Save the universe, save the planet


Back to nature, back to origin.

  • The project NATURA 2020 FOR A CLEAN PLANET is sustainably oriented ecological philanthropic campaign.
  • The project NATURA 2020 FOR A CLEAN PLANET is focused on all-Slovenian boutique tourism.
  • The project NATURA 2020 FOR A CLEAN PLANET invites families, children and young explorers to assist in taking care for the planet by returning to nature, which is the origin of their own empowerment. We published a book on the teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton, which serves as a tool for educating, informing and transferring of know-how.

We want to evolve the project as congress tourism in our own glamping tourist attraction at the entrance to the 57 hectares large natural reserve Šumik on the Pohorje mountainside. We are concentrated on the geographic ecosystem Pohorje mountainside-Drava river-Kozjak mountainside, where we use the TaleUp application supported by high technology of augmented reality to preserve natural, cultural and mythical heritage of the water circle Black lake–Black Sea, which also includes rafting on the Drava river, the first Drava hydroelectric plant Fala and the Viltuš mansion along the Drava river. We also take care for a dowry of Vivat glass manufactories and a pharmaceutical heritage of professor Franc Minařik. For this purpose we raise donations or set up strategic partnerships for organic implementation of personalised original campaign on our own social, marketing and communication channels.

We invite strategic partners/sponsors to get engaged in philanthropic cooperation. Become honorary donors with donation from 150 to 19,800 EUR or sponsors in amount of 200,000 do 2,500,000 EUR. We strive to receive grants. Namely, we have an ability to use even small donations for creation of successful entrepreneurial opportunities/brands/campaigns/projects.

Dedicated to the campaign NATURA 2020 FOR A CLEAN PLANET we carry out a financial perspective of networking in a cloud 2021–2027. We gradually develop a settled business ecosystem of green sponsorship for a clean planet in Slovenia as well as globally. We perform this in environments, where such events of private economic diplomacy have tradition and support of experienced team.

As much as 99.99% of philanthropists have never been realistically connected with a primal virgin forest yet.

Donations are the first opportunity for you to quickly recognise a settled business environment of non-profit ecosystem of the cover brand Natura 2020. In this way we will immediately realise, what marketing orientation we will need in a sense of value and content during start-up events in the period 2021–2027, which will be proprietarily co-financed or non-profitably sponsored.

Now you have an opportunity to participate in a simple, honorary and proud humanitarian ecological competitional challenge NATURA 2020 FOR A CLEAN PLANET, where you use your own donation/presence/empowerment to help in saving the Universe, as well as play through a soft approach your part in taking care for a small planet, known as the virgin forest Šumik, which lies on the Ruško Pohorje mountainside. You compete in the challenge as donors indirectly, or directly by a visit of the amazing virgin forest.

The Society Natura 2020 invites respected green philanthropists from all over the world, that they enter the first traditional competition NATURA 2020 FOR A CLEAN PLANET with their best donor works.

Start of competition: 1 June 2021
Deadline for making donations: 1 September 2027

In the period 2021–2027 you have available several advertising packages, as follow:

  • First step: 150 EUR monthly
  • Golden section: 450 EUR monthly
  • Diamond projectile: 1650 EUR monthly
  • One-time ad: 300 EUR.

Make a donation and become a respected proponent/donor of the movement Natura 2020 for a clean planet, or participate in competition directly as a customized visitor. Clean air, clean environment, clean water of the water circle Black lake–Black Sea, which consists of the trinity of rivers Drava-Sava-Danube, is our sacred commitment, because we take care for them every moment. We will allow you to discover them directly or indirectly, where intertwine impacts of Alpine, Dinaric, Mediterranean and Pannonian regions.

Natura 2020 for a clean planet is honour and opportunity. It is crucial for reputation of a philanthropic donor to be recognised as a participant in a global initiative Natura 2020, which takes care for a clean planet by striving to preserve cultural, natural and mythical heritage of the virgin forest Šumik by use of high-tech augmented reality.

Natura 2020 for a clean planet – not for me, not for us two, simply for all people, that we owe the future and authentic respect to. Clean planet is a pure luxury, a priceless green treasure. In this process we professionally regulate your PR with strong ethics of virtue. For this year we plan to use TaleUp application to perform augmented reality of the Grand Šumik waterfall and a deer, a king of Pohorje wildlife. However, through years of donorship our IT application NATURA 2020 FOR A CLEAN PLANET will present also remnants of mills, glassworks, sawmills, smithery, ironworks, timber slide Lobniška riža, rafting, i.e. everything, what can no more become a physical reality of a boutique tourism. Natura 2020 is unusual natural dowry of the green luxury – lakes, rivers, forests, virgin forests, waterfalls, canyons, meadows, natural reserve, which are lungs and heart of clean environment and consequently inexhaustible sources of ethics of virtue/awakening, which need to be sustainably digitised and marketed in a cloud.

A donor is offered with a strategy of innovating value. Trust in local legends is the only way to leave comfort zone. On our web page we will publish your testimonial. We will also add customized graphs. We will help you to achieve your goal, make your dreams true, because you will save time and money.

We know obstacles and traps, which can appear in contact with primally preserved virgin forest, where you will look for space, honour and opportunity to reach empowerment which will enable you to do everything to save the planet and the Universe, and proudly stand out among your competitors.

 Slovenia is the first green country in the world. Our Ruško Pohorje is a black pearl of natural beauties, which needs strong marketing, i.e. a philanthropic donor company, which would identify itself in the organic campaign NATURA 2020 FOR A CLEAN PLANET as our strategic business partner, which would enable us generic promotion of the global campaign. Our child-friendly Unicef town of Ruše is the only one in the world with primally preserved virgin forest, which lies only 17km away.

Wins each participant, who unconditionally becomes a partner of the project and optionally makes a donation, because it is important to take care for a clean planet and by own means contribute to saving the Universe. We win, if we are first among the first ones, equal among the equal ones.

 Victory – participation, donation – strongly influences image and status of the movement, as well as strengthens power and reputation of a philanthropist in promotional and professional manner. Namely, humanitarian donating is a solid supportive mechanism/argument for raising funds for further support of friends and supporters of the movement Natura 2020 for a clean planet.

 Generic growth of the platform/application of augmented reality in a cloud yet ensures wide coverage of interested professional and amateur public, what requires special preparation of the network of stakeholders.

Award for competitors, i.e. philanthropists, donors and sponsors of the movement NATURA 2020 FOR A CLEAN PLANET, is intrinsic. It is a honorary seat at the event of lifelong meaning, which highly raises reputation of a donor at the global and domestic social scale of proponents of a clean planet and natural order.

In time will be implemented also awards which will follow development of the Christmas activity DINNER OF A PRIVATE INVESTOR and Easter event BUSINESS BREAKFAST NATURA 2020 FOR A CLEAN PLANET.


 At the formal event (humanitarian ecological business conference, knowledge management dinner of a private investor, business breakfast of business leaders) philanthropists (donors, sponsors) will receive official acknowledgements of the Society, i.e. certificates on philanthropical qualifications for a sustainable purpose NATURA 2020 FOR A CLEAN PLANET.

  • Acknowledgement/certificate for a business environmental leader SUE TEMPORE for philanthropic competences, i.e. donations in amount from 54,000 EUR to 200,000 EUR.
  • Acknowledgement/certificate for a business environmental leader SECTIO AUREA for philanthropic sponsorship, i.e. donations of risk capital in amount from 200,000 EUR to 2,500,000 EUR.
  •  Acknowledgement/certificate for a business environmental leader STUDIUM GENERALE for premium and lifelong philanthropic achievements for unconditionally donated sustainable contributions in amount from 2,500,000 EUR to 1 milliard EUR and more.

Each philanthropist is empowered to compete for a soul, for faith in clean planet. He/she competes from his/her heart, with a goal to participate in conservation of clean environment. Only by such an approach we will be able to save the planet Earth and preserve natural, cultural and mythical Pohorje customs by means of a modern IT augmented reality.

Save the Earth, save the Universe, save the planet. NOW AND TOGETHER WITH US, THE LOCAL LEGENDS. You can sign a donation agreement here. Send back one copy (in a scanned form) to email address: