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Back to nature, back to origin.


I am an author of the teaching/book about wisdom Gnothi seauton which issued in 2016. It is composed of the survey which encompasses 22 books (COBISS). Through the dialectical theory of systems launched by honorary professor Matjaž Mulej, PhD, which I explored during the course of the study, I got acquainted with Asian culture of the Buddhist leader Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche, also known as Khyentse Norbu, Tibetan / Bhutanese lama, director and writer. I studied Babylonian organisational culture when I worked in Iraq in the period 1982–1986. Zasl. Prof. dr. Šime Ivanjko believes that the doctrine of wisdom Gnothi seauton is one of the economics of the ethics of virtue, which is less known to economists.

As a competent explorer of general management (the order 261/C Management, MZT RS, 1994–2000) I looked for an answer to the first basic organisational question about efficient use of earthly life, which is perceived by each individual as enough consolidated whole.

Exploration of knowing myself awakened me in 400 million years old natural environment of the mountain creek Lobnica, the humming pearl of the Pohorje mountainside, where I created know-how, which I share through formulas.

Resounding/sacredness gets the greatest shine in a colossal ambient of reincarnation, where we face ourselves in organisational sense/spirit. We explore self (to be, to do, to have) through the frequence of higher self (talent, intelligence, creativity), which we upgrade into a vision/self (thinking, decision-making, leading) and fortify by empowerment, i.e. sixth sense/self (masculinity, femininity, childness). In this way we create a formula of self/spirit/sound. Good reputation spreads across the world and widens horizons of spirit/self.

The doctrine is upgraded by the strategy of innovating value of your own image/soul/economy of ethics of virtue. We need knowledge management to keep the course oriented to achievements/self. However, we also need leadership knowledge to be able to take care for people, who preserve a clean planet/self/black pearl.

Self is our pearl deeply in our inner world. Imagination/self (ability to imagine, dream) generates the final formula/vision/strategy/image of a leader/visionary. To formulate means to awaken/embody. You should inaugurate your voice/self.

A book with gilded edges about the doctrine/exploration contains 675 pages of A4 format. It encompasses a wide range of topics, from a subjective reflexology massage for awakening creative spirit to cosmopolitanism. The extent of methods and techniques of awakening shows potential of imagination. We can invoke ability of dreaming/travelling of spirit, which orbits around self.

An audiovisual book of spiritual wisdom of resounding contains geometrical shapes and formulas, which are not a part of popular scientific book/exploration of protocol character due to rationality with regard to costs. Expensive issue does not make sense, because exploring wisdom presents an individual concept of labour organisation. Thus, a student of resounding has to cope with a complex explanation of repeating sparks of brainstorming, until a behavioural pattern overcomes the last obstacle on the path/scale of self-affirmation.

A foundation of the doctrine is the book I WILL BECOME A PRESIDENT OF THE STATE. Know-how is established in a progressive manner. Everything else is a game of exploring in a search for prestige. Namely, there are not many individuals, who would be able to bear such a revolving in a vicious circle of wisdom. And this is essential. We do not know any reliable scientific methods, they also could not be repeated on a sample of general population. Consequently, the most suitable method is exploration of spirit/wisdom according to the steps of the doctrine Gnothi seauton.

We will tell you, how to use wisdom of 400 million years long time horizon in a process of awakening your own imagination/soul. It will happen in the school of soul travelling, which we perform nearby 400 million years old mountain creek in the Eastern Alps, which flows in the primevally preserved virgin forest.

Welcome to the training of resounding (searching for meaning). Let's face with natural, cultural, ethnographic, pharmaceutical, glass, rafting, railway and river heritage of the trinity of rivers Drava-Sava-Danube of the water circle Black lake–Black Sea.


The audiovisual book/doctrine Gnothi seauton is a movie of life of a cosmopolitan soul of the Pohorje mountainside. It is intended for respected world-class green explorers. A didactic tool of 400 million years old colossal spirit serves to resurrection/awakening. A transfer of know-how is performed in the geographic ecosystem Pohorje mountainside-Drava river-Kozjak mountainside.

Welcome to green Slovenia. Make a choice for a short break, life or work in the ambient of the Alpine, Mediterranean, Dinaric and Pannonian regions. Everything is at your fingertips, because we possess a digital solution.