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Back to nature, back to origin.


I was born on the farm in 1959, my great-grandfather was a powerful landowner. We soon moved to the biggest Slovenian village Ruše, where I still live. My father and mother were family idols, while my brother was an electrical engineer, who was killed by lightning from clear blue sky in 1986.

I finished the Elementary school of Janko Glazer in 1974. I also successfully finished secondary school in a field of mechanical engineering in 1978. I graduated in economics in 2009. My first employment was in a local company called TDR. I had the status of private explorer MZT RS in a field of management in the period 1994–2000.

I am an author of the teaching/book about wisdom Gnothi seauton which issued in 2016. It is composed of the survey which encompasses 22 books (COBISS). Through the dialectical theory of systems launched by honorary professor Matjaž Mulej, PhD, which I explored during the course of the study, I got acquainted with Asian culture of the Buddhist leader Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche, also known as Khyentse Norbu, Tibetan / Bhutanese lama, director and writer. I studied Babylonian organisational culture when I worked in Iraq in the period 1982–1986. Zasl. Prof. dr. Šime Ivanjko believes that the doctrine of wisdom Gnothi seauton is one of the economics of the ethics of virtue, which is less known to economists.

I promoted myself in a field of modern political economy and private economic diplomacy at the:

  • Mayoral elections in the municipality of Ruše in 1994 and 2010;
  • Presidential elections in the Republic of Slovenia in 1997 and 2012;
  • Parliamentary elections in the Republic of Slovenia in 2000.

I founded my own exploratory society in 2013, which is nowadays known as the Tourist society Natura 2020.

  • We will launch our own silver coin I FEEL NATURA 2020.
  • We will digitise the NFT coin NATURA 2020.
  • We set up a permanent exhibition of photographic wallpapers titled the AMAZING VIRGIN FOREST ŠUMIK and the ENCHANTED POHORJE SLEEPING BEAUTY of dimensions 5m x 1.8m.

We invite to cooperation philanthropists as well as private investors. On the market of the Alps-Adriatic region regularly open new investment opportunities in entering/taking over banks, airport infrastructure, insurance companies, hotel management, energetics.

Our know-how is called NATURA 2020 FOR A CLEAN PLANET. We operate under the slogan of the ethics of virtue 'Back to nature, back to origin'. This ethics iz proclaimed by 675 pages of popular scientific monograph GNOTHI SEAUTON with gilded edges.

The book Gnothi seauton is a protocol bridge to the knowledge of awakening the idea of Eurasia. It proclaims three guiding principles of the ethics of virtue, which could be a subject of a demanding study lecture, which is carried out by means of study journeys Natura 2020.

From 21 May 2024 I will also have a chance to explore Asian culture abroad. Namely, from then onwards I will be the owner of the Golden Visa of the United Arab Emirates. I received a national reward – Medal for military skills of the Yugoslav army – in 1980. I donated blood for 20 times.

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