The Ice Age characterized the Balkan peninsula.


The ecosystem of Slovenian biotic diversity consists of four big phytogeographical regions – Mediterranean, Alpine, Dinaric and Pannonian.


Welcome to guests/visitors

Welcome to 57 hectares large natural reserve Šumik in the eastern Alps. Through a big picture of the virgin forest we will awaken hidden wisdoms of the spiritual experience Gnothi seauton (awakening yourself).

The finding, that in the name of wisdom you are capable doing what others are not, is worthy of love/investment/riskLessons of the nature's teaching are a mirror image of your own image, which is discovered in all four seasons in many all inclusive ways. The one who takes risks also discovers/makes profit!

Music of the heart is a universal language to communicate during a realistic forest escape Natura 2020. Gentle melody of the virgin forest, mighty roaring/waving of creek streams, a symphony of beneficent sounds of the untouched nature, as well as the sound of silence are means of meditation, which enable natural healing/awakening/exploring/knowing your own self (who, what you are).

It is an art to live one, two or three days in the silence of the virgin forest/nature, where we make an authentic contact to ourselves. Communication with your own self is a challenge of time, which is conducted in a timelessness of the primal virgin forest in the eastern Alps

You are kindly invited to astonishing spiritual experience of knowing/awakening your own self (Gnothi seauton).