to the NFT coin NATURA 2020 are invited well advised collectors, who take into account an old proverb which says, that you should look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves. Namely, our love of clean environment is linked to a stomach. One apple from the land of Kobansko a day drives a doctor away.

Welcome to the photographic expedition BRIGAND'S BRIDE.

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