• NATURA 2020 ECO NEW TIMES is a unique philanthropic initiative.


  • NATURA 2020 ECO NEW TIMES is celebrative, visible and influential advertising. 


  • NATURA 2020 ECO NEW TIMES algorithm supports your: first step, golden section and diamond projectile of cooperation in the perspective 2021–2027.

Imaginary online newspaper Natura 2020 New Times and a general ecological competition NATURA 2020 FOR A CLEAN PLANET – media customized philanthropic advertising for ecological purpose.

Green influencers of the Tourist society Natura 2020 open online philanthropic competition NATURA 2020 FOR A CLEAN PLANET in child-friendly Unicef town of Ruše. This is a general ecological event of all-Slovenian advertising philanthropic campaign in the program period 2021–2027.

Our main activity is promotion and development of tourism, which is occasionally performed also by payable advertising and public relations management, marketing communications and other entrepreneurship and business consulting, organising events and congress tourism, i.e. professional and sports/cultural/entertaining team building.

 Our main ecological product is all-Slovenian global philanthropic promotion of boutique tourism in unspoiled nature of administrative district of Ruše. We promote non-profit advertising services. The core of the campaign is preserving natural, cultural and mythical heritage of the Pohorje mountainside-Drava river-Kozjak mountainside area. Here is our home. Here is everything close to us. Here is everything ours. Here is everything a fairy tale. We bet on imagination (ability to imagine, dream).

If our values – loyalty and integrity – are close to you, we enable you advertising in projects, as follow:

  • Green-luxury Natura 2020 Premium


Advertising project/space is intended for general ecological ads, green prestige, modern political economy and private economic diplomacy. You make a contribution in a philanthropic manner. Effects of your good will are honorary.


In the period 2021–2027 you have available several advertising packages, as follow:

  • First step: 150 EUR monthly
  • Golden section: 450 EUR monthly
  • Diamond projectile: 1,850 EUR monthly
  • One-time ad: 300 EUR.


We advertise your honour, reputation, logo and motto. We strengthen reputation of green influencers, who want to become visible within a general ecological biosystemic sustainable development of the planet in the perspective period 2021–2027. One-time ad is treated as exception.

We advertise your corporate integrity, which serves to your socially responsible care for maintenance of your reputation. We promote reputation of renowned philanthropic organisations and individuals. You should not resent, if you are not the chosen ones. Perhaps we have not got tuned to you yet. We are capable of doing this, because we have an ability to listen to exclusive needs of your property, which management you will entrust to us. Each brand is unique and needs individually customized consideration.

Advertising competition NATURA 2020 FOR A GOOD PURPOSE takes place in the period 2021–2027. It is philanthropically oriented. We raise funds for our own needs. We evolve high-tech projects to preserve mythical heritage and perform natural management of real estate assets.

You can contribute your assets permanently or in one-time manner. Your bonuses/contributions are added together. Each donation counts. At the end of advertising game 2021–2027 it will be added to total amount, which will determine your final standing. Each contribution is honorary. We plan high media ratings, which will mean about one million contacts.

You can be respected donors, sponsors and other honorary philanthropists, who as natural persons support corporate integrity and loyalty of the following brands:

The main prize is a book with gilt edges titled Gnothi seauton.

Awards will be bestowed to honorary and respected members of the philanthropic community Natura 2020 on the world tourism day 27 September 2027.

Our thinking – reporting, informing, empowerment – is based on planetary interpretation of the ethics of virtue.

We speak through the ethics of virtue.

Our motto – 'Back to nature, back to the origin' – has its roots in the planetary ethics of virtue, which is created for saving our planet.

We perform marketing communications in planetary, attentive, visible and influential manner. We enjoy reputation and respect.

Innovative business model consists of three pillars of the principle of loyalty and integrity: sue tempore, sectio aurea and studium generale. These are basics of the teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton, which were evolved by ancient Greeks and were considered, adapted and integrated into author book, which will boast about its gilt edges.

A strategy of innovating advertising value is philanthropically oriented. Donors compete in three categories, as follow: the first step, the golden section and the diamond projectile. Each package of services is created for an unlimited duration.

Visibility/success/focus are measured consistently, every seven years. We know mataphor about seven years of fat cows and seven years of thin cows. We all need to survive and prosper on a basis of high-tech presenting of natural, cultural and mythical heritage, which we preserve by support of augmented reality modelled and promoted by the TaleUp application NATURA 2020.

We are focused on reporting/consideration of events, which occur in the area of the water circle Black lake–Black Sea. We are looking forward to your contribution to the campaign »Save the universe, save the planet«.