Town. Forest. Lake. Castle. River.


Discover. Visit. Feel. Taste. Learn.

Welcome on the sunny side of the Alps, in the Drava valley where you can discover child-friendly Unicef town of Ruše, which is the only town of this kind in the world with primevally preserved virgin forest and 400 million years old mountain river.

Realistic forest escape AMAZING NFT ADVENTURE NATURA 2020 starts by visit of the permanent photographic exhibition in the Guesthouse Ribič, where we will also gather after arrival. Then we will enter a natural reserve of the Pohorje mountainside where you will admire 400 million years old mountain river, the symbol of the water circle Black lake–Black Sea. During realistic forest escape along the Holcerska path at the heart of the virgin forest you will carry out the golden section as a part of the photographic adventure Water sprite Jezernik. You could feel natural amphitheatre through sound retreat. You will also wake up by help of foot therapies in icy cold river. Tastes of colour sessions range from snowy white queen to golden autumn, and from innocent green spring to blue summer. Local legends will tell you folk fairy stories of the Pohorje mountainside. If you are aware of folk customs, you could not overlook gastronomic hospitality. Everything is close to you. Participation at your own risk.


You set up your itinerary from NFT experiences, which encompass visit of the town, ethnographical and technical museums, sustainable swamps, lakes, castle and university gardens, as well as gastronomic and river experiences. We practise spiritual experience of energetic awakening through the enigma, forest realistic escape, sound retreat, colour therapies, reflexology massage, selfness and other methods of resounding. You can visit the virgin forest and experience spiritual enlightenment on the bank of 400 million years old mountain river. Namely, 99.99% of people have never been in the virgin forest yet.

Set up your itinerary:

  • Enchanted Pohorje Sleeping Beauty
  • Amazing virgin forest Šumik
  • Water sprite Jezernik
  • The Brigand's bride
  • The Ruškomalh
  • Albert's quay
  • Photographic expedition At Jurej's
  • Summer school Natura 2020
  • Academy of awakening Gnothi seauton
  • • Legendary locomotive TDR MICA

By NFT contribution/donation you can also co-finance development of the NFT industry NATURA 2020.

Voluntary contribution - co-financing of non-profit activities - general grant as a tax relief

By performing mentorship in transfer of knowledge (know-how) we raise funds for publishing a popular scientific book about the doctrine Gnothi seauton (675 pages, A4 format) with gilded edges, which proclaims teaching about wisdom of the economy of ethics of virtue.

At business breakfasts during our study journeys in 2021 we hosted prof. Milan Krajnc, PhD, the Nobel Prize in Economics nominee in 2021, while our guest in the Christmas morning was Gorazd Šifrer, a honorary consul of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Slovenia.

We are also very happy to receive general donations up to 500 EUR, because we are able to create remarkable development achievements with limited resources. We prove this statement from our establishment in 2013.

We have been proving this since its establishment in 2013. With the donation, the first step has been supported by Mr. Jože Hertiš, founder of SELTRON.

  • Donors 2021 are: Messer Slovenia, NEK, GEN-1, Termoelektrarna Brestanica, Lumar IG.
  • Donatorji 2022 so: Messer Slovenija, TEB, SŽ, CATV Selnica ob Dravi, HTZ, I.P., d.o.o.