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Back to nature, back to origin.

The NFT invitation NATURA 2020 FOR A CLEAN PLANET 

Dear Sir or Madam!

We, the green explorers of the Society Natura 2020, want to issue the NFT coins NATURA 2020 and empower successful entrepreneurs, that proprietary NFT coins have priceless prestigious value.

The NFT coin NATURA 2020 is the art of inspiration. The colossal NFT coin NATURA 2020 is the peak of prestige. Priceless value of the NFT coin NATURA 2020 is the art of cosmopolitanism. 

Invite you for a visit of the permanent exhibition of our photographic items NFT NATURA 2020 FOR A CLEAN PLANET, which we created to attract you to contribute donation for our fund raising campaign for official launch of the first collection of the NFT coins NATURA

You are invited to the Guesthouse Ribič, Šarhova path 4, Ruše, where we have set up the permanent exhibition of two items of natural, cultural and mythical dowry of dimensions 5m x 1.8m. The exhibition is open every day from 7 AM to 10 PM. We have put on a show the items of the photographic collection NFT AMAZING VIRGIN FOREST ŠUMIK and NFT ENCHANTED POHORJE SLEEPING BEAUTY, which are visible on a roundabout of the NFT opportunities NATURA 2020.

The event is personalised. It is carried out like informal healthy business breakfast in the Pohorje mountainside style. The breakfast is intended for sharing the NFT know-how about collecting and investing opportunity of the NFT coin NATURA 2020, which upgrades your sustainable commitment to preserve a clean planet. The NFT coin NATURA 2020 is authentic, unique and irreplaceable. The NFT coin NATURA 2020 brings to its owner a priceless philanthropic, historical and business value, but at the same time it co-finances a good purpose and voluntarism.

Your VIP ticket: