The Ice Age marked the Balkan Peninsula.



Ecosystem of biotic diversity in Slovenia consists of four big phytogeographical regions – Mediterranean, Alpine, Dinaric and Pannonian.


Welcome to our guests/visitors

Welcome in 57 hectares large natural reserve Šumik in the eastern Alps.

Discover wisdom of the virgin forest in an innovative way. Visit regional park of mixed forest in the eastern Alps, where elegance of ancient times meets innovations: the freshest addition of the line of boutique experiences is exceptional commitment of explorers of the unique cover brand Natura 2020 to allow also innovative trips according to wishes of a guest/king.

Discover characteristics which define innovative mythical traditions of Pohorje customs. Allow yourself to choose a package of imaginary experiences known as the Mysterious power of the Sleeping Beauty which takes place in the virgin forest as well as out of the natural reserve Šumik. 

Do you know, that 99% of people have never been in the virgin forest Šumik yet? Through a big picture of the virgin forest we will awaken hidden wisdom of a spiritual experience Gnothi seauton (knowing yourself).

Participants will gather in children-friendly healthy Unicef town of Ruše. We will leave for a trip immediately after breakfast or gather at the prearranged place.

Together with us you will travel 17km to visit unspoiled natural value of the virgin forest Šumik, where we will discover astonishing natural pearls and explore European cultural heritage in Slovenian Pohorje customs known as Natura 2020, which combines several mythical traditions, as follow:

  • Water sprite Jezernik. We will visit the highest Slovenian waterfall on non-carbonate ground, an amazing, mighty 24 metres high waterfall Grand Šumik, which is at the same time the largest Pohorje affluent of the Drava river.
  • Brigand's bride. We will listen to a tale about combat of two Pohorje noblemen for the enchanted princess Sleeping Beauty, i.e. a natural value embodied in the virgin forest Šumik, which attracted earls of Fala and Bistrica.
  • Pohorje princess Sleeping Beauty. Her more than 10 metres high naturally created marble portrait will be found beside the Ravbar rockface.

Mystical challenges are intended for testing imagination (ability to imagine, dream). Namely, in the virgin forest is established an order which we will observe on a basis of a technique of decision-making tree. Basically, roots of every primally preserved tree species have a foundation in a strategy of survival.

Natural folk tradition which is a result of a modern mountainside culture is presented also by:

  • a steel suspension bridge crossing a canyon of the mountain creek Lobnica, and
  • the longest Slovenian mountain footbridge.

Above mentioned sights can be found in the immediate vicinity of the Small Šumik waterfall on the Holcarska path which uncovers also cascades of the Verna waterfall.

We will explain you the Holy trinity, i.e. a magical water circle Black lake – Black Sea, which starts with a trinity of mountain streams Črnava-Piklerica-Lobnica and continues its journey along a trinity of rivers Drava-Sava-Danube. Geographic truth about natural resources is a challenge for using a technique of brainstorming. We will leave the virgin forest exactly on a picnic area Bajgot, where a trinity of mountain streams unite into a single flow of the Lobnica creek, which is known by 7.5km long wooden timber slide called Lobniška riža (1839 – 1959), which served for a transport of timber from a primally preserved virgin forest to the Drava river where started rafting all the way long to Belgrade. So, this is probably a reason that a town of Ruše was called Small Belgrade. Cutting trees for economic purposes has not been permitted for decades. Therefore, the virgin forest preserves its primal appearance. Location Bajgot is historically known by iron works and glass manufacturing. In the Lobnica valley we will discover remnants of the European industrial cultural heritage. There stands the only active sawmill, i.e. Marolt sawmill, in the vicinity we will see ruins of the Marolt mill, while a renovated Harič sawmill can boast about an open picnic area and exhibition of the old sawmill. Sharp eyes will catch golden colour of the Lobnica flow nearby Globokar dam, which is the most distinct in rainy days, as well as in autumn, when light reflects from colourful leaves of prevailing beech trees. Less demanding participants could visit a colossal Lobnica canyon, and maybe observe production of beech firewood nearby remnants of the Cebej sawmill. On a location where once stood the Švajger sawmill is occasionally burnt a charcoal pile for private needs, visible are also ruins of the Marinč sawmill. We will also have a chance to go for a less demanding barefoot walk across a wide 3km to 4km long macadam road section. Anyway, we will return along the same path which ends by marked turning for visit of the virgin forest  green sights.

Natura 2020 invites you!

Explore and win together with us!

We bet on imagination!

A local guide of a journey will encourage you to explore this part of Slovenia using a resounding, innovative and common sense approach. A strategy of reaching the top teaches us, that a result of a battle for survival depends on a quality of a family tree. If we belong to a kinship which behaves smart in self-defence, we will win and reserve our place under the sun of freedom. So, we learn strategies of innovation our own value on a basis of innovation/awakening natural values in a mythical cultural heritage.

ACCOMODATION: Accomodation is not included in a package of trip offer. Make a reservation of accomodation directly.

The nearest hotels are:

  • HOTEL BAU**** Maribor, Limbuška cesta 85, Maribor, only 9km away of Ruše. Double room with breakfast (€88.00) and four-bed room with breakfast (€128.00).
  • HOTEL VETER***, Mariborska cesta 31, Ruše. You can choose a luxurious wellness suite with jacuzzi.

Price: voluntary contribution

Contribution for a trip in amount of €10.00 per participant includes:

  • Counselling in planning a trip (uniqueness, innovation, dynamics, boutiqueness)
  • Counselling in use of a tourist voucher (selection of accomodation, suitable vehicle, footwear)
  • Local guide of a journey (heart culture, reputation and good will)
  • Assistance in contacting local legends (resolving challenges – reservations, rents, complaints, purchase of locally produced goods)
  • Human resources management (good reputation)
  • Managing your own marketing and communication channels (good will, image, renown)
  • Transfer of know-how (exchange of experiences in knowledge management)
  • Exchange of energy (cornerstones of positive self-image, self-confidence)
  • Terrain exercises (observer, stimulator, connector, leader)
  • Terrain tasks (organisation, guidance, control)
  • Terrain skills (conceptual, interpersonal, technical, communicational)
  • Exchange of information rent
  • Start-up of entrepreneurial idea

Children under the age of nine are free of contribution.

Duration: trip lasts to 5 hours, depending on a wanted rate of exploring intensity/curiosity.

Number of participants: at least 1 person, optimally 8 persons.

Number of trips is limited!