Realistic forest escape


Time for Natura 2020, time for me!

99.99% of people have never been in the virgin forest yet. Therefore, its visit means a unique opportunity for school children. In a cheap way it provides them important lifelong reference. Everything is mystical, dream-like and at the same time real.

Visit a child-friendly Unicef town of Ruše, which is the only town of this kind in the world with primevally preserved virgin forest. This is the virgin forest Šumik, which spreads in the Pohorje mountainside heart of the water circle Black lake–Black Sea.

Discover natural, cultural and mythical pearls of the water circle Black lake–Black Sea. The aim of excursion is knowing natural, cultural and mythical dowry in the futuristic customs Natura 2020. The best destinations for excursions are those, where you get everything in the same place.


Together with us, the local legends, you can discover in the virgin forest, as follows:

  • 24 metres high Grand Šumik waterfall, which is the highest Slovenian waterfall on non-carbonated ground. For this purpose you can upload the TaleUp application and search the guide Natura 2020, that you do not need to walk along a demanding mountain path protected by steel wire ropes, which you urgently need comfortable hiking footwear and equipment for.
  • Remnants of the longest Slovenian forest water gondola Lobniška riža, which was 7.5km long. This gondola served for a transport of timber which was then formed in rafts and transported along the rivers Drava, Sava and Danube to Belgrade. Thus, Ruše were known as small Belgrade. Later, this also triggered development of the basic chemical industry in the town.
  • The longest Slovenian mountain footbridge along the Ravbar rockface, which you reach after three hours of hiking which is rational, when the team is adequately trained for handling wire ropes on the demanding Holcerska path.
  • • Keen photographic eye also catches a face of the water sprite Jezernik, which is uncovered by the golden section of a marble rock along the pool and the Grand Šumik waterfall.

Nowadays, our futuristic destination of Ruše attracts respected green explorers which are used to taking risks.

Like the Alpine, Dinaric, Mediterranean and Pannonian regions the virgin forest also has its special renown of infinite beauty, cosiness and green luxury. There we discover 400 million years old mountain creek Lobnica, which hums, sometimes also roars in a marvellous wild canyon, which inspires children, because in this area do not exist phone signal and internet connection.

Each child purchases his/her first unique, irreplaceable and authentic NFT crypto token Natura 2020, because s/he is a child of a digital transition/excursion. S/he will remember this forever.

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