Still waters run deep.


Sustainable. Ecosystemic. Humane

Sustainable ecosystemic social responsibility of the tourist society Natura 2020 is expressed with a promotion of spiritual experience of energetic hiking, which is practised in the unspoiled virgin forest Šumik under the slogan 'Health is our greatest wealth'. Namely, social responsibility of the brand ‘Milan Robič Know-how’ serves to awakening of presidential leadership imagination (ability to imagine, dream). Social responsibility of the campaign 'Natura 2020 for a clean planet' is manifested under the slogan 'Back to nature, back to origin', what is performed by the Academy Gnothi seauton (knowing yourself – who, what you are).

Social responsibility for a sustainable development of the planet is a prestigious honour, which is strategically promoted by green influencers of the society Natura 2020 with the campaign NATURA 2020 FOR A CLEAN PLANET. Let our voice and reputation encourage you, that accompanied by us, the local legends, contribute to saving the planet in a socially responsible manner.

We, the green influencers, will advertise your socially responsible integrity and loyalty in a global, strategic, visible and viral way on our bilingual (Slovene-English) media, as well as our own social, marketing and communication platforms/channels.

We will present your activities, brand and sustainable contribution to social responsibility of the corporate integrity Natura 2020 in accordance with the innovative business model of the strategy of innovating value Market&Innovation, what includes articles and news coverage, as well as publishing your logo and link to your web site.


Health is our greatest wealth. Health means prestige, which can be strongly empowered in a primeval environment, where is home of natural, cultural and mythical pearls of socially responsible green luxury of Slovenia. We will observe distress and primary fear which are felt during awakening of imagination, in the mirror of primevally preserved virgin forest, which is the absolute origin of spiritual experience of your own self. Let advertise your own image in a recognisable and influential way. Together with us you will learn leadership at recall. You are invited to participate in our programs of social responsibility.

You can simply order advertising services by an order form. We will send you invoice after performed service and publishing an ad or news coverage. You will make a payment in 8 days from the date of activation of subscriptions and services. 

You make donation according to the agreement on cofinancing of non-profit activities. You will send us back one signed and stamped copy of the agreement in a scanned form.

The thanksgiving day NATURA 2020–2027 FOR A CLEAN PLANET will bo on the world tourism day 27 September 2027. We will have a festive event, where we will proclaim best philanthropists of the project in three categories. Receivers of awards, acknowledgements and certificates of gratitude and happiness will be entitled to bonuses and discounts for their social responsibility – integrity and loyalty to the planet.